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User Image mikeescamilla Posted: Oct 31, 2017 5:07 PM (UTC)
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  • Sooo good

  • Sooo good

  • This is epic

  • 🙌🙌

  • Legit

  • I can't. So cute.

  • Adorable

  • Awwww!!

  • 💛

  • Amazing!

  • kvenya 3M ago

    Oddly enough, my g/f and I watched #Thunderheart last night

  • @lynnl0vee next year for little Ezzi

  • What about Bows and Arrows

  • 🏹Adorable!

  • wedrip 3M ago


  • @eefer_ethan well she's 3 and wanted to be Pocohontas - and I'm so proud of her to see the beauty in native Americans that she wanted to honor them by showing their culture. #suckit

  • Love it, Dude she nailed it

  • Cutest Pocohontas EVER 💛 #suckit

  • I hope eeref_ethan is joking. She is 3 and looks great. You always have at least one jackass in the crowd. Congrats to eefer_ethan u r that guy.

  • @mikeescamilla that response thou👌🏽 She is precious.

  • Fukn adorable

  • @eefer_ethan lol no class dude, seriously.

  • Omg she is so adorable 😍

  • @mikeescamilla She rocked it!

  • What a cutie 💛

  • @eefer_ethan quality troll

  • Que cosa tan bonita! Paz para vosotros... Happy Halloween!!

  • @eefer_ethan Nah, just showing off your own Jackass costume. Political correctness is not a costume. You're just like all the other instigating pussies, hiding behind a private account, as usual. You're the one with the screwed view, not a little girl who admires the legend of Pocahontas. Go grow some balls if you need something to do with all of your time.

  • se7646 3M ago

    Actually Mike's great great grandfather was Native American out of Arizona.

  • @childoftheindigo_ I think it’s a perfect costume. Go back to your safe space

  • He even used racial slurs.... your idea of perfection is racist and broken.

  • She’s Awesome

  • @childoftheindigo_ Here's hoping you don't celebrate Halloween unless you're Celtic.

  • @childoftheindigo_ ok... And if she has Native American blood in her is it ok then ? there is so much division in America today, I really don't think judging a 3 year old on a character she loves is the right way to express the things you mentioned, if she dressed up as the cowgirl from toy story , or a samurai from Mulan, or what about a German lederhosen.... All these are cultural.... Will you still have the same outrage. At what point do we choose to see things as wonderful expressions from different cultures that kids can connect with if only for one day. - especially just for what's supposed to be a fun day or dress up for little kids. I think it's great she showed Interest and thought this was a beautiful thing to dress up as, she asked questions, she learned, again I can't be more proud of her.

  • But Native American people are not characters. Also you used a racial slurs so I'm not sure how educational that really is. That poor kid is going to grow up thinking it's okay to call Natives "savages". You can still have fun on Halloween without being offensive or culturally inaccurate.

  • Did you teach her about the genocide and suffering that happened at wounded knee?

  • @mikeescamilla you did say Savage.....

  • se7646 3M ago

    @childoftheindigo_ Mike has always call HIS daughter a little savage not native Americans So now it's a slur to call your own children special loving. So put me in jail cause I had 5 and they all had little names. Even Mike

  • @childoftheindigo_ well I can see how that looks but I call her my savage all the time and was referring to her not the can see in my last post of her I mention it as well. So yes I can see how that looks - and no I don't think a 3 year old is ready to understand wounded knee. We spoke about beautiful things instead. Have a wonderful Halloween.

  • @mikeescamilla preach! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Sick costume🤘

  • @childoftheindigo_ my daughter wanted to be Pocahontas for Halloween but didn’t like the glittery shit from Disney so I changed it up for her. It pisses me off that her sweet innocent little face can even make you think anyone is trying to disrespectful or dehumanizing.

  • @marieeeme so you dressed your kid up as a hostage and a rape victim...cute.

  • @childoftheindigo_ take that issue up with Disney......

  • She looks awesome! Great costume..but I was waiting for the negative people to ruin a great pic 🤣

  • @mikeescamilla is there any way to make it where people can't comment on your post? 🙄

  • @childoftheindigo_ are you seriously this dumb? she's a CHILD, she's celebrating Halloween and her outfit is beyond cute. move on.

  • @childoftheindigo_ this is the most bad ass little girl, full of andventure and wanting to learn. At 3 years old I’m pretty sure you had no idea what cultural appropriation was. Yes she has parents who obviously know what it is but you don’t stunt a child’s imagination, you teach them the historical truth when they can fully comprehend what is actually being said to them. Leave this family alone. Everyone is different and if it’s coming from a good place in someone’s heart people know the difference.....Well most people🤷🏽‍♀️ there is a line where people are offensive and rude and then there are people who just want to enjoy a culture different from their know expanding you mind. @marieeeme @mikeescamilla enjoy your Halloween and I wanna be as badass as Luna when I grow up😆🙌🏽

  • She’s adorable, keep being a awesome Dad @mikeescamilla

  • She looks beautiful! 😍

  • @childoftheindigo_ I’d love to be there when you try and “teach your 3 year old about wounded knee.” You obviously don’t have kids. Also didn’t know Savage was a racial slur against Native Americans...go boycott the stores selling the costumes and stop getting triggered by 3 year olds

  • When you get triggered by a 3 year old...what a kook

  • @childoftheindigo_ wow - I am trying so hard to be kind and positive - but we choose as a family that we don't classify people or label them as the worst thing that has happened to them. We see them as the beautiful people they are. Clearly you have a strong conviction about this and that is great, but there is a difference between what you're saying and a little girl thinking Native Americans are beautiful and what she calls " a princess" and wanting to dress as one. Yes there were and are atrocities committed against natives, but that's not what's going on here. And I would hope you see your people as more then hostages or rape victims ..... Instead as a beautiful strong people.

