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User Image airasia Posted: Oct 16, 2017 12:30 PM (UTC)

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Tony’s launching his autobiography and 10 lucky winners stand a chance to win a signed copy, attend his book launch andddddd....have lunch with him 🥘 🥗! AirAsia will provide winners ONE(1) night's accommodation and a return flight from any AirAsia destination to KL to attend the book launch. Comment below 👇🏼, tag 5 friends and tell us why you deserve to win #FlyingHighWithTony

T&C applies -
  • Tony's success in making AirAsia flying high is a great feat indeed, but making other people flying higher would be the greatest feat. And I want to be among that other people @feenaafhzan @syazwanirazak @rosmizamokhtar @azrulihsan @risay88

  • Hi @airasia @airasiafilipino team! The entries are all good to the point I am not really not sure where I stand. I am probably annoying you already with my multiple entries. Apologies for that. Anyway, win or no win, just want to say thank you for your great service every time I fly, and for coming up with this promotion. Thank you as well to @penguinbooks for coming up with a memoir of an exceptional businessman. Excited to read the book! Thank you as well to the organizers of this promo. This is something a lot would aspire to win. I really hope I win though. Everything I have now, I worked hard for it. I survived college because I went to a state university and was under a scholarship. Savings are all from my multiple jobs and side businesses- not a trust fund baby at all. I havent made it yet tho. And Im hoping you guys would give me a break. I hope I can get something that I want at least once without having to work hard for it. I will forever be grateful. #FlyingHighWithTony @imbossbee @yellowberrysph @flyingvoter @minaleyrits @alwayskubetaph

  • @r1caley good luck!

  • @r1caley good luck!

  • Thanks @tonyfernandes for setting up a fantastic role model for those young entrepreneurs out there, including me, by continuously achieveing the unachievable, breaking the old norms, driving the new trend. Now, let's drive the sustainable energy trend together! We have come a long way since we started off, venturing into the new yet cool industry. This fruitful adventure would not flourished if not for fellow Malaysians' significant awareness & contributions to a better future! To further enhance the green energy drive and bring the impact to another level, I am eagerly wish to meet you in person, have a talk, on how we can combine our forces to make the world a greener and better planet for our kids! Let's kick it off and shake the world with solar energy. #trulyinspiring #FlyingHighWithTony #airasia #asialeader @jjiachan @reik6149 @shineeteoh @tarzentan @qiuxi_

  • Dear @airasia, when I was younger up to the point where I was growing up, my ambition has forever and always been connected to this man. I have idolized a businessman and entrepreneur like Mr. Tony Fernandes (@tonyfernandes) and his vision for the business, his employees, customers, consumers at AirAsia and the society. Once or many times did I told myself that someday, I’m going to meet this man. Now that @airasia is organizing a contest which could bring me so much closer to him, I humbly believe that I deserve to win this contest because I want to meet him in person, shake his hands, rub shoulders with him, share the same interest and views as him, have a friendly interview or conversational chats with him, express my capabilities and talents to him with confidence and without feeling restrained, gain some life advices and words of wisdoms from present leaders like him to be passed on to future leaders like me which I would definitely hold on to it, cherish it and pass it on throughout my journey of becoming a successful leader in the future, try to achieve the few phases of my ambition through his life advices and wisdoms and someday, uphold one of AirAsia’s famous tagline “AirAsia, where dreams take flight”. If ever I was destined to win this contest, it would be an honor to meet him in person and a lifetime experience that I would cherish for the rest of my life. Alongside the opportunity of meeting him in person, it would truly mean a lot to me to able to attend the book launch and obtain a copy of his autobiography with his autograph as well as it would be an honor to be apart of the celebration of his journey to success. Thank you and keep inspiring, motivating and changing the lives of people around you. #FlyingHighWithTony @augustinwebber @rachelzahn @brendonism @ihsaannp @jac_png

  • As a teacher, my greatest joy is to see my children achieving their dreams. @tonyfernandes has always been an inspiration for me as well as my pupils to believe the unbelievable and to dream the impossible. I'm forever grateful to the man behind AirAsia, because he has made the dreams of many people into reality, mine included. Thanks sir and congratulations on your new book! #FlyingHighWithTony @rodjzzzzz @iamhannahrhea @sunsunraye @babymori23 @junilynabina

