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User Image restaurant_at Posted: Feb 13, 2018 6:28 PM (UTC)
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I am happy to announce we gonna cook with @lemousso in Montreal !!!!! « Nous sommes fier d’annoncer que nous recevrons notre ami Atsushi Tanaka du restaurant @restaurant_at dans le cadre de Montreal en lumière pour un repas 4 mains les 27 et 28 février prochain.
Repas 150$ ( accord non inclus )
Réservations au 438-384-7410, laissez nous un message et nous vous rappellerons rapidement. /
Sooo thrilled to announce that we are welcoming our friend Atsushi Tanaka for a four hand dinner on February 27th and 28th during “Montreal en lumière festival”
150$ pp ( pairing not included )
Leave us a voice message at 438-384-7410
And we will call you back as soon as possible.
I m very exciting this event!!! blacking out again.
On Wednesday, March 14th, we will once again cut the power to Amass; swapping stoves and electrical appliances for live fire, light bulbs for candlelight and bonfires. This year we’ve invited Atsushi Tanaka (@restaurant_at), Douglas McMaster (@silobrighton) and Christian Puglisi (@restrelae) along for the ride. You can read more about the Blackout Dinner and secure your ticket, through the link in our bio.
#amass #blackoutdinner #earthhour#best50 #susucaru #restaurant #2018 #copenhagen #denmark
We are so existed for collaboration dinner with guest chef Sota Atsumi ex Clown Bar Vivant etc.
Date 28,29 January 2days
135 euro(drink not included)
Place limited
Adress 4 RUE CARDINAL LEMOINE 75005 paris Restaurant A.T
Reservation email”

Nous sommes tellement excités pour un dîner de collaboration avec le chef invité Sota Atsumi ex Clown Bar Vivant etc.
Date 28,29 Janvier 2 jours
135 euro (boisson non incluse)
Place limitée
Reservation email”
Adress 4 RUE CARDINAL LEMOINE 75005 paris Restaurant A.T#susucaru #leclownbar #leclown #nytimes #nytimesfood #restaurant_at #atsushitanaka #sota #sotaatsumi #vivant#davidbenichat#lefooding #michelin #omnivore #paris#collaboration #2018 #susucaru #