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  Posted: Oct 19, 2017 2:30 PM
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Photo by @BrianSkerry.
A leatherback sea turtle crawls back to the sea after laying her eggs on the beach at Sandy Point, located on the island of St. Croix in the US Virgin Islands. Listed as vulnerable, this species of sea turtle has an ancestry that dates back more than 100 million years. Today they face a number of anthropogenic stresses - including entanglement in fishing gear, poaching and climate change - which affects the sex of turtle hatchlings. Sandy Point is a National Wildlife Refuge, managed by the US Fish & Wildlife Service who are responsible for protecting these nesting beaches. The combination of conservation efforts here and in the nearby Buck Island Reef National Monument have benefitted sea turtle species in this region.

I made this photo under moonlight at 2am, after weeks of working at night on these beaches. Being in this place with these ancient animals was like traveling back in time to a primordial Earth.

This picture won first place in the Reptiles and Amphibians Category of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition on October 17th in London.

Photographed for the February 2017 cover story in @natgeo about saving our oceans.

To see more ocean wildlife photos and read the stories behind them, follow me - @BrianSkerry - on Instagram.
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User Image natgeo Posted: Nov 20, 2017 9:19 PM (UTC)
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Photographs by @robertclarkphoto #RealisRare #DiamondJourney, sponsored by @realisadiamond | As a National Geographic photographer, I’ve had the opportunity to photograph locations and elements that are nearly as old as the planet. Photographing diamonds was another opportunity to see and learn by putting my hands on surprises from the center of the earth. Locating and accessing both rough and polished diamonds was more complicated than I thought. Most diamonds that I was able to find were from South Africa and were cut and polished at the source or in Antwerp, Belgium. But diamonds have a much longer and arduous journey long before they are presented to the public. Check our Instagram Story today to see how a diamond is created and learn more about what makes diamonds extraordinarily unique, rare, and precious at
User Image natgeo Posted: Nov 20, 2017 7:33 PM (UTC)
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Photo by @edkashi  Miners manually drill holes in the bowels of the Khewra Salt Mines, one of the largest in Asia and the second largest in the world, turning out over 300,000 tons of salt per year. This massive mine has tunnels running nearly half a mile into the mountain under which the salt deposits are found. #Pakistan #independence #homeland #Muslim #travel #tbt #fromthearchives
User Image natgeo Posted: Nov 20, 2017 5:07 PM (UTC)
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Image by @joelsartore | When you have babies as cute as these mallard ducklings, you definitely don’t want them to lose their way. Luckily, imprinting on their mother gives these little guys a boost when it comes to survival. When a duckling imprints on it’s mother they never want her to be out of their sight and will call out to her the moment she leaves their field of vision. Not only does imprinting help keep baby ducks in a row, but it also helps them learn survival behaviors by watching everything that mom does.
Immediately upon hatching, ducklings are able to follow their mother to the nearest source of water to feed. Though they are lined with down already, their feathers are not yet waterproof, so they depend on their mother for both waterproofing and warmth. After 50-60 days, ducklings become fully mature and ready to fly off on their own.
To see more images if these adorable ducklings, check out @joelsartore.
These ducklings were photographed at @wildlife_rescue_team_inc in Nebraska.
