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User Image datwon Posted: Nov 16, 2017 5:53 PM (UTC)

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datwon 1M ago
Got to love and respect @therealswizzz movement on this...thanks for showcasing your journey for higher learning and elevating the people with inspiration at the same time. #SuperSalute #FromTheBronxToHarvard #ShowtimeScholar

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User Image datwon Posted: Dec 17, 2017 3:28 AM (UTC)

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datwon 14h ago
Love to your soul @beingedwoods Always dope seeing you out and kicking made sure a laugh happened everytime we linked. Prayers to your family and friends. #IndustryVet #Strong #RIPEdWoods
User Image datwon Posted: Dec 16, 2017 4:54 PM (UTC)

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datwon 1d ago
The definition of lyrical mastery on the Fallon couch... @blackthought
Shout to @firstklassbreakfast for the clip
User Image datwon Posted: Dec 15, 2017 12:34 AM (UTC)

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datwon 2d ago
Did two separate doc tapings today...amped to see how they turn out. Thanks to all the good people that made them happen...see ya on the screen soon folks! #MyEarWildin #OutHereWithMyFathersFeatures #TVDay!
User Image datwon Posted: Dec 14, 2017 4:35 PM (UTC)

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datwon 3d ago
Get Ya Sale Shopping On! We got ya covered on some dope hats for that Xmas low. Hit the site and cop some hotness!! #WeLoveYall #ThanksForTheSupport #TwntyTwo
User Image datwon Posted: Dec 14, 2017 12:49 PM (UTC)

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datwon 3d ago
I am so this customer!! 😂😂😂
The beatboxing and all!! "Let me get ummmmm..."😂😂😂 #WhoMadeThisGeniusness??
#SpongeBobStyle #FoodLookinSoDamnGoood😂😂😂
Why @eboseta Why?!?😂😂 Update!!!: @dontay77 just put me on to the great @reggiecous...he made this dopeness!! Check the whole clip, it's hilarious!!
User Image datwon Posted: Dec 13, 2017 3:04 PM (UTC)

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datwon 4d ago
Last night with a few real ones: super creative @pojohnson, superstar rapper @trinarockstrina, and super actress/author @lala at her @latina cover party. Big shout to my homie @taiiasmartyoung for writing the story!

Was dope seeing so many good people at the celebration. My #KINGMagazine Cover Queens are out here still rocking heavy! New ventures and new energy and all yall!!
#IswearImReallyInThisPic #IlookPhotoshopped #MightHaveToBringKINGback
#IwantedAtaco😂 #WasTooCoolToGrab
User Image datwon Posted: Dec 12, 2017 1:51 PM (UTC)

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User Image datwon Posted: Dec 11, 2017 9:54 PM (UTC)

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datwon 5d ago
When I heard about these @venusetfleur roses that last a year without watering, or resetting, I was like 🤔. Now that they are here and smelling good and jet black (✊😂) I think they gon' make it like Jada, Styles P and Eve (see what I did there?). The VEF team made it easy for yall dudes. Let's many times do cats mess up in a year? You can just point to those joints everytime you are in the dog house haha. The gift that keeps on giving, for a year at least (😂). Will check in with ya about them and how they are holding up. Stay tuned. #JustInTimeForTheHolidays #TheyHaveMadColors #OneForTheBooks
User Image datwon Posted: Dec 10, 2017 5:35 PM (UTC)

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datwon 1w ago
Somehow I got up and linked with @btrigglaw and we hit up @therealswizzz @nocommissionofficial Art Space, before we hit it tho we took some street shots and stopped at @fundimension for a quick tour.

Once inside #NoCommisson the inspiration pours over you. Since it was early, the huge wearhouse space was easy to navigate and the pieces were all strong in emotion and feeling. The one where there is an infinity pool made me say how it made me feel outloud, like the view I had on a my vacation. Checked the title of the piece and it was "How Does It Make You Feel?" That was bugged out!

Seeing what Swizz has created has me thinking of restarting my art show I did the summer of 2010 with Jay-Z's #AceOfSpades...might bring it back.

Art Basel was a quick trip for me...the sights on the street also caught me and had an impact on how to repackage content. Check the 1st shot, even the water towers were painted up! Let's see how all these sights end up weaving into my work... #TravelToInspiration #ArtWorld #Soalife #Miami #Wynwood #LifeIsGood #CreateYourWorld @soalife
Shirt: @phatkaps (Nashville's Hot Spot!)
Hat: @mr_metoo718 (No Yeezy Favors)
User Image datwon Posted: Dec 10, 2017 4:06 AM (UTC)

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datwon 1w ago
So after @FatJoe takes us from Miami to the Bronx @teacha_krsone double downs on the BX travels and runs almost all of his hip-hop gems, does random freestyles and even gives a motivational speech for those that he felt he needed to reach. Hip-Hop is a spiritual force, go to a show by the likes of a Joe or KRS and you'll understand. Shit, the last third of KRS' set has @therealswizzz on stage in full hip-hop head mode. Also a Bronx native, you can see the admiration and love he has for the KRS...even Joe waxed poetical about his mentor on the mic.

