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djsteen 12w ago
Coffee ice cream with mint sprinkles @snowflakeicecream for @LIICTour 2017. "Virtual shot" captured with @fyuseapp and exported as a video. (Testing this app, so excuse the vertical video in this early example.)
djsteen 32w ago
10. Park time with @signs.of.creation and @obsidianthebelgiansheepdog. Getting time to learn body language from animals and strangers grows my insight for Lydia's noggin'. Climbing trees and frolicking around along the way are treats indeed.

Pink laces. 🌈

#100happydays #igbethlehem #nofilter #grass #greenway #park #nature #training #negativespace
djsteen 32w ago
9. Leftover Indian food. Butter Chicken (Chicken Makhani). •
I grew up eating lots of Indian food in Sydney. I'm not sure how authentic it was to real Indian, but it certainly has a unique flavour. In the USA, Indian food isn't as abundant (unless you're in a major city). Having a yummy Indian dinner that yields leftovers is a treat. •
#100happydays #nofilter #food #indianfood #rice #butterchicken
djsteen 34w ago
8. Returning from a trip usually brings a sadness. Something akin to the opposite of homesickness. "Why am I home? I want more experiences. Should I even bother unpacking? What is 'normal'?" are thoughts running through my mind. However, I didn't feel the intensity of that sadness of returning home from Maine. Perhaps because it was only three days. Perhaps because I couldn't wait to see @signs.of.creation. Perhaps it's because I was going straight to Riverside and church groups. •
My fondness of being away compounded with the lack of snow at home should have really made me upset for a prolonged period. But that feeling was fleeting.

I was enjoying the warm late afternoon sunset at Scott Park when I noticed a littered beer can. I told myself I would grab it to recycle when leaving the park — which is what I did. There was still liquid in it, so I poured it on the grass. The liquid was chunky and blue. Paint? Poison? I paused and thought of where would be a more artistic place to release the remaining liquid. I found a lonely pile of dirty snow in the shadow of a tall building, and drizzled the rest of the liquid onto the snow. It looked like a snow cone because of how fake/bright the blue is. •
Thank the Lord for brightening my day with the last little piece of snow — until the next blizzard — and making it easy for me to be creative. Thank my #MaineFour crew for being such a happy and joyous bunch. Thank @signs.of.creation for loving me and praying with me. Thank @Cornerstone_Easton for being a body with faith and integrity. Thank the BCF Leadership group prayer warriors for tackling spiritual warfare in the lives of our young women. These thankful moments bring me happiness. •
#100happydays #snow #snocone #nofilter #blue #antihomesick #church
djsteen 34w ago
Beaches in winter. I'm so in love. It makes me so happy to capture stunning skies, climb sharp, jagged cliffs, and standing in a chunky rain. None of that is pictured here because the sunset needs to be appreciated. The motion of flying along in a car with the cold wind in my hair is very awakening.

Thank you, Jesus.

#100happydays #snow #sunset #clouds #trees #nofilter #Maine #MaineFour
djsteen 34w ago
6. I'm thankful for years of experience on the slopes and quick learners. A last-minute decision to go skiing was so giddy! We crushed every run (including a few double black diamonds ◆◆; it was a relatively small mountain so the black runs weren't that daunting).

Happiness is eating snow when you're thirsty. Happiness is almost falling because the snow is so fresh, soft, and deep. Happiness is recording friends through their experience. Happiness is your apartment being taken care of while you're away (thanks @signs.of.creation and @youalleverybody!). Happiness is the cloud formations and types changing every time we sat on the chair lift. Happiness is feeling sore.

#100happydays #snow #skiing #sky #clouds #nofilter #Maine #MaineFour #HermonMountain #latergram #lateohwell #seventomorrow
djsteen 34w ago
5. The moment before I realised beauty all over again. I've seen piles of snow. I've seen some of the most remarkable parts of New Zealand. But you don't have to stray too far from home to discover immense beauty. You just need to take that leap. That risk. •
What I saw and felt today reminded me of Sydney's beaches. Except the sand was rocks and the headlands were covered in thick snow. I could have spend all day there. B-E-A-UTI-FUL!

