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Back view #goldenbutt (Just to join in the fun ) All my  only photos #masquerade_goldies

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🎊🎈Happy new year 2017 ❗️🎉 May you have a good year ahead !!
Merry Christmas from Jack 🎄🎊
Merry Christmas & a HNY 2017 everyone! Miss you all. Thank you for all your messages. The 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶 family is doing fine. Wish you all a great 2017! 😀
Playing catching  the ladylike  way - Sammi おしとやかの道を引く遊ぶ - Sammi. Have a good weekend 
Playing  #septemberdogdays -- Danny for the ball while the girls wait hopefully and Jack is disinterested  Dannyはボールためをぴょんと、女の子はうまくいけば待って、Jackは無関心です
One of my favorite shots of Summer  Summer の私のお気に入りのショットの一つ #dogoftheday #dogoftheday_repost
When Danny was a pup  Dannyは子犬だったとき #dogoftheday #dogoftheday_repost
This is what Lex thought about working on a Sunday #dogoftheday #dogoftheday_repost #funny
Summer as a pup when she first joined our family #dogoftheday #dogoftheday_repost
It does not pay to swim against the current ... Jack & Sammi (so Sammi learns) それは流れに逆らって泳ぐのは賢明ではありません... Jack&Sammi(いわゆるSammi はを学習) #beachdog #swimmingdog
Not quite synchronized swimming  (& somebody looks like he is sinking) 同期されていない水泳 (彼は沈んでいるように、誰かが見える ). Sammi ( L)& Jack (R) #beachdog #swimmingdog
Danny : A "colorful" weekend to all 
Nothing moves the heart more than seeing one's baby in blissful happiness何もより多くの最高の幸せで自分の赤ちゃんを見ることよりも心が動かない  (Sammi)
Jack : Do Not Disturb  ~ #augustdogdays "Teethers"
Sammi : Happy Friday / Thursday. Looking forward to the weekend ~~~~
Jack: I am cool. How about you? 私 はカッコイイ -ですよ. あなたはどう? Have a good weekend #cooldog
~ Your smoldering gaze ~ あなたのくすぶっている視線 Sammi & Danny