  • Wassup, @airasia ! Who doesn't want to be a winner? Anyone here. All the people deserve to win, HOWEVER, I'm sure I'll be the one of winners because I am not suitable person to you. That means also I am well-matched person. Before I know about Tony, I thought AirAsia is just lcc airline which has a lot of gorgeous cabin crews. I complaind about narrow seat, no free food and drink services in the flight. But after I knew about him and understood system of LCC airline, it's totally changed. Through AirAsia, lots of people can fly to abroad including me. It made people can see the world wider by resonable price, so I could go to Australia for traveling with a 7kg hand-luggage. After the traveling to Perth, I decided to go to AU again for a long time and I've changed my life goal while I was in Australia. Now I have dreams to live in other country and travel the world as much as I can. What if I didn't go to Perth? What if I gave up the traveling AU just because of money? Well, maybe I don't have visions like now I wish. I really could fly Xtra long with AisAsiaX. Through this event, I want to say thank you to Tony in person. #noweveryonecanfly #FlyingHighWithTony @loveleees_ @______luna_ @sey_moon @t_niiiii @besty_moon

  • Not other reason, I want to meet uncle Tony, important person that fulfilling my dream to travel around the world 🗺 hopefully @airasia will expand to Europe by next year. @emirul_adzwan @faradeep @gracieyna @ramlinurmunirah @asyraf.azmi59

  • If I were Tony Fernandes, who do I want to have lunch with? I believe he would choose to have lunch with those who are similar to him- intelligent, dreamers and with a good sense of humor. That person should have a fair knowledge about Air Asia and on Mr. Tony Fernandes’ life plus must also be working on a dream. This is because most likely the conversation will revolve around these. More similarities, better conversation. Of course, it is basic that the person should be respectful- knows when to listen and when to talk. I humbly believe I deserve to win and be in that lunch meet and greet because I have those qualities. I believe I will be able to carry a great conversation with Mr. Tony Fernandes and with the other winners. I also believe I deserve to win because you won’t see this much determination from anyone else. This is probably my 11th entry already. Guys, don’t break my heart please 😭 #FlyingHighWithTony @imbossbee @yellowberrysph @flyingvoter @minaleyrits @alwayskubetaph

  • I deserve to be one of the ten lucky winners to have lunch with @tonyfernandes on his book launch as I have showed my best effort to tell the stories why Tan Sri has been my idol since he founded AirAsia as a Malaysian. I can see no one else taking this lunch opportunity more serious than me, I am not a person who waits the for chance to come but I work on them. Some people might label me as lucky if I do get the chance to have lunch and meet Tan Sri but I always know luck comes along with hard work in the background. As a young entrepreneur, I always hope to meet a true world top leader as my mentor and @tonyfernandes definitely understand my challenges as he built and succeed his empire from Malaysia. #FlyingHighWithTony #trulyinspiring #Airaisa #Asialeaders @jjiachan @reik6149 @qiuxi_ @shineeteoh @tarzentan

  • Hello, AirAsia! I just want to say how amazed I am to read all the comments here. One way or another, @tonyfernandes has indeed touched a lot of lives and inspired many others to pursue their dreams because of his hardwork and dedication. It's no wonder many are so eager to meet Mr. Fernandes in person (me including!). I once wrote a school paper about "What Makes A Good Leader" and chose him as my subject. I really enjoyed writing the paper as much as I was reading stories about him - how he managed to turn around AirAsia in its early years and snippets of his experience running the company (I personally like the story about how he manually loaded bags onto the plane to emphasize his point that bosses should go to the ground). As a (struggling) entrepreneur, his life story somehow gives me the inspiration to continue and pursue my passion. I wish the organizers could pick all as winners (hehe!) but whoever wins must really be deserving (and lucky!). I hope there will be more opportunities like this in the future. Goodluck to all and more power to AirAsia! Congratulations, Mr. Fernandes on the new book (and best wishes on your marriage)! #FlyingHighWithTony @r1caley @imbossbee @alwayskubetaph @yellowberrys_ph @jayleyritana

  • @r1caley thanks and would be lovely to see you in the 10 winners!

  • @r1caley yes, choose her pls. 👏👏👏

  • @davis.chong wow! thank you! I wish they would choose us! Claiming it. See you soon! 😝

  • @airasia I dont know @davis.chong but he is by far the most active in this post. And I believe he deserves to win simply bec of that. Show us some love guys.

  • @davis.chong sorry, I was wrong. I think I am probably only the second person to get this lunch with @tonyfernandes . @r1caley definitely more persistent than me!

  • @airasia if you don’t pick me, at least pick my sister. At least I can steal the book from her.

  • @r1caley lovely sis.

  • Even if you don't win @r1caley, at least you already won a new friend. Awww.. Hehehe! But seriously, I hope both @davis.chong and @r1caley will win. I think all can agree that these two are very persistent and are deserving to meet Mr. Fernandes :)

  • @flyingvoter nope, I know 2 lovely friends today, not 1. @flyingvoter @r1caley @airasia pick 3 of us pls!

  • @davis.chong Haha! Yes! See you soon!

