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User Image cheeserland Posted: Nov 15, 2017 7:43 AM (UTC)
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Can you spot Tokyo Tower?🗼
Are you a Tokyo Tower or Sky Tree person? 🌃🗼I did a poll on story and I was quite surprised to see half-half result!
#Cheesieintokyo #ilovetokyo

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User Image cheeserland Posted: Feb 24, 2018 6:07 AM (UTC)
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I present to you, the ultimate #lazymamacookinghack. None of the food here requires any cooking whatsoever. Anyone now can conjure up a perfect (but CheatOne™️) Washoku Breakfast in 5 mins.
Swipe to find out how.
❤︎TKG (tamagokakegohan - raw egg on rice) with special TKG shoyu
❤︎Charcoal grilled fish
❤︎Crab miso soup
I think I just multi-leveled up my #lazymamaness. Can I get a clap pls.
User Image cheeserland Posted: Feb 24, 2018 2:35 AM (UTC)
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One with my 小桜🌸
User Image cheeserland Posted: Feb 23, 2018 6:48 AM (UTC)
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No caption because awkward HAHAHAH.
User Image cheeserland Posted: Feb 23, 2018 1:27 AM (UTC)
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Haha zuomo 酱 shy. 😌 @cheesiepetit. We didn’t have traditional Chinese costume so he was wearing a Hakama (袴) for his school celebration. Close enough! 😂
User Image cheeserland Posted: Feb 22, 2018 11:47 AM (UTC)
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New #cheesiemade recipe: 蛸と大根の柔らか煮🐙 Simmered tako with daikon. .
I had amazing flavored tako at Oribe Sushi back in KL and I was determined to make my own 😬.
Just sake, dashi shoyu and mirin, simmer for 15 mins. Super easy! Restaurant taste right at home😌. Topped with a little bit of karashi (Japanese mustard) for accent. I didn’t use to like tako but recently I learnt to really love it because it’s so flavorful! 😍
Tako, yes or no for you? 🖐🏻🐙
User Image cheeserland Posted: Feb 22, 2018 1:27 AM (UTC)
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Today’s #lazymamacookinghack is 5 minute Sichuan Spicy 棒棒鶏 - no stove needed!!
1 Boneless chicken thigh
❤︎1 tbsp of cooking sake
❤︎2cm Minced garlic (tube)
★1 tsp of shoyu
★1 tbsp of sesame oil
★1 tsp of 豆板醤 (by YOUKI)
★Chopped negi
1. Mix ★ in a sauce bowl
2. Pour ❤︎ over chopped chicken, cling wrap and microwave for 4 minutes
3. Check out all the chicken juice!!😍 mix half of the juice with “1” and pour it over the chicken.
Enjoy. 😌 Who would be interested to try out this recipe?
User Image cheeserland Posted: Feb 21, 2018 9:50 AM (UTC)
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#Cheesiemade curry rice with secret recipe. Answer is in the photo haha.
Actually it’s quite a common recipe that I’ve seen many times in Japanese magazines and even drama and anime. I added dark choco (Meiji 95% cacao) into the curry for a more robust, deeper flavor. (Trying to sound as abstract as possible, actually is I dunno how to tell the difference HAHAHAH).
Let me know if yours turn out yummy! 😬

User Image cheeserland Posted: Feb 21, 2018 3:36 AM (UTC)
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New blog post. ♨️In the blog post there’s a frontal shot too. 😌 HAHAHAHA.
#cheesieinjapan #travelwithcheesiepetit #cheesieinchiba
User Image cheeserland Posted: Feb 20, 2018 11:33 AM (UTC)
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User Image cheeserland Posted: Feb 20, 2018 6:26 AM (UTC)

