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Ugh to all the question marks in this post! 🙄 Isn’t it always the hardest to get out the door and go somewhere you love to recharge? It ends up happening at the most inconvenient, busiest time of year, am I️ right? But those are the times we need it the absolute most. Our journey to the cabin was tense and frustrating and I️ was so overwhelmed with all I️ had to do. But I’ve never had a weekend like this one. Life giving words were spoken to one another, business ideas and advice was passed around freely, and oh my word I️ haven’t laughed that hard, that much in a long long time. This past weekend was the reminder I️ needed to MAKE TIME for the good stuff in life. Make time for hiking and French toast and friendships and catch phrase and bonfires and hot tubs and hanging around a fire in your pjs all day. It’s always, always worth it. Love these people. #grandviewvacay

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There was one moment during this wedding that is seared in my memory forever: the moment just after their wedding, when Emily and Todd were in the back tiny room behind the beautiful church, they had the biggest smiles on their face while tears streamed down their cheeks, soaking in the reality that they were finally MARRIED. Sometimes as a photographer, I have the privilege of capturing couples I fall in love with, couples I admire, couples who are centered, mature, and over the moon happy to be with one another for the rest of their lives. Emily and Todd are absolutely that couple. What a joy it was to capture their wedding, to share their images (check my blog today and tomorrow for their wedding weekend!), and for their celebration to be featured in Charleston Magazine - on newsstands today!! #nrpweddings #nrpbrides #nrpfeatures @charlestonweddings #charlestonweddings @kristinnewmandesigns
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Being a mama and a business owner = prioritizing decisions every. single. day. Today I chose to take my girls to the museum instead of grocery shopping, and goodness it was a good choice. I sat right here at my dining room table and went “grocery shopping” this afternoon, and pretty soon my @shiptgroceries delivery will appear at my front door. From @target. I mean, I AM SO GLAD I LIVE IN 2018, can I get an amen?! The other week I did an Insta story about how overwhelmed I was, how I was stranded at the house with 1 diaper, and it was just one of those mama days. Then many of you reminded me that I can actually have diapers and groceries DELIVERED and my life is forever changed! *angels singing!* So here’s to prioritizing in the best way! (Anyone else not enjoy taking the kids to the grocery store?? Leave some solidarity comments below!) #shiptlife #targetdeliveredtriangle
HQ. Tacos. Team Meetings. Strengths Finder. Toddler. Baby. Surprise Snow. Sequence domination. Fireplace. Dance Parties. An #NRPteam retreat I'll never forget. More on the blog!
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My itty bitty sidekick, also known as Lyndy girl, our little peach 🍑 , little grabby, and jigglypuff. 💕😍 #lyndonandmama
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If you know your enneagram number, share it (& your wing!) in the comments!👇🏻 I’m a 3 with a 4 wing 👋🏻, which means I’m an achiever / producer (I value setting goals and accomplishing them!) who leans towards authenticity, creativity and depth. I found this book fascinating, illuminating, and to be honest - a bit difficult. Here’s my advice if you know nothing about the enneagram:
1. Take a free enneagram test (just google it - there are several), then don’t trust the results but dig deeper. (My test was helpful but not completely accurate as it told me I was an 8.)
2. Read a book like this one about all the numbers to really understand it.
3. Ask God to humble your heart and assess your “shadow side” or weaknesses as you read it.
4. Allow it to help you, but not define you. Not everything will resonate with you and that’s okay. It’s meant to be a tool - not the dictator of who you are. That’s the Lord’s job!
I’d love to hear your number and thoughts on the enneagram I’d you’re brave enough to share!! 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 #nancyraybookclub #nancyrayreads
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I called my sister in tears. The simple frustration of keeping my kids clothes organized left me labeling myself a "bad mom." Silly, I know, but it was one of those days. Clothes were exploding out of their drawers and closet, half of them didn't fit any more, and it was too much for me as a nursing-around-the-clock mama and business owner. When the heck would I find time to dedicate to their closet? And I have to do it every 2 months because, guess what? BABIES GROW!!! Fast!!⠀
. ⠀
She said, "Keeping your kids clothes organized has nothing to do with whether or not you are a bad mom. NOTHING." And then I cried some more. So if you need to hear those words today, listen close:⠀

Keeping your house organized has nothing to do with you being a bad mom.⠀
Feeding your kid goldfish has nothing to do with you being a bad mom.⠀
Throwing a pinterest birthday party has nothing to do with whether or not you are a bad mom.
Your heart, your love, your guidance: that makes you a GOOD mom.
Then my sweet sister @hopefilledhome texted me back an almost-novel of how she keeps her 5 kids clothes organized that she learned in the trenches of motherhood. So while I needed to hear it didn't make me a bad mom, I also needed to hear how the heck to actually keep their clothes organized!⠀
Today I share that, and all the other tips of my kids organization, on the blog today in the very last post of the #howwedoitseries ! Link in profile! #millyraytoday #lyndonraytoday #millyandlyndon
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This little girl is just a DELIGHT! 6 months and a little cherub. I adore her squeals and belly laughs and her sweet eyes and puffy hair. My little peach 🍑 #lyndonmonthbymonth #lyndonraytoday #winstonthedane
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This one is hands down my favorite post in the #howwedoitseries : "How to organize your spiritual life." An odd title, yes, but a powerful one if you dig deep into what that means! If we are organized in all aspects of our lives except for this one, then we will never have true peace.