To put things into perspective, this was also the moment before I tried climbing on top of a swingset's frame and failed. All my strength is in my legs and I had no feet to grip with since I was wearing snow boots with wet soles. •
#100happydays #snow #sunshine #beach #swings #joy #recordeverything #nofilter #reflection
djsteen 34w ago
4. We're arrived safely. The ride didn't feel that long. It's ~7 hours. Three hours less than Sydney to Brisbane. (As a kid, I recall that trip being 20 hours. Perhaps ten hours is a lot for a kid.)

I'm thankful for goofy, smart, loving, and God-fearing friends. They bring happiness to my little heart. I'm also surprisingly grateful for heat. A coal/wood stove has our accommodations very toasty. I prefer the cold of my 4°C unit, but this is just fine. :)

They do an amazing job with keeping the roads clear of snow here. 2 metres (~6 feet) of snow in a week means it's in large piles everywhere. Such a happy white land. •
#100happydays #roadtrip #Maine #MaineFour #nofilter #snow #threepanel
#spotlight #mainewinter
djsteen 34w ago
3. When Wednesday whacks wizards' walkways. •
My schedule of editing all day ended up being altered by a multitude of factors. It seems God needed me away from the computer for yet another day.

Happiness abounds when my roommate has cooked dinner. Sure, he did that on Tuesday, too. (He's fab!) But my mixed up day needing me to cook dinner just meant additional time that I didn't have. So, I thank you for contributing to my happiness today, @youalleverybody (and @k.t.lynn) That fact you cleaned up after was also a huge load off my mind!

#100happydays #dinner #pan #schedule #chestflutters #nofilter
djsteen 35w ago
2. He gets me to listen. When I'm procrastinating spending time with God, he'll shove Himself in my path. Whether that's a call from a friend or the intense, orange light from today's sunset (seen here) bouncing off the wall in my living room. •
I'm listening. He is faithful. •
I learned a lot today. What a beautiful Tuesday to get to also see @signs.of.creation's heart and face. •
Also, chuckles over brinner with friends was ridiculous. @christianalbani is a hoot!

#100happydays #sunset #HDR #igbethlehem #window #God #love #laughs
djsteen 35w ago
1. Doing a challenge. Aiming to finish. •
I'm haunted by sugar. Bites I had fifteen years ago still run in my veins. Or does it? I'm a new creation.

Waste is everyday. Waste is a lifestyle here. Waste is a stress. On me. On the community. On the environment. Why do more people jump up in excitement when sugar is freely offered than when group prayer is asked for? Are we more comfortable inhaling than exhaling? Would I rather not see a glob of round sugar-yeast enter the ground than I would communicating with my Saviour?

The presence of Mark in my life makes me happy.

#100happydays #doughnut #pink #nofilter #sugar #happiness #Jesus
djsteen 35w ago
I've been having the most consistent early mornings since high school. Throw in the best girl, the best dog, and a daily bike ride, and you have the manifestations of God's faithfulness toward my dreams. That endless whiteness is snow. It's more beautiful than anyone can fathom (in photos or real life). The below-freezing temperatures are a distant thought when there's so much joy coursing through my heart.

Slow down. The instant-on-rush-of-life isn't going to fill you with more moments. Leave the snow as it lays; walk in the unplowed streets; keep the car cover on; sip tea and watch the cars spin their wheels while sliding backwards.