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Non-food post. Haha. Drafting next blog post! 💛
User Image cheeserland Posted: Feb 20, 2018 1:16 AM (UTC)
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#cheesiemade Stuffed Kabu Recipe❤︎
1. Slice off the bottom of kabu (turnip) so that it can sit flat on the surface.
2. Chop off the leaves (if any😌) for later use.
3. Use a spoon to empty the center to make a “bowl” out of kabu
4. Chop up the kabu flesh you scooped out earlier and mix it into your meat filling (I use 150g of Kagoshima kurobuta minced meat, chopped onion and carrot, 1 egg, salt and pepper)
5. Stuff kabu with meat filling
6. Boil kabu in dashi stock for 10-15 minutes.
7. Add chopped kabu leaves 5 mins before serving
There will be lots of leftover meat filling, I use it to make meat balls the next day for hot pot! 😊
Hope you like this recipe!
User Image cheeserland Posted: Feb 18, 2018 9:34 AM (UTC)
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CheatOne™️ Scallop is great. But sometimes you do miss the real deal. 😌
#aglioolio #ペペロンチーノ #cheesiemade
User Image cheeserland Posted: Feb 18, 2018 12:51 AM (UTC)
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Who wants gyudon for breakfast? 🖐🏻
User Image cheeserland Posted: Feb 17, 2018 1:45 AM (UTC)
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When you made too much oden. 😌🍢
Breakfast the day after oden party - rice with oden set, renkon kinpira & Nagasaki ichigo. Looooove the ichigo it is so so sweet.🍓
#cheesiemade #lazymamacookinghack
User Image cheeserland Posted: Feb 16, 2018 10:53 AM (UTC)
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When you need a break from too much daikon... 😌. Today’s #cheesiemade is 蕪の肉詰め - Stuffed kabu in light dashi broth. 😊 Kabu (turnip) is like a baby version of daikon, and requires a lot less time to cook through.
Would anyone be interested in recipe? 🖐🏻
User Image cheeserland Posted: Feb 16, 2018 5:33 AM (UTC)
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While papa and oniichan skate 🌳😗 #singaporelife
User Image cheeserland Posted: Feb 16, 2018 2:04 AM (UTC)
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Happy 2018 Lunar New Year! 🍊🐶
Today’s #cheesiemade: .
★White rice with umeboshi
★Shiokoji marinate grilled salmon
★Tamagoyaki with mentaiko topping
★Stuffed turnip dashi soup
What is everyone doing today?
User Image cheeserland Posted: Feb 15, 2018 9:09 AM (UTC)
15 Gingham
Like many kids, @cheesiepetit Junya is excited about receiving Ang Pow during CNY. 🍊💰He knows money is important and he must keep them in a safe place. But he doesn’t understand the importance of saving yet. I
think he gets the idea after I explained to him about saving an earthworm a day for the mole (guess I should have used a better animal who eats cuter food lol). As parents, we need to kickstart our kids’ saving habit from young, which is why you should open an ePOSBkids Account! Apply online now, and receive S$20 Hong Bao! Find out more @

#endorsed #POSBkidsTalk #WhereIKeepMyMoney #WhereMyAngPowGo
User Image cheeserland Posted: Feb 15, 2018 3:39 AM (UTC)
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#cheesiemade Oden recipe🍢!
❤︎Oden dashi (I’m using House brand *swipe*. You can customize your own dashi to your own preference but I feel using oden dashi is quite fail-proof).
❤︎Daikon - you can google “Daikon Theory” for my daikon recipe blog post.
❤︎Boiled eggs - I added 4 but totally not enough😳. The kids loved it!!! This morning I added 5 more.😂
❤︎Konnyaku and shirataki - you can either slice konnyaku thinly or cut it in triangle shape: 🍢
❤︎Rolled cabbage - this one need a separate recipe haha. Next time ok!
❤︎Tako 🐙
❤︎Nerimono (練り物)- these includes chikuwa (竹輪), ganmo (がんも), goboten (ゴボウ天), kamaboko (蒲鉾), etc etc. You can pick your favorite! Just buy from Japanese grocery stores :)
❤︎Condiment: Yuzukosho (柚子胡椒), Karashi (Japanese mustard) and negi
You may also add kinchaku (巾着), the little bag with mochi in it, as well as sausages, atsuage (厚揚げ)... My favorite is actually 牛筋 (beef tendon) but I don’t know how to make it yet 😩. .
It’s recommended that you start in the morning and add in daikon, shirataki and konnyaku first (since they need time to slowly absorb the flavor), then eggs, rolled cabbage, tako. You can use any hot pot/ claypot for this but my @brunohotplatesg is perfect because you can set it to warm, it’s like combini oden corner right at your own home!!!!! ٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و By evening you will have fully flavored oden!! Add the nerimono 5 mins before serving to prevent them from getting too soggy. 😊 .
I also recommend 2日目のおでん - Second Day Oden. Swipe to the last photo to see how super flavored the ingredients have turned!! You can also add new ingredients as you like! This morning I added shiitake, and adjusted the dashi with shoyu.
Did you know? Japanese people’s top 3 favorite oden ranking is: 3-shirataki, 2-tamago 1-daikon!!! What is yours? 😊🍢
User Image cheeserland Posted: Feb 14, 2018 2:04 PM (UTC)
8 Hudson
The coolest thing I've done this Valentine's day! ❤️
Love is in the air!! (Watch the video to see what I mean hehe.)
Come by The Bounce and get your perfect stunt moves captured on Prudential's bullet time photography booth at Marina Bay Carnival from 4-10pm, create a video like mine on this special Valentine's backdrop and send this special edition to your loved ones! 🎡🎢🎪🎟🤹🏻‍♀️
*Hint* I'm sure you can get really creative with a little props.😉
#PruMBCarnival #MarinaBayCarnival #PRUbounce