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User Image behindthechair_com Posted: Nov 14, 2017 5:48 PM (UTC)

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* No More Tips? Is this a crazy idea? Any Stylists out there ever tried or currently doing this? #btcwhatwouldyoudo? Hello, I have a burning question about prices. I've have gotten into the habit of undercharging for some of my services. I'm a suite renter for a small up and coming company. My studio is in Sierra Madre, Ca next door to Pasadena and home to several expensive boutique shops and other salons. The salon owners suggest that I raise my prices and stop accepting tips. I'm just trying to get the confidence to charge what I'm worth for all my services. Your advice is appreciated!🙏🏻❤️ xoxo #behindthechair #hairstylist #hairsalon #hairdresser #salonlife
  • Im in so cal. I would raise prices but still accept tips if they are offered..charge your worth and if any one questions prices its due to the area,suite and cost of living

  • Wow! Charge what you’re worth! Tips are great too but not expected. Some people maybe offended if you don’t accept their tips. It’s their way of showing you appreciation.💖

  • Why do you think they will quit tipping?? Cost of living goes up for everyone. You deserve a raise just like everyone else!! Plus a tip is a personal part of the experience, they will pay the bill and more than likely add a tip. Just my 2cents 😘

  • Don't be afraid to charge your worth. Clients who are willing to pay for your talent will find you for any of those clients who are worried about the price bump. Continue to accept tips. It's pointless to increase your prices and not accept tips... In the end you won't be making more money because of the loss of tip income.

  • Just make the step and do it! You are worth it, and the uncomfortable/awkward conversations that your clients will have with you about it will not matter when you are making the money you deserve to be making!!!

  • Don't be afraid of charging what your worth and you'll be tipped too if you're good why undercharge?

  • Tips are always optional but charging what you’re worth shouldn’t be. You’ll take some push back from a client or two (and chances are you already know who it’ll be) but the rest of your clientele will understand. Your education, product, and TIME is what they’re paying for. I raised my prices in Spokane Wa at the beginning of the year and I was terrified but really didn’t get nearly as much push back as I expected. Charge what you’re worth and what you feel is FAIR. If YOU believe your prices are fair your clients will too!

  • What would I do? Hmmm, I’d CHECKOUT @thehellrazor PAGE!!!!!!! 👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻💈✂️

  • Forget about the tipping part. Charge your worth. Period. Be fair but be firm. Every career receives raises and bonus etc and you should too. Besides that product costs rise every year along with lots of other life expenses. You need to charge. This is not your hobby. This is your career. If you don’t treat it as one you’ll never truly be satisfied.

  • I've always wanted to do that but I'm not really in the right salon for it. I know people who are confused by what is right for tips. No tipping would actually help some people feel more comfortable.

  • In Canada the government assumes 10% gratuities weather we get it or not. (Fun fact) for Canadians that don't tip. Back to the actual issue. Charge what you're worth. ALWAYS

  • @kylasfabric Oops wether

  • You need to charge what you are worth. Tips? Sometimes peanuts, sometimes shells. But you have to GET what you need/ask for first.

  • Undercharging is a terrible habit! I used to do that thinking I was doing my clients a favor, but you have to value your work, your time and your talent. Charge what you're worth AND accept tips! Oh, and hi from in town! 👋🏻

  • Post a notice talking about the price increase and make it effective by The New Year. Give them time to adjust to the new price list. Be confident and charge what you are worth. Accepting tips is there gratuity for your doing a service. So I wouldn't even mention that

  • @kylasfabric - they do not assume you get 10% on top of what your income is. If that was the case, hundreds of thousands of returns would be reassessed yearly. They go by what you claim for tips. But, it never pays to be dishonest about it.

  • @doreenrobbie thanks for clarification,points for honesty I guess.

  • @lisastouch I agree 100%

  • kesut 2M ago

    Yeah I have the same problem 😩😩

  • I’m definitely guilty of this, but I️ don’t think going tipless is the right answer. If you charge 15-20% more but take away tips you’re right where you started!