I spent hours writing this blogpost, I prayed over it, and today I shared 10 rhythms that I've embraced in my life as a believer that have helped me grow in my faith through the years. I hope you are encouraged by it! I'm already so encouraged by @emilyayerthomas and her words today - be sure to read hers as well because it's SO good. // Link in profile or visit 💕
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Here’s to dressing like I’m 31 today, when most days I wear leggings, nursing tank tops and no make up. Let’s do this, Tuesday! (Top & shoes: @targetstyle , Pants: @hm 3 years ago) 📷: @oliviasuriano
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Two little miracles are on the blog today. You don’t want to miss their story - I promise. Link in profile. #nrpnewborns #nrpfamilies
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That time my best friend and sister @jessray got married, that time we saw God answer years of prayers with a certain @kylemlangdon , that time I was IN her wedding as a bridesmaid, on the other side of the camera, watching @oliviasuriano photograph the whole day with @calliepittsdavis by her side, that time I cried my face off because Milly was the sweetest flower girl, that time we all gathered in and around our family home in Beaufort to see something we’ve talked about since MIDDLE school come to life (Jess getting married in Beaufort)... I could go on. All that to say, God is so good and so real, He hasn’t forgotten about your years of prayers, and my love for wedding photography was renewed all over again this day as I got to experience it again from the other side, with my every own team. What a day. PS. Favorite photo ever of me and you, @jessray. (On the enneagram, I’m a 3 with 4 wing, and she’s a 4 with 3 wing. No wonder we’re so close!) more from my favorite wedding of 2017 on the blog and in my story today! >>> #nrpweddings #minkiesforever #jessandkyledowntheaisle
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Three little lovebugs 💕💕💕 happy love day, friends! #millyandmama #lyndonandmama
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So. Many. Tissue. Boxes!! This was my office last week: my bed. I had a sinus infection that took me out for 10 days, with a fever and a cough, which makes me want to also be dramatic and say I had the flu too. But one will never know. 🤷🏼‍♀️ BUT TODAY!! Today is a new dayyyyy (said in a singing voice!) because I am alive and moving and PERSPECTIVE! For instance: I ordered 3 bags of lemons from my grocery pick up (instead of 3 lemons 🤣🍋🍋🍋) and just laughed so hard instead of my usually eye roll 🙄 over the mistake and inconvenience of returning it. NBD when you are alive and well, right? .
So Monday pep talk: there are so many people out there struggling with way bigger health problems than the flu or a sinus infection. So choose thankfulness today, friend. Laugh at your mistakes and enjoy the little things in life. Turn up the volume on praise and worship in your house and dance! Make this Monday a great one. Don’t sweat the small stuff. And name 3 things you’re thankful for in the comments below. Right now!! GO! (PS. An Amish lady made my quilt so don’t even ask where it’s from! 😘 it’s from her living room 😂)
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One of my favorite family photos of ALL TIME. It captures perfectly the joy and crazy of going from 1 to 2, toddler and newborn life, parenting and juggling, laughing and shushing. I’m framing this one for SURE.
How we organize our personal lives (planning family memories and otherwise!) is on the blog today in the #howwedoitseries ! Link in profile! #rayfamigram (thank you @elizabethtate_ for this perfect capture! 💕) #nrpfamilies
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How I create my family yearbooks : on the blog today! Also highlighting a few other friends and how they document their families in the post! @perryvaile @katelynjames @calliepittsdavis >>> blog link in profile
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3 days spent with these ladies in a cozy cabin on a frozen lake. Scripture, worship, coffee, candles, tears, tissues, laughter, freedom, rest. The @returntorest retreat is a highlight every year because of one thing: Jesus shows up every time. So grateful. Feeling a renewed love for Jesus and work and rest this Monday morning! How sweet that I can walk into my week knowing I can live freely and lightly in Him - no matter what my hand finds to do today! #returntorest #returntorest2018 #nancyrayspeaks
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The first few months of newborn life were such an adjustment for me spiritually. I couldn’t have my 45 minute daily quiet time - I was just trying to feed my baby, feed myself, and sleep. And really that’s how it’s been for much of motherhood - thinking you have the time and motivation to learn that sleep wins again, and that’s okay.
It was hard leaving my 6 month old baby this weekend for @returntorest , and I cried a lot of the week leading up to it worried about nursing and pumping and leaving. But it was so so needed. Mamas - it’s GOOD to get away sometimes even when it’s hard.
But as I sit on the plane to go home, I’m reminded that rest does not equal sleep, or a retreat, it equals Jesus. And that I can abide in that rest whether I’m working or folding laundry or up with my baby or having quiet time to read and journal. Jesus made deep soul rest available to you and to me.
And to the anyone seeking real rest- you can find it when folding laundry or drafting an email or taking care of a sick baby or waking a bit early to pray. It’s available at night and in the morning. You turn to Jesus in whatever you are doing and He meets you right there.
“Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly.” Matthew‬ ‭11:28-30‬ ‭MSG‬‬ @returntorest #returntorest #returntorest2018
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Lyndon loves those Great Dane kisses!! 🤣 5 months with this little love has been marked with the biggest growth spurt EVER and tons of sleepless nights with lots of nursing. Worth it for the chubby cheeks and thigh squeezes I have unlimited access to. 🙌🏻 Also: 5 months and 28 days still counts as her 5 Month photo, right? 🤦🏼‍♀️ #lyndonmonthbymonth #winstonthedane
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Yesterday I blogged all about how I organize my home - but i decided it was a bit sad because the blog lacked pictures! Well I fixed that... and now you can read AND see how I organize my home! Take a peek inside the Ray home and read how we keep our tiny townhouse organized! Link in profile! #howwedoitseries (PS. Be sure to follow @emilyayerthomas and her blogposts too because they are just SO good.)
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Rain + pregnant belly + finding the perfect light + shooting in film ... My FAVORITE BLOGPOST is up today!! Behind the scenes of shooting in 2017! Link in profile or head to!! #nrpbehindthescenes #nrpweddings