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Video @ladzinski / Colorful sunrise over a lone #Moai known as “the Travler” standing on the fringe of #AhuTongariki. There are nearly 1,000 Moai’s throughout the island, all carved between the 12th and 15th century. The tallest Moai on the island is over 30 feet tall and weighs over 90 tons! To see more photos from Easter Island please visit @ladzinski 🗿
User Image natgeo Posted: Nov 20, 2017 12:18 PM (UTC)
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Photo by: @renaeffendiphoto Excavations from the commoners cemetery of the ancient city built by Akhenaten, 18th Dynasty Egyptian pharaoh (1300s BC) revealed that people were buried on the desert floor, where few markers or grave goods have been found. Elaborate braids on a skull reflected the care that residents took with their appearance, despite difficult conditions. Near the city of Minya, modern Egyptians still honor their dead by building permanent structures—such as a cemetery of domed roofs and limestone walls. At the ancient site of Amarna, the elite prepared elaborate tombs that were carved high into the cliffs east of the city. #antiquity #ancient #egypt #artefacts #legacy #history // For more human interest stories please follow: @renaeffendiphoto @natgeocreative @thephotosociety
User Image natgeo Posted: Nov 20, 2017 9:16 AM (UTC)
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photo @chien_chi_chang October 30, 2017. Since late August, Myanmar military has conducted clearance operations burning over 200 Rohingya villages in Rakhine State which have caused 600,000 Rohingya to flee to neighboring Bangladesh. With no hope on the horizon and no guarantee for safe return by the Myanmar government, they can only rely on aid from UN and NGOs for a meager survival while they are scattered around makeshift refugee camps outside of Cox’s Bazar. Remember Rwanda?! #RohingyaCrisis #Magnum Photos #cccontheroad
User Image natgeo Posted: Nov 20, 2017 7:25 AM (UTC)
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Photo @Hammond_Robin. “I dream of Syria of the bombings and missiles. Life in Lebanon is nicer because there are no bombings” says 10 year old Ayat Ramadan from Homs, Syria. She now lives in Beddawi Refugee Camp in northern Lebanon, and like many of the children newly arrived there, displays signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
#InMyWorld is my new campaign designed to expose the challenges faced by people living with mental health issues and give them the chance to be seen, heard and valued. This first phase of the campaign was created in collaboration with @handicap_international as part of Witness Change's work on global mental health. @witness_change is a nonprofit that aims to end human rights violations for marginalized communities through visual storytelling. To see more please follow @OneDayInMyWorld
User Image natgeo Posted: Nov 20, 2017 4:36 AM (UTC)
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Video by @FransLanting and @ChristineEckstrom When the female chimp we knew as Farafa led her young infant, Fanta, to a secret waterhole in a forest in Senegal, we witnessed something that made us wonder about the nature of chimps—and our connection to them. Fanta was just one year old and had never experienced a water hole before. While her mother watched, she explored the water’s surface at first with a leaf, but then she discovered her own reflection and began to interact with it, poking at it, making funny faces, and ultimately kissing herself, like a human child might do in front of a mirror. When we showed this video to Jane Goodall she was as enchanted by this display as we were. Fieldwork with chimps is hard, but being able to capture glimmers of insight about our fundamental kinship with chimps makes it all worthwhile. There are less than 200 chimps left in Senegal and their future hangs in the balance, just like it does for all chimps in Africa. As we gather together with family during this holiday season, let’s embrace our next of kin on the great tree of life. We can all help chimps survive by supporting the individuals and organizations that protect them and the forests they depend on. Follow me @FransLanting for more amazing images and stories of these unique chimps in Senegal.
