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Last night I attended a concert at the Hollywood Bowl. I was just one of many that had gathered together to enjoy the music we love. We were strangers in the night, just faces in a crowd coming together as one. We put aside our differences. We sang the lyrics together. We were united. And it saddens me that moments like this...experiences like these are being ruined and marred by tragedy. It pains me to know that on the same night, others who had also gathered together for similar reasons in Las Vegas, had that taken away from them. And all because of someone who decided to pull the trigger and inflict pain on so many lives. This isn't fair. Concerts and music festivals should be safe places for ppl to come together. 💔 #prayforvegas #prayfortheworld
One of my favorite things about having colorful hair is how the colors show when my hair catches the sunlight. ☀️ 💗💙💜

#haircolor #embracinglife #sunlightismyfilter #sunlightisthebestlight #selfie #findingmyself #neverfeltbetter #oilslickhair #oilslick #colorfulhair #unicornhair #mermaidhair
I'm learning to love who I am, flaws and all. I'm learning what it means to simply be me. 💙💜 #lifethroughmyeyes #selfreflection
Because sometimes the scary, bumpy road truly is the best (and most rewarding) road to travel on. 🚙 #embracinglife #spontaneity #lifethroughmyeyes #lifelessons
There's just something about sea anemones... 💙
I am so grateful that I was able to spend this weekend in Seattle and even more grateful to spend it in the company of such good friends. Seeing the surprised look on your face when I showed up at your door was priceless @kimbjanes!Thanks for keeping it a secret @davidbjanes. Thank you both for being such great hosts. Until next time! ✈️ #homebound
This is my "I'm going to smile and pretend the cold doesn't bother me one bit" face (even though it most definitely did). It was fun. It was memorable. And it was freaking cold. But most importantly it'll be a great story to tell when I'm older (and my calves have recovered). lol #sorelegs #alpinehiking #snowinjune #adventureswithfriends #momentsthatmatter
Let's go hiking to Lake 22 they said. It'll be a sunny 85 degrees they said. It'll be an adventure they said... Well it was definitely an adventure, but it most definitely wasn't 85! ❄️#lake22 #hiking #underdressed #snowinjune
🎶We all are living in a dream,
But life ain’t what it seems. 🎶 #mood #lifethroughmyeyes
I hate saying goodbye so instead I'll say: It's been a lovely Christmasy weekend. Until next time! #solvang