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User Image itsjawwwny Posted: Mar 18, 2018 6:30 PM (UTC)

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I cant get over how dope these peeps are 🀀 shoutout to @severesky !! thanks ray πŸ™πŸΌ #shinobi #kakashisensei
User Image itsjawwwny Posted: Mar 15, 2018 2:46 AM (UTC)

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Been a fat minute since i’ve posted food pictures but man do i love sushi 🀀 #foodporn
User Image itsjawwwny Posted: Mar 2, 2018 11:25 PM (UTC)

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I slipped and ate shit before taking this pic so thats why we were laughing lmao πŸ˜‘ #Julian #ooaksquad
User Image itsjawwwny Posted: Mar 2, 2018 12:32 AM (UTC)

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Dont yall hate it when your phone keeps on freezing? πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ #ooaksquad
its just a matter of time till I start achieving my biggest goals.. stay woke ✊🏼 #junctionproduce
It’s not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle ✊🏼 @illest.tim
User Image itsjawwwny Posted: Feb 24, 2018 8:58 PM (UTC)

7 Sierra
Little throwback πŸ˜ͺ man i miss the FA1 alot haha esp bc it was a 5 speed. Getting tired of driving automatic now smh. Also met alot of great people when i had it and some are now my closest friends. All that was really done to the car was Godspeed Mono RS coilovers, Mugen side skirts, Mugen visors, InJen intake, Alpine AMP, a 8” sub, and a STI front splitter.
Gone but never forgotten... nah jk lol i’m definitely gonna miss this setup. But big things will be coming! and man i love rainy day shots. #prosper
User Image itsjawwwny Posted: Feb 17, 2018 1:08 AM (UTC)

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Chuc mung nam moi! Love the smell of firecrackers and feeling such a good vibe πŸ€™πŸΌ collect those red envelopes and gamble your wallet away! πŸ˜‚ #cny2018 #vietnamesenewyear
Since I got priorities to take care of right now, the GS will be set aside for a little while. I can promise yall that i will come out hard this year so until then🀫 #goodbyefornow #lastpictillnexttime
Shoutout to those who doubted me. yall just pushed me to work harder and make even more progress 😌. The biggest piece to my build is now inside the palm of my hands. Lets continue to make 2018 the year of come backs and come ups πŸ™ŒπŸΌ. No room for negative shit. #accuair #switchspeed #airsuspensions
What can I say, i’m turning into a wheel whore πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ #workwheels #ooakgs300 #prosper #immakingmoves #staticcrew
User Image itsjawwwny Posted: Jan 12, 2018 6:18 PM (UTC)

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Leave your past behind and make your dreams a reality. #gangshit
User Image itsjawwwny Posted: Jan 9, 2018 6:02 PM (UTC)

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Cheers to 21 years and to many more 🍻#legal
Im not alive to impress anybody but myself. πŸ“Έ #LAX
User Image itsjawwwny Posted: Jan 8, 2018 6:10 AM (UTC)
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As I said before, ya boy is making a come back to YouTube! Video will be done editing tomorrow and will be uploaded on my birthday! (Tuesday) so be on the look out! Going to start making dreams a reality this year and couldnt have done it without the love and support πŸ™πŸΌ. #2018willbemyyear
User Image itsjawwwny Posted: Jan 4, 2018 1:18 AM (UTC)

2 Juno
When you dont have any alcohol bottles so you have to improvise πŸ˜‚ my birthday is in less than a week so i had to spoil myself. Shoutout to @e60daddy for the Clazzio VIP tray and installation! We also have the same name and bday! Hit him up for your VIP accessories. πŸ™πŸΌ #bippu