@natgeocreative @thephotosociety @janegoodallinst @Rootsandshoots @World_wildlife @conservationorg @racingextinction #Senegal #Wildlife #Conservation #Chimps #Rootsandshoots #Family #Play #Wonder #Gratitude
User Image natgeo Posted: Nov 20, 2017 2:15 AM (UTC)
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photo by @chamiltonjames / Charlie Hamilton James - yesterday morning in the Amazon; a group of indigenous Awã head off on an overnight hunting and gathering trip into the forest. It’s was big family affair and they took with them all the children, grandchildren and pet monkeys - along with backpacks woven from palm, containing food and hammocks and of course bows and arrows. On the way to one of their many forest camps they collected seeds and other snacks to eat while they traveled. Overnight the men went hunting and brought back a caiman (small crocodilian), a paca (large rodent) and a porcupine (which had just been attacked by a jaguar when they shot it). All three animals were cooked up on the fire and eaten for breakfast this morning. It was nice to watch such diligent sharing amongst people - nobody went without the protein. It was a very special moment to spend the night in the forest with the Awã - one I will never forget. Shot on assignment for @natgeo
User Image natgeo Posted: Nov 20, 2017 12:22 AM (UTC)
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Video by @paulnicklen //Watching humpback whales bubble-net feed is a marvel of nature. They dive out of sight for several minutes, and then you hear their complicated songs reverberate through the hull of the boat—these are the sounds that drive their prey towards the surface. The bubbles rise to the surface and create a perfect ring. Inside that ring are panicked fish attempting to escape. The whales quickly swim through the center of their own bubble trap—mouths agape—swallowing hundreds of pounds of fish. They break the surface while slamming their mouths shut, and then use their massive tongues to push water through their baleen, capturing the life-sustaining protein that is the forage fish they feed on. We watched one whale bubble-net feed for hours. Impressively, it launched its entire body out of the water, again and again. To witness these whales hurling their bodies out of the ocean, #followme on @PaulNicklen // With @CristinaMittermeier for @Sea_Legacy.
#whale #nature #naturelovers #food #wildlife #video #instagood #videooftheday #instagramhub #beauty #explore
User Image natgeo Posted: Nov 19, 2017 10:47 PM (UTC)
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Photo: @andy_mann // This Loggerhead Turtle is resting at the surface in 3000 feet of deep blue water. I approached slowly while on a pelagic scouting mission in the Azores. It gave me one confused look before closing its eyes again. Thanks to unseasonably calm waters, the surface acted as a mirror that day and provided nice chilling conditions for this guy. The juvenile pilot fish you see harboring under the turtle will likely move onto a shark soon as they grow larger because animals which might eat them will not come near a shark. In return, sharks do not eat pilot fish because they eat their parasites. // #followme @andy_mann to learn more about our planets wild oceans. @sea_legacy
User Image natgeo Posted: Nov 19, 2017 8:58 PM (UTC)
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Photo by @gerdludwig. Sunlight barely permeates the fog to illuminate this view near Clingman’s Dome. Dead Fraser Firs, the result of balsam woolly adelgid (aphids) infestation due to air pollution, are fast becoming a common part of the landscape.