  • We started as a rather small clean energy company from a small town and now our staff has almost going to reach 100 person in 3 offices, through out these years I keep transforming myself to be a better leader so as a company we can move even further and stronger. I still believe there are more things to pick up in my journey to bring the company to international platform, reading and working with some successful people has been one of my way to get mentorship. As far I have no way to work with such huge leader like @tonyfernandes yet, so I hope this lunch would let me have chance to get some business mentorship from my idol leader @tonyfernandes. It will be lovely for me to share how we can make the world better with solar energy too! #FlyingHighWithTony #trulyinspiring #Airaisa #Asialeaders @jjiachan @reik6149 @qiuxi_ @shineeteoh @tarzentan

  • Hello Air Asia, Hello Tony & Team! Everyone deserve to win and meet Tony! I am a BIG fan of Tony, and I have greatest admiration for him. It will be so awe-some to win and meet him personally, In Sya Allah. Sharing with good friends: @skinneeepink @mohdhardi76 @ asha_arshat @omarjauyah @ no9to5job

  • Hi @tonyfernandes , after a big shout out for AirAsia successful story, have you ever thinking of venturing into renewable energy business? If yes, let's talk it over our lunch! If no, let's enjoy our lunch with aspiring talk. We are of different skin tone and different industry, but we are bonded by the same attitude towards entrepreneurship and the eagerness to make the world a better place! I believe we will have a fruitful session soon! #trulyinspiring #FlyingHighWithTony #airasia #asialeader @qiuxi_ @jjiachan @shineeteoh @tarzentan @reik6149

  • I should deserve to win bcoz surely i will apply and share the key success factors with all people i met..i believe, the more i share, the more i will get.. @suezie_saad @znazmi83 @farra_lavender @khayshafaizal @wadienot

  • We are taking off this Tuesday to Saigon by AirAsia again, as a business owners we are lucky to be in era that AirAsia has changed the gameplay or airline industry where flying can be such low cost now vs what is in 80s and 90s. Our company operation required quite some domestic traveling between cities in Malaysia, if we do not go via Subang airport then AirAsia will always be our first choice. In fact I hope through the lunch I will be able to know @tonyfernandes more on what it is not in the book that he hope to share to the young entrepreneurs like us and in what direction he hope to see the future young people changing Malaysia social economy. #FlyingHighWithTony #trulyinspiring #Airaisa #Asialeaders @jjiachan @reik6149 @qiuxi_ @shineeteoh @tarzentan

  • Dear @airasia, when I was younger up to the point where I was growing up, my ambition has forever and always been connected to Mr. Tony Fernandes (@tonyfernandes). I have idolized a businessman and entrepreneur like him and his vision for the business, his employees, customers, consumers at AirAsia and the society. Once or many times have I thought about fulfilling some of my greatest dreams; to be able to meet Mr. Tony Fernandes and to be able to graduate and work for AirAsia someday. Now that @airasia is organizing a contest which could help me fulfill one of my greatest dreams, I humbly believe that I deserve to win this contest because I want to meet him in person, shake his hands, rub shoulders with him, share the same interest and views as him, have a friendly interview or conversational chats with him, express my capabilities and talents to him with confidence and without feeling restrained, gain some life advices and words of wisdoms from present leaders like him to be passed on to future leaders like me which I would definitely hold on to it, cherish it and pass it on throughout my journey of becoming a successful leader in the future, try to achieve the few phases of my ambition through his life advices and wisdoms and someday, uphold one of AirAsia’s famous tagline “AirAsia, where dreams take flight”. Alongside the opportunity of meeting him in person, it would truly mean a lot to me to able to attend the book launch and obtain a copy of his autobiography with his autograph as well as it would be an honor to be apart of the celebration of his journey to success. I’ve never had the confidence of joining such a contest. However, if a contest is what it takes to reach for my dreams, I am more than willing to fight for it until the end. If ever I was destined to win this contest, it would be an honor to meet this man and a lifetime experience that I would cherish for the rest of my life. Thank you and keep inspiring, motivating and changing the lives of people around you. #FlyingHighWithTony @augustinwebber @rachelzahn @brendonism @ihsaannp @jac_png

  • Im going to keep it simple and clean, who wouldnt want to have lunch with tony fernandes! It'll be a dream come true #DareToDream #flyinghighwithtony @ajakowatanabe @ezzat.eddy @preemadass @syedharriswins @andrianaazman

  • We want to make the sickest travel video with tony and I feel like that'd be a good enough reason. #flyinghighwithtony @megatkhairuddin @hazimimran_ @preemadass @wnabill @jackzalis

  • Terbaik!