  • Cute as fuck

  • Omg, she is adorable!!!

  • wedrip 3M ago

    Wow this is ridiculous. Dont waste your time Mike

  • Adorable Brother.

  • @childoftheindigo_ stop appropriating ancient Celtic culture by celebrating Halloween! And while you’re at it, stop exploiting western Germanic culture by using the English language, you insensitive monster.

  • @mikeescamilla it happens mike when people learn to much they only see the negative. I used to be that foolish getting offended by simple things. Then I woke up. Don’t let these millennial politically correct people get to you. Your daughter has a dope outfit. #legendarybmxrider

  • @childoftheindigo_ so funny how information can make one high and mighty. Calm down and quit getting so offended no one needs those negative vibes.

  • She looks gorgeous! WTF is wrong with all of you poor lil hate preachers? @marieeeme @mikeescamilla please don't explain yourself to this idiots - it's wasting time. #germanlederhosenrules🤣

  • Loveeee 😻

  • 514bmx 3M ago

    @mikemcpine @marieeeme I think you guys did fine, your 3 year old daughter should be allowed to feel some freedom before the wolrd starts to crush her soul... @childoftheindigo_ a quick view of your Instagram would show you're a Disney lover, wasn't he a Nazi suporter? If you can love Disney and their characters should you not allow the same freedom to a 3 year old? I have high doubts this little girl did anything ever to any native Americans.... and it's not like her parents are a couple of racist crackers either... in life you got to pick your battles, if she was 23 I could back you more... she's 3, come on!


  • @childoftheindigo_ I'm Native myself so I'm going to say this from another Native perspective. Her dressing up this way puts us in the forefront of her life for a day. She gets to imagine herself as a historical character and learn about her. You call it appropriation I see it as our history living on another day in the heart of a little girl. Costumes are based on many things and culture is one of them. If everyone chose to forget us and avoid sharing oyr culture it would only be a matter of time before we and our history is forgotten. As is most history books are wrong.

  • @mikeescamilla I will continue to be real or "negative". You continue to be ignorant! Take care

  • Madre mía, lo que hay que leer 🤦🤦🤦. Vivir y dejar vivir, ¿No?

  • @500_daysofsummer perfect answer to Pops & Momma AND this twisty little uneducated hypocrite hippie

  • @eefer_ethan bye felecia

  • 🖤💛🖤💛🖤💛🖤

  • @childoftheindigo_ wtf is wrong with you to associate rape and hostage situations to the costume when looking at a child’s face? Do you think of those things when watching Disney movies as well?? You’re sick. Go burry yourself under a rock - seriously you are disgusting.

  • Super cute 💜

  • She looks ready for some throwing knives for sure.

  • What a beauty! Happy Halloween 👻

  • She's growing up so fast!! She looks BEAUTIFUL!!

  • @mikeescamilla she’s lovely- super cute! Well handled on the polite responses too. Awesome to see you didn’t lower yourself as some people tend to do.

  • @emmakellert my daughter

  • "Cultural appropriation" is how the human race moves forward. We take things from different cultures and blend it up and things change. Otherwise we'd all still be wearing togas right now and drink mead and lead laced wine with no idea what algebra is. The biggest issue is that this is a 3 year old girl. Let her be who she wants to be for halloween. Why does the internet have to shit on everything like what they're saying is going to change anyone's mind?

  • @maxxivaughan omg she’s so cute 😍😍

  • Next year she can dress up as some of these "social justice warriors" and wear a glass castle with a bucket of stones. I think children should absolutely take the opportunity to dessert as other cultures. Why not use every year to teach yourself and your child about a new culture! Super cute, super cool. All those who have an issue with this are neurotic.

  • Seen some of the "Culture Is Not A Costume" stuff. Whilst I do agree, if @mikeescamilla was posting a picture of his teenage plus daughter then I'd be 100% agreeing. I have no Native American bloodline what so ever, but those guys have the right perspective on life. A THREE year old has no idea of the torment their Race/Culture has been through! She thinks they look awesome & wants to dress up like one on the one day of the year kids can dress up, go out, have some fun & be given SWEETS!! I've seen kids dressed as Jason, Chucky, Freddy Krueger, IT the Clown! Do you think most kids have any idea who they are!? Do you think a 5yo dressed as a Violent Horror Icon is appropriate? On Halloween no one cares! Well they might but let it slide.

  • Wounded knee, huh?

  • 💛💛💛

  • i love this!!! 😍

  • She is a natural 🧡

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