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  Posted: Apr 5, 2012 3:27 PM FEED
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take everything lightly.
tune in the mood for autumn.
= a photograph =
could well be a bridge to (let yourself & others) connect the present with the past as well the future.
could transcend beyond 2-dimensional visual representation, such as arousing other senses from past memories or experiences.
🙏🏼 thank you @hamadahideaki (濱田san) for the thoughtful sharing tonight! it's been a while since I heard such warm reminders & encouragement regarding the path of photography.
honestly, in the world of pursuit of "strikingly perfectly beautifully likeable & sellable" pictures, it's always good to bring ourselves back to square one ➡️ consider whether your photo has those "connecting powers" mentioned above, or just an easily forgettable "nice picture".
also, thanks & @commonroomandco for hosting the event + @hamadahideaki's #wakakusa exhibition!
#Rambler_DeepWaterPier #InThePo
有時候 生活需要一點違和感
太理所當然 人便不會、繼而不懂去思考生命
Can't believe it's already a year ago
a seemingly dangerous act
under a seemingly safe net.
everyone of us is shaped by millions of big & small judgements of "calculated risk", which could be, very subjective among individuals & cultures.
前途尚有 幾個彎角景致說不定
恍惚裏清醒 過盡浮生的佈景
( 日暮途遠 @ c allstar )
silent archive
of fainting voices of the era.
簡單 不簡單
it's never simple to be simple.
don't be desensitized to discover the unseen beauty.
星塵下的 日常 與 無常
under the stardust of transient life.