As our slobber meets next to a snow fort, I savour the moment. It's not just another morning; it's an ALL-I morning. Much of life is IPB; compressed and a reflection of the surrounding days. Be intentional. Love intentionally. Frolic.
I love you, Lydia. I'm so giddy for tomorrow morning. And Monday morning. And Mondays 6.3 years from now. •
Canon 6D; Canon 50mm f/1.4

#Snow #SnowDay #Blizzard2017 #loveofalifetime #BethlehemGreenway #kisses #ew #nofilter #Canon6D #selftimer #canonphotography
djsteen 35w ago
Snow rests silently upon the concrete slurry and 24K gold which represents a place people to go visit, heal, and educate themselves and others about 9/11. The purity of snow covers the litter, dirt and other imperfections. God's creation is pure and perfect. He makes us white as snow.
Although people are traveling more than ever before, this project allows beings to find a place with a sculpture nearer to them than visiting NYC, D.C. or the crash site in PA in order to view it. In doing so will bring hope and rebuilding of our nation and the world since that day.

Artwork: Project 11UP / VICTORII REBUILD
Artist: Sandra "San" Priest @sanpriest
Salvaged by Mr. John Krapf and Impact Environmental

#sculpture #snow #SnowStorm #SnowDay2017 #Blizzard2017 #september11 #Bethlehem #igbethlehem #goodmorning #nofilter
djsteen 39w ago
I went for a fantastic bike ride on wet roads with the gang. I had an empty hour in my schedule, so a caught up on some emails, social media, etc. There was a moment when I looked up and this was there. I dropped everything, grabbed my camera, and ran to a spot where I had a complete view of the sky.
God poked my head out of the unimportant stuff and had me oogle His creation. Thanks, buddy!

One of @RoyalCaribbeanUK's requirements for and their summer photographer job (#ExtraordinaryExplorer) is to have extensive knowledge of Instagram followers. Y'all know I'm a big believer in #nofilter. But I tried several filters on this photo. The best I could come up with is Inkwell (B&W, low contrast). This is where I have to refrain from being a jerk. It's a daily struggle. I almost posted my first filtered photo to Instagram as a B&W #sunset. I'm letting go of a lot, but I'm not a jerk.
djsteen 51w ago
RHM Bike Tour 2016 - Day 9
// August 7th, 2016

The Welcome Home. The 800-something-th kilometre. The I'm Recording with Two Cameras While Riding a Bike in Formation and Almost Stacked It.

This last day was warm (~28°C) and relaxing. The last ~20 miles was on a trail. We got wet, then the rest of the ride dried us off. A beautiful and successful tour which we now see the effects of in the Dungu (DRC). Keep the team in your prayers as they go about their daily lives after such a bonding tour.
If you'd like to volunteer your talents with RHM, then visit here:
djsteen 56w ago
RHM Bike Tour 2016 - Day 8
// August 6th, 2016

Here's a Live Photo for you. This sandwich contains three layers of multigrain bread, sliced banana, orange slices, and honey. I crush sandwiches!

New Jersey is so hot and humid. Bleh. 31°C. Minimal hills. Lots of bumps and gravel-laden roads. Great effort by the whole team! Steven and Mackenna ended it by stacking on some bumpy grass with concrete chunks in it. Only one more day of the RHM Bike Tour! :(

#rhmbiketour2016 #food #cycling #missionstrip
djsteen 58w ago
Day 7, RHM Bike Tour 2016

7777sevennnnnn777!! This is our first day trying out fixed pods. It went very well! Jackie is a great pod leader, and our team rocked it!

We rode from the north shore to the south shore. I even got to see Vera while we were at our first stop.

We rode along some very busy and risky roads. But we all survived. Our pod stopped to help Jackie fix a leaking tube. The new tube was leaking, too. Geoff ("Sweep") and his pod came along to help out. Geoff's smaller tube worked fine until the last corner. So our pod walked the last ~200m with Jackie.

27°C and very sunny. I'm worried I got burnt through my thick layer of sunscreen. Going kayaking now anyway.
djsteen 61w ago
Day 6, RHM Bike Tour 2016

A much shorter ride today. Lovely tree-laden streets mixed in with some busy freeways. Crossed a draw bridge as we arrived in Stratford. 23°C and sunny with various puffs of clouds.
Now we're on our way to the ferry to Long Island. Woot!

#RHMbiketour #nofilter #shadow #stilllife