The Great Smoky Mountains, aptly named for naturally occurring mist-like clouds that quite frequently surround the mountains, are affected by air pollution from nearby industry, power plants, and cars. The pollution appears as a uniform haze, which threatens the health of flora and fauna and degrades visibility. The National Park Service works with state agencies to observe nearby industries in order to minimize the amount of new pollution produced and carefully monitors the air quality in the park. Follow @gerdludwig to see additional views of the Smokies I posted during the past few days. @thephotosociety @natgeocreative #mountains #pollution #landscape #GreatSmokyMountains #environment #haze #ClingmansDome #FraserFir #fog
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Photograph by @simonnorfolkstudio on assignment for an upcoming Magazine story for @natgeo ... An oddly rural view in an otherwise densely populated city – one of the world's flash points … the Dome of the Rock and the old city walls of Jerusalem seen from the Mount of Olives, just above the Garden of Gethsemane. The white horse's name is Ramses. “And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him”. (Revelations 6:8)

Follow @simonnorfolkstudio for updates, outtakes, unpublished and archive material.

@simonnorfolkstudio @natego

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Photo by @pedromcbride // Layers of time, light and stillness. What happens here - resonates elsewhere across public lands. To see more follow @pedromcbride #grandcanyon #aerial #nationalpark #nature #bw #petemcbride #dustinthebloodfilm
User Image natgeo Posted: Nov 19, 2017 2:27 PM (UTC)
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Photo by @johnstanmeyer ~ Homeless. Nationless. Hands of untold inhumanness, the gentle henna pattern upon the palm of a mother who’s son sits near, one of many who had crossed the Naf River in southern Bangladesh seeking safety after floating upon a raft from Myanmar. These women, men and children join the more than 600,000 ethic Rohingyan’s who have arrived in Bangladesh since August, 2017, displaced people who have no hope of returning home. To witness more of the plight of the largest humanitarian crisis taking place today, watch my Instagram story published above here on the @natgeo account and follow me @johnstanmeyer for more stories and films from this story. Thank you.
@natgeo @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #refugeecrisis #bangladesh #myanmar #rohingya #rohingyan #rohingyacrisis #hand #henna #palm #mother #child #women #homeless #stateless #refugees
User Image natgeo Posted: Nov 19, 2017 12:52 PM (UTC)
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By @drewtrush // Exploring the crags and climbs of Vedauwoo (pronounced Ve-da-vu), a variation on an arapaho name “bito’o’wu” meaning earth born. This outpost of granite has long been a climbers hangout in southeastern Wyoming. Check out @drewtrush to see more images from this part of the world.
natgeo 1d ago
Photo by @renan_ozturk // I had my first experience flying in contraption called a ultralight trike recently covering ground from Moab, through Arches, Island of the Sky, Maze Districts of the
@canyonlandsnps , #bearsearsnationalmonument, Lake Powell and down all the way to Tsé Biiʼ Ndzisgaii (Monument Valley). At first I was just gripped out of my mind sitting mid-air with nothing but a normal airplane seatbelt, 60mph wind whipping, knowing that if I dropped anything in the propeller 3ft behind me it was the end of us. ~

After getting over fear, it was mostly just the wonder of seeing a landscape in a new way, one I'm familiar with on the micro level of cracks and petroglyphs but not in this “seen from space” perspective. What seemed so infinite - the endless desert towers and ridge lines, was now just a few interconnected miniatures carved in geologic sand and strafed with shadows of the earth’s morning light. ~ with @chrisburkard @taylorfreesolo @shotsfromabove
User Image natgeo Posted: Nov 19, 2017 4:46 AM (UTC)
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Video by @christian_foto ( Christian Rodriguez ) Guerrero is located in the southeast region of Mexico. The principal economic activity is agriculture, where big amounts of corn and other products are produced.
Within the mountain, there are hundreds of towns where life and time pass by at a very different rhythm to the one from the cities. What never ceased to amaze me during my multiple trips to Guerrero is the human quality of its people who have been stricken by violence and drug trafficking over the last years.
View of Xochistlahuaca.
Xochistlahuaca is a town in the Xochistlahuaca Municipality located in the southeast corner of the Mexican state of Guerrero. It is part of this state's Costa Chica region, located close to the Pacific Ocean, with a mostly mountainous territory. The population is dominated by the indigenous Amuzgo ethnicity, whose women are noted for their traditional hand-woven garments, especially the huipil, which is made both for home use and for sale outside the area.
The name Xochistlahuaca comes from the nahuatl xochitl (flower) and ixtlahuatlan (plain); "plain of the flowers".
#guerrero #mexico #pre-Hispanic #amuzgo Photo by @christian_foto
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Photo by @CristinaMittermeier // On this week of #Thanksgiving, I feel grateful for home. The bountiful seas of the British Columbia Coast are graced by the presence of thousands of humpback #whales and orcas and by some of our planet’s most dramatic and beautiful coastal rainforests. Living among wildlife and so close to nature is what I am most thankful for. #Follow @cristinamittermeier to see more images from this magical corner of the world I call #home: #VancouverIsland
#turningthetide with @sea_legacy #thankful #grateful #nature #love #home #holidays #blackandwhite #ocean #whalewatching
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Photo @ladzinski / #EasterIsland, named by the Dutch in the 1700’s is known to the locales as #RapaNui. This is an island with a rich history and most famously known for its #Moai statues, nearly 1,000 strong represented throughout the island and carved between the 12th and 15th century. The tallest Moai on the island is over 30 feet tall and weighs over 90 tons! To see more photos from this wonder of the world, please visit @ladzinski