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  Posted: Apr 7, 2012 5:16 PM FEED
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// i w i l l f l y //

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A handsome boy who adds to my handsome life. I have much to be grateful for. 🌲 #gingerbabe
This is my face because I’m locked out of my PLU Google account and all I wanna do is finish my religion paper that’s due tomorrow and no one at the help desk is helpful. 😾 #frick
Today we walked the High Line. It was an exceptional last full day in this beautiful city. ⛅️ #nyclivin
"That's really aesthetically pleasing." -me, everywhere I go in NY. 🙏🏻 #nyclivin
This place matters & so does this man, and this country. ✔️ #nyclivin
Lovely lady liberty, ft. Manhattan. 🗽 #nyclivin
Check out this dude and his sick outfit! I feel so unfashionable here in NYC. 🛫 #nyclivin
Thank goodness for all of the brilliant, talented, bright, caring people in my life. 🌷 #ilovemyhotwife
I love my friends, I love gratitude, opportunity, change, light, writing, creating. I love 2017. 🌿 #seattlebabe