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Unfortunately my photos do not convey the immensity of Norway's fjords. You have to see it with your own eyes to really appreciate it. 🇳🇴
I panicked for a bit thinking I'd lost half my Norway photos but they turned up eventually. This is from the Geiranger fjord. So pretty! 🇳🇴
Be prepared to only see Norway from me for the next week or so, I totally went overboard taking photos! This was my first time in Norway and it totally exceeded my expectations. This is the classic shot everyone gets from Alesund from the lookout. Totally worth the steep walk up there.
New on the blog, Gdansk: The Perfect Polish Weekend Break. Link in my profile. 🇵🇱💕🙉
The Long Market in Gdansk 🇵🇱 I know I got lucky with the weather as I'm sure Gdansk can be a bit grey at times but to me it seems like such a colourful and pretty place. 💕🇵🇱
It's not just Amsterdam that has pretty gable roof buildings, they are everywhere in Gdansk too. In fact, you won't only find them in the Old Town but new buildings must have gables too to keep the city uniform in appearance. There's a huge construction boom taking place in Gdansk right now and it's very cool to see all the new modern designs. 🇵🇱
Port cities can be a little rough around the edges but not Gdansk. It's calm, clean and a great destination for a relaxing city break. Coming up on the blog I'll be writing about my week in Gdansk, Poland. 🇵🇱
Beach Time: Where to Stay on the Albanian Riviera. 🌅 New post on the blog, link in the bio. 🇦🇱 #tbt
New on the blog today, a food and mini travel guide to Szczecin, Poland. 🇵🇱 Link in the bio. 😊
There's some pretty awesome door porn in Prague but for me, this one is unbeatable. 👌🏻🇨🇿
I thought this was a museum but turns out it's a school. Lucky kids who get to study in such a beautiful environment! Prague 🇨🇿
Crossing Charles Bridge. 🇨🇿 You might want to do it first thing in the morning or else you risk getting trapped in tourist hell. 🙉
The Dancing House. A little bit of Frank Gehry in amongst Neo-Baroque and Art Nouveau Prague. 🇨🇿
I have a quick Prague based update on the blog today (link in bio) but also I'd like to apologise to everyone who sent me msgs on Instagram and I didn't reply. I don't have notifications turned on so I had no idea the msgs were there. Oops! #bloggerfail 🙄
Going a little abstract for my final photo from Budapest. 🇭🇺
After 3 weeks I've finally completed all my errands in Budapest. I'm free! Now to start travelling again. Now: Vienna 🇦🇹 Next: Prague 🇨🇿 Then: ?
It has been difficult to get around Budapest the last couple of days with large sections of the city blocked off for the visit by the Israeli PM. I don't mind too much because I'm leaving for Vienna tomorrow! 🇦🇹
I used to live on this very street in Budapest's 8th district and loved walking by this gorgeous building. I'm hanging out for it to be renovated! It was recently used as a movie location but I never did find out which movie.
Even though I lived in Budapest for more than a year, I only went to Buda a handful of times. I should go again while I'm back here for a visit. This view never gets old. 🇭🇺