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My contribution to Easter lunch at my sister's...

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When you receive political mail and think “only in March? I’ve been calling him maniacal for years... Oh GOP, you are the party of Lincoln. Where have all your statesmen gone? Why are you letting the least of you lead? #teamnortham #northamforgovernor #lwcc
Pond water, spiders, troll eyes, werewolf hair, pixie dust and bone dust. All ready for Potions class at Grace’s Hogwarts Birthday Party. (Aka vinegar dyed green, rings, silly eye ball ice cubes, faux fur from an old costume, glitter and baking soda.) #grace #birthday #harrypotter
My sweet studious oldest two kiddos hard at work doing homework. #henry #grace
Sooooo excited!!!! Henry is all “meh”...typical. #henry #rva
I’ve spent the day thus far trying to memorize this face. #henry
When you aren’t the squeaky wheel in a family with 4 kids, sometimes Mom has to yank you from school to get some time with you. Off to play tourists today. On deck: Sugar Shack, Spirit Halloween, VMFA, Bits & Pixels, Mellow Mushroom and a Canal Cruise on the James. #henry #mentalhealthday #rva
Back to work on my #RVA series. Gearing up for my first solo show in March. Which seems like years away and next week all at the same time. #ejcreatesstudio #manchesterbridge #workinprogress #art #acrylic #acrylicpainting #artlife #rva #richmond #richmondva
Just finished this commission. Nice to take a break from working on big pieces and simply paint a house. Especially a house with great front porch. #ejcreatesstudio #commision #houseportait
Remember how I spent well over an hour last night blowing out and ironing her hair? Well, thanks to the humidity, her hair doesn’t. But it makes for epic Hermione Hair. #grace #hermionegranger #naturalhair
She REALLY didn’t want me to take a picture of her hair but I just spent 1.5 hours blowing it dry and attempting to flat iron it and I’m the mom so I get to do what I want (sometimes). So much hair. And we don’t have the right serums for straightening since this happens maybe 2x a year. But she’s happy with what she’s calling her “disco diva” hair. #grace #naturalhair
Soooooo...we test drove my idea to make slime for a potions class at Grace’s Harry Potter bday party. While we had a lot of very messy fun, this is NOT going to be done with 25 2nd graders. #grace
Getting my free Harry Potter donut with The Weasleys since an early Dr appointment has us playing hoockey in this beautiful fall day. #sugarshack #weasleys #toocoolforschool #grace #charlie
Sweet Chef Mollie fixing her favorite food. Yes, all 5 of those scrambled eggs will fit in her tiny body at one time. #mollie #seriouseggeater
Easy Peasy Stress Ball Squeasy. Made even better because I was joined by my friends and fellow artists, Courtney and Ali. #donate #ididitallforthecookie
Confession (and life lesson): When you discover that you didn’t do things in the right order and you just can’t seem to fix it without losing your mind, Gesso over it. Start over. Clean slate that stuff. I tell my kids that there are no mistakes in art. That’s not exactly true—it’s just that an artist doesn’t let a mistake be the end. Most often, the mistake is the beginning. #ejcreatesstudio #lessonsfromtheeasel #gesso #art
Drinking 48 oz of iced tea before coming here was probably a mistake... #rva #playingtourist #pumphouse