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  Posted: Apr 8, 2012 4:46 AM FEED
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In the spirit of Easter, a prayer!

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Happy Caturday! @therescueteam is having pet adoptions @unleashedbypetco on Washington & Lincoln - get your Costco and your Cat on at the same time and see my story for some of the cute animals waiting for their forever homes 🐶😸❤️#caturday #adoptdontshop #savethemall #meow
Sunday evening ritual .... cozy and reading the @rwbookclub pick of the month. Since I never get my act together to join an in-person book club, this one is great and I've always enjoyed the book. Plus, I love Reese because she's Reese.
#therulesofmagic #rwbookclub #goodreads #sunday #cozy #bookworm
Got my crystals all recharged and I'm ready for the new moon. I'm not certain they do much, but just in case I'm covering my bases. And they're pretty, so....
Happy birthday to the Gummy in my Gummy Bear. Very happy we met 9 years ago and were college wives. Thanks for chilling by the pool with me this month (move to LA)! 🎂
Enjoying a quiet corner at my open house 🏡
2 years (and a few days ago) I married my absolute favorite soul in the entire world. This guy is the kindest friend, and the most steadfast partner ever. Even on days, or weeks, or months when life throws weirdness our way he's patient and understanding. Thanks for being so good to me @the.steen I'll love you forever and ever and thanks for always adventuring with me!
Mist Trail Hike kicked our butts....but it was pretty 🌲
Lunch time in Venice. My contemporary + soulful listing at 308 Grand.
When you order a drink for it's sassy pink color.....but actually don't like the taste 🙈#friday
Headed to this stunning backyard today for a showing. 12 Rose is so classically charming it's hard not to be in love with it.
Here we go! Congrats to our council member and friend @paulkoretz and all of our elected officials. #lainauguration2017
Um, I'm proud of our tofu bowl! Recipe from my fave cook book @cleanfooddirtycity
Posted: Jun 24, 2017 9:04 PM
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Saturday vibes. Sleeping in and getting sunshine.
Morning jaunt, because life can't be all computer screens and phone calls. #monday #getoutside
I want to jump in my car and drive to the desert to escape this LA June gloom!