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First root beer in 40 days.  pretty excited. #lentisover
  • pccaffrey 288w ago

    U gave up soda too? Lol

  • YESSS so hard.  never doing it again hahahaha. @pccaffrey

  • pccaffrey 288w ago

    Ik haha people kept offering me soda and I was like i can't :/ but I lost a bit of weight idk if soda contributed to that though! I'm now gonna limit myself to 2 sodas a week

  • @pccaffrey oh well that's great! Yeah I wish I could do something like sweets or candy to get me healthier but there's no way haha.

  • pccaffrey 288w ago

    Haha I know! That's too much :p

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If you know me, it’s no secret how important country music is to my life and who I am. Tonight, I witnessed one of the most purely authentic country music performances by none other than freaking Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood. Experiencing my workplace filled with their music is something I will NEVER forget!!!! ☺️❤️ #blameitallonmyroots
It's Todd's birthday!!!!! ❤️🎉 Love you so much!!!!!
It might not have been the floor of y'all's apartment, but I'd say it was just like old times ☺️Thanks for coming all the way to ATL to see me (and some scrub football team 🐝) #ILYSM
My people have their first Wyldlife club of the semester tomorrow and I just wanna wish them the best. Do some kingdom work for our sweet Milly kiddos this year! @gmcwyldlife I love you more than you know ❤️ #collegeforever #ythelnot
I will not wear that gaudy orange, I will not. It is not in my color wheel and I am 👏🏻 not 👏🏻 gonna 👏🏻 wear 👏🏻 it.
He keeps me around because apparently I'm Leslie Knope? 🤷🏻‍♀️
Rang in 22 in the BEST way I know how. Thank you to every single person who wished me a happy birthday yesterday!! 💗 I'm so grateful for the greatest new work fam and the "5:30 Friday meeting" birthday surprise on the field, as well as my tried and true gals for making me feel so celebrated while indulging in Mexican with me. Can't wait to see what 22 holds, but boy is it off to a great start. ☺️
I got to see @chariswhite22 get married and hang out with Liv!!!!! Definitely an above average Friday night 💁🏻💗
HAPPY BIRTHDAY NAT!!!! Being your friend is one the best things in the world. Forever beach queens and forever besties. I love you, happy 22nd from me, Bey, Moana, Joanna Gaines and Carrie Bradshaw of course 💗 #nataliedavishalloffame
Professional on the outside. Crazy obsessed fan girl on the inside. ❤️🏈
Today I was a body guard, a goalie, an FBI agent, a handy man, a VIP, an athletic trainer, a fan, and a whole lotttttt of cheap manual labor and it was the absolute best ❤️ Game 1 ✔️
Happy 23rd birthday to one of my best girls!!!!! 😊 Forever grateful that you understand my sports and celebrity obsession and for all the hilarious comments and gym Snapchats throughout the years. Thanks for ALWAYS showing up no matter what and for helping me see strength in myself and others!!!! Ily Ris, now let's go have some margs to celebrate YOU. PS: I threw in a pic of Lorelai cause duh. #feelin23
Happy Birthday to my biggest ray of sunshine!!!! I love you @penni_tracy and hope today was the absolute best. 💗🎉😘 #penniwithani #ily
I couldn't get the whole thing in my picture because it is monstrous, but I have some news!!! Tomorrow I start my internship with Atlanta United at Mercedes Benz Stadium with the Arthur Blank Family of Businesses! I am so blessed and excited to enter the world of professional sports and "real" football ⚽️ Thank you to God of course and to every single person who has helped me along the way (yall know who you are 😊) #ATLUTD
YES YES YES!!!!!!!! 😍 I love you @savvychapstick and I can't wait to be a part of your special day!!!!! Let's get you two married @tweetjay22 💗 PS: The gummy bears are delicious btw.