  • @mannastyles I've been in business for 19 years & my clients never mind as long as they are aware before hand. Even a $5 increase on every service makes a huge difference. On corrective coloring I charge $150 per hour. It works just fine

  • I think undercharging your services make people think that is something wrong with your work(some of my clients told me that).Value your work and charge fairly. No need to stop accepting tips because that's your clients decision to appreciate you, you didn't make them.🌹🌹🌹

  • @lisastouch And that's totally fair. I've seen clients walk out on a stylist that they would visit regularly simply because the stylist didn't give notice about price increase. 👀

  • Charge what you are worth and be confident in your many abilities! Nobody asks their dentist for a discount! ❤️ And tips are the guest choice, no matter what your prices are💋

  • You are worth it always remember that don't under charge yourself you will never make any money . client's talk to other client's and when they tell them what you charged them and service you do on that client could cause you alot of problems , Always consult with every client. Like that commercial says cause your worth it you are .style on great stylist😀

  • Why would you stop accepting tips? That's crazy. If you are providing quality service & are booked, raise those prices!

  • Uh, raise your prices AND STILL accept tips. I love my job, but I’m not just there to have fun! Get that paper, girl!!!

  • Definitely charge what you believe you are worth. I was guilty of this myself for years at another salon I was at. When she closed I had to charge new salon prices and found out how under appreciated I truly was. My clients that stuck with me actually tip better than they did before and I saw a lot of people true colors. When you are a good stylist you won’t notice the few that leave for a slight price increase. There is always someone else that’ll sit in your chair.

  • Raise and still accept tips!!

  • Make a price list big and visible, stick to it, your prices are your prices! Make you you charge according to it, and tell your customers you dont play favorites

  • I had a similar issue and just made the switch to raise prices and stick to them. It feels so good! No complaints from clients either. My wallet doesn’t mind either 😏

  • Make a price list and stick to it. I’m in the process of printing menus and have been sticking to my prices. It’s made a huge difference.

  • You're not a volunteer this is your job. If people aren't willing to pay what your skills are worth AND tip you those aren't the clients you want anyway. ✌🏻

  • You should be able to receive your tips and raise your prices ! You got Nike #JustDoIt

  • Work smarter, not harder- do but t undervalue your education, service, skills and knowledge

  • @lisastouch yes!!! You’re so right. I just posted mine in October giving my clients until January to adjust. Oh but the questions. Lol. How much, why?? I said 15% and I’ll round it out. So far everyone’s fine with it.

  • @kerryespo People just don't want to feel ripped off and we want them to respect our craft. So it works both ways 👌🏽

  • I always consider tips as a way of saying “I’d pay more for your service” so I think it’s a brilliant idea but I’d still accept tips 🖐🏻 call me greedy!

  • Well in the salon i use to work for they charge up to 205 for a Balayage or corrective color 300 for extension application and customers just have the option for tip...IF they really like your service let them pay you more and if they have a happy grateful ❤ let them bless you with a tip.

  • I always let my clients know that while tips are appreciated they are never expected

  • Up those prices girl. As long as you continue to provide quality services your chair will never be empty.

  • 🙏🏻

  • Raise your prices, always accept tips. Tips should always be accepted, and never expected. Know why? Because you should always be charging enough that you don't NEED those tips.

  • Raise prices. Accept tips. Anyone who tells you not to accept tips is insane.

  • I once saw a response to a question similar. The stylist sends a letter out detailing all the classes and education she has done and any other extra work (taught classes or photoshoots ect) and says nicely that she is raising her prices. When people see how much dedication to improving their skill they know they are getting far more than their moneys worth.

  • Us trying to instill confidence in you to raise your pricrs is very hard to do here on Instagram. We literally know nothing about you. We can encourage you all day long - its you who has to belive it to be true and then provide that level of expectation when you charge more. My hair cut price was $75 when i worked in a salon - i know i was worth every penny. If you know it too- location wont matter..

  • As for refusing tips, i do offer my clients an alternative to tipping.. send me a new client!

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