It was truly dope to rap along with the fellas to all of those selections going back as far as 1986...if you aren't familiar with their work, take a day and go through their albums from the beginning. Understand the times they were in culturally...see how things haven't changed much from Fat Joe robbing his cousin and KRS with guns on his album cover to how they evolved as their careers continued...puts a different light on cats like @21savage who are just expressing themselves, I believe he and the like will evolve as well and still be able to do their ratchet joints when they get older haha... Last night was dope...thanks @wayofwade squad and shout to the art and hip-hop loving crowd of #ArtBasel at #ToeJams #VIBES
User Image datwon Posted: Dec 10, 2017 2:20 AM (UTC)

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datwon 1w ago
@fatjoe performed a dope then to now set at the #VIBES #ArtBasel show at Toe Jams. All my favorite Crack tunes were let off. Felt like a NY set! And the 4th clip shows you when the mighty #KRSOne showed up in the crowd. His set was next. That last pic is shorty that was in front of me haha
#FatJoeDaGangsta #HadTheSpotTilting! #BX #TerrorSquad
User Image datwon Posted: Dec 9, 2017 11:44 PM (UTC)

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datwon 1w ago
(Swipe!) That 1st clip is me clownin' with my Uber driver when he put that heavy Salsa on! (😂 @majahhype!) Big shout to the @wayofwade team for the #ArtBasel trip to check the new styles of the China based sneaker brand. Got a chance to link with longtime homies @fequan @jermainehall @bonsudreamz and new Florida resident @lennyhernandez23 Had a blast for real! #WayOfWade Hey @dwyanewade what up with them all black joints?! Holla homie! #MiamiNights!
User Image datwon Posted: Dec 9, 2017 1:25 AM (UTC)

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User Image datwon Posted: Dec 9, 2017 1:13 AM (UTC)

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datwon 1w ago
Had to pull up @thelickingmiami to see my Sis @Tiff_prince...nothing but real talk when we get together. I'm so fried lobster and shrimp'd up right now 😂😂😂 Told dude that was walking through the shot, "I'm keeping you in it bro!" He said, "All good man!" Haha!
#Miami #ArtBasel #TooStayAndTooGoBag
#IgotMyGrubOnForReal #LoveYouTiff!! #FingaLickinGood!! #WayOfWadeTour #NorthMiamiShit!
User Image datwon Posted: Dec 6, 2017 6:27 PM (UTC)

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datwon 1w ago
I wonder if @rsvpmase and @real_lox thought their verses would be pit against each other 20 years later on social media's the ultimate lesson in going hard in every thing you produce. You never know which parts of your career they will pick apart. can not give a damn and just create your best work and let that represent your self expression.
Still dope to see the debates though haha. #HipHopHeavy #AllThemGuysLethal #StopSleepingOnSheek!! #BadBoyHadSpitters
User Image datwon Posted: Dec 6, 2017 3:14 AM (UTC)

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datwon 1w ago
If only yall young ones understood what this pic means...Jaz-O and Jay-Z back together...Chicago, yall some lucky souls tonight. @shaheemreid I knew I shoulda gassed up the jet haha!
Shout to @vegas_jones on the pic.
User Image datwon Posted: Dec 5, 2017 11:54 PM (UTC)

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datwon 1w ago
@Seal came through to the office today...check my InstaStories to hear him riffin' soulful tunes...reminded me that he has a special voice...check his new Standards album. Classics with his twist.
User Image datwon Posted: Dec 5, 2017 4:46 PM (UTC)

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datwon 1w ago
My brother's friend son just used the word "account" the only way it should be used for 3rd Grade sentence writing homework😂😂😂 And I can't front, I've been playing @21savage @offsetyrn & @metroboomin "Without Warning" album like crazy lately... #21 #BankAccount #ThisKidIsGonnaGet100OnThis
#Epicness haha!!
User Image datwon Posted: Dec 5, 2017 1:18 PM (UTC)

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datwon 1w ago
Used to watch my bro @djtotaleclipse do this live at @brolicarm crib in Queens in the mid-90s...they still touring the world together. Much success to yall on this upcoming Euro tour. They still believe in practice makes perfect. #Inspiration #MyCrewIll #Xecutioners #Xmen #RIPRocRaider
User Image datwon Posted: Dec 4, 2017 2:30 AM (UTC)

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datwon 1w ago
Want to talk about standing with Kings? These mighty men of the pen are personal heros of mine...was an honor to catch up and crack jokes with @jazzbeezy @selwynhinds @pfrankwilliams @fullmetallotus and @carlitomachete We have to add the other homies and do this more. Thanks again Sel!! #SelsArtCollectionIsTheTruth
#TheFoodWasMagnifico #HipHopMagGreats