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  Posted: Oct 16, 2017 8:57 PM
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Photos from yesterday’s Chinatown Art Brigade protest against #OmerFast’s “racist” exhibition at James Cohan Gallery in Manhattan’s Chinatown. (📷 @hragv) article link on our profile page
  • ❤️

  • It's Omer Fast, not Omar.

  • I’m simply shocked that a contemporary video artist would tastelessly misrepresent the lives of working class Asian-Americans.

  • OmEr Fast.

  • What were they thinking?!

  • dremae 1M ago


  • what’s with the quotation marks

  • wow have you seen this? So terrible and thoughtless. @wh0pper_jr

  • @mazycastro yes!! fuckin trash

  • @mazycastro also why is racist in quotation marks in this caption

  • @wh0pper_jr good question

  • Reinforcing negative stereotypes and forcing the misrepresentation of a culture into the heart of its neighborhood—by an artist who’s so disengaged with the community👎🏼 #notmytypeofart

  • @davidghernandez01 they're "thinking" about taking a "stand" but are "not" sure they "should"

  • mieyim 1M ago

    Omg, I wish I knew about this!✊️✊️✊️

  • Have any of you read the press release? It is not racist at all...the show is actually against gentrification. If an artist had a show with photographs or paintings of Chinatown storefronts or interiors, you all would not be reacting this way. People do not understand installations as an art the press release, read the artist statement, get to know the artist’s previous work before you make a judgement of the artist’s intent. Also what is this New thing about artists Only being allowed to make art about their own gender/race experience? Artists are allowed to create whatever they want within any construct...the artist should have no walls.

  • @kaitlinjmartin Why are we expected to do so much "research" when the artist clearly did no research on this underrepresented ethnic neighborhood? Why are you privileging intent over impact? Why are you dismissing an entire minority community's well-researched critiques? If I stick you in the eye and claim that wasn't my intention, does that change the harm that was done?

  • @danie.wu ? When you are protesting anything, you must know exactly what you are protesting, so yes you have to do the research. I’m not saying you shouldn’t protest. I am a huge believer in the first amendment, but you must have knowledge of the other side to protest. Did you read the press release? Do you know the artist’s intent? My opinion is when you go to any art exhibit, read the press release and artist statement and talk to the Curator and the artist. You cannot fully understand an exhibit if you have not done any research. Just going into a gallery and taking selfies in front of the artwork is not sufficient. And please do not make violent comments about sticking someone in the eye, it’s frightening.

  • @kaitlinjmartin I wrote the article on Omer Fast, so yes I have memorized every line of that sad press release and I can also read in between the lines.

  • @danie.wu I’m not telling you to personally read the press release.

  • Once racism is suspected, all nuance is banished.

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In the early 2000s, photographer Hunter Barnes (@77hunter) followed a traveling circus, the World of Wonders Show, capturing its community of performers on film.
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For nearly a decade, Eiji Ohashi has photographed Japan's vending machines aglow on the landscape. "I thought about what happiness a vending machine gives to us … as part of Japanese spirituality we always ask for convenience in our lives," he told Hyperallergic. (📸: #EijiOhashi, from the series Roadside Lights, courtesy the artist.)
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Two views of Minouk Lim’s uncanny sculpture “L’homme à la caméra” (“The Man with the Camera,” 2015) from her solo show at @TinaKimGallery. (📸: @itsbensutton)
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One of Elizabeth Murray’s sculptural canvases from the 1980s, “Stay Awake” (1989), currently on view at @PaceGallery. (📸: @itsbensutton)
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In "Michelangelo: Divine Draftsman & Designer" at @metmuseum, "the breadth and depth of the drawings on display enable us to see the artist working — trying out idea after idea," writes Thomas Micchelli. The exhibition opens to the public on Monday. // 🖼: #Michelangelo Buonarroti, “Female Figure Seen in Bust-Length from the Front (Cleopatra)” (1530–33), black chalk; 9 3/16 x 7 3/16 inches, Casa Buonarroti, Florence (courtesy the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York) #MetMichelangelo
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The exhibition "War and Pieced" at the @afamuseum features 29 “soldiers’ quilts” or “convalescent quilts," made by men using fabric from their military uniforms. (📸: 1️⃣ installation view by @allisoncmeier / 2️⃣ “Samuel Attwood, an Army Tailor Making a Highly Complicated Quilt” (India, 1850–60), courtesy Quilters’ Guild of the British Isles)

#FolkArtMuseum #VeteransDay #quiltsofinstagram
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The @exhibitcolumbus design festival connects contemporary design with the Modernist legacy of Columbus, Indiana.
Here, a work called Synergia, by students of the @iuartanddesign (supervised by Jianmei Wu and Andres Tovar) appears outside North Christian Church, the 1964 final work of master architect Eero Saarinen. (📸: Sarah Rose Sharp)
User Image hyperallergic Posted: Nov 10, 2017 8:14 PM (UTC)
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In the latest Hyperallergic podcast, @hragv talks with @fordfoundation President Darren Walker about museums, arts access, public education, and more. Check out the link in our bio!
User Image hyperallergic Posted: Nov 9, 2017 11:15 PM (UTC)
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On the High Line (@highlineartnyc), the current exhibit "Mutations" features uncanny interventions that explore the strange space between the natural and the human made. --
Marguerite Humeau, “SPHINX JOACHIM” in Mutations on the High Line in New York (📸: @allisoncmeier)
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Discovering the @philbrookmuseum in Tulsa, OK 1️⃣ #RosaBonheur (1891) 2️⃣ Gardens 3️⃣ #EugeneBavinger (1971) + #MorrisLouis (1953) 4️⃣ #SarahHunter (c.1910) 5️⃣ #GiovannidiGiacomoGavazzi 6️⃣ Human-headed bird from 12–13th century Persia 7️⃣ #FrançoisJosephLeclercq (1780) 8️⃣ #ThomasMoran’s “Slave Hunt, Dismal Swamp, Virginia” (c.1861–62) 9️⃣ #MorrisLouis (1958) 🔟 #HotTea (📷 @hragv)