  • Fly me to the moon
    Let me play among the stars
    Let me see what spring is like
    On a, Jupiter and Mars... lalalala 🎼... #FlyingHighWithTony #yourtheman #flymetothemoon @andrianaazman @emmatoyz @alenawatanabe @sheffyj @asraf.lee

  • Far away from Makassar, I see how AirAsia Making people's dream come true, which is flying!!!! Now everyone can fly, no matter who you are. Thank you Tony fernandez, Thank you Air asia @sriwahyuniimran @yanasminullah @ulannoverti @arianyharis @faikatriananda

  • Hi Mr. Tony, first of all congrats on your weds & new book. May this new phase brings you joy & happiness. A humble person with a big heart ❤️. How amazed I'm on how u turnover the Airasia from the beginning till today (9th year running World best low-cost airlines) awarded by SKYTRAX. What a tremendous acheivement !! Airasia & AirasiaX also had brings me and family travelling (backpackers) to many destinations atleast once a year. Can't wait to be onboard for the next flight with your book in my hand. #flyinghighwithtony #inspiredread #Worldbestlowcostairline @tonyfernandes @din.meranun @airasia @azura_daud @azwazaharim @athiyahdaud @mai_akma892 @fathi_daud

  • @airasia @tonyfernandes I have a very solid reason to get my hands on this book. Tony said he would be happy to talk about the future (tech, energy, jobs and more), this was during the Up Close and Personal session with the British High Comm (@ukinmalaysia ). I would love to know about the man through him and his book. Nothing beats knowing his plans for the future. If we do share common objectives and interests, i would like to make an impact globally with him and his team. My team and I truly would love this opportunity if given the chance (and if we win 😂). #FlyingHighWithTony @zaim.mohzani @limwengmarc @pixie1110 @dzulhilmymohd @nafisnazri

  • I think everyone is deserving to meet Mr. Fernandes because if you think otherwise, then you wouldn't have sent an entry and joined this contest in the first place. :) Your reason could be as simple as just wanting to go to KL to thank him personally or it could be more than that. Looking back when he first started AirAsia, his reasons for buying the company probably puzzled a lot of people (investors, creditors) but he had his reasons for doing so. He believed in himself and the potential of the company. His reasons for doing what he did may not have been enough to convince some to join him in his endeavor, but he still did it anyway. With perseverance and dedication, he changed lives and inspired a lot of people. Some may think that there are other people that are more deserving than me but I believe that everyone is just as deserving as me - it's just a matter of who want it more so for that I will say I want to meet Mr. Fernandes because I want to personally meet and thank the man who inspired me to pursue my dreams and at the same time gain insights from that meeting. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me so I hope my entry is good enough to be chosen. :). #FlyingHighWithTony @r1caley @imbossbee @alwayskubetaph @yellowberrys_ph @jayleyritana

  • Dear Mr Tony, Good day Sir ! Double joy & Congratulations . God bless for new life begin. Flying High is the memoir of an exceptional business leader; the man who created Asia's first budget airline, democratizing air travel in Asia and building AirAsia into a multi-billion-dollar company in the process.#flyinghighwithtony

  • Every night before I sleep I will recap on what has happened today and what have I learnt. Every morning upon opening my eyes I will brainstorm on how am I going to be a great leader to all my people today & how can I turn solar energy a majot renewable energy in the region. To me, @tonyfernandes is truly the Asia Leader. How he acted and demonstrated to the world when people were judging the feasibility of #NowEveryoneCanFly . Here, I am the action speaks louder than words personality. Why I am submitting my entries here every single day, here, #FlyingHighWithTony , because I eagerly wanting to meet @tonyfernandes in person, not just for a lunch, but for a spiritual and aspirational session! I really mean it to be one of the ten lucky winners here @tonyfernandes ! Hopefully we will be able to meet soon. #FlyingHighWithTony #trulyinspiring #airasia #asialeader @jjiachan @qiuxi_ @shineeteoh @reik6149 @tarzentan

  • How i wish I would be among the winners of this book launching and meet Mr. Tony Fernandes in person, because he is such an amazing businessman. See you Sir Tony and see you Malaysia😀😉 #FlyingHighWithTony @cortezzrizza @rizayoyot @mignontono @just_quinly @gleighdell

  • Mr. Tony Fernandes has always said that passion is the key to winning. He started AirAsia without any knowledge in aviation and yet he was able to make a profit out of a bankrupt company in just over a year. He did not stop-even slept at AirAsia’s office until he turned things around. This philosophy stuck to me and I have been practicing it ever since. In this case, I was actually scared that the best answers will win. I know I do not have any advantage as I am not the best writer. Not creative at all. So, I did the next best thing which is to send multiple entries and hopefully one of the entries I sent, including this will be chosen. I will have no regrets if I am not chosen as I really did give my best in this contest. Then again, I hope that through this, you will be able to see my passion, my determination to meet Mr. Tony Fernandes and hope that will be enough for you to say that I deserve to win :) #FlyingHighWithTony @imbossbee @jayleyritana @flyingvoter @minaleyrits @alwayskubetaph

  • @r1caley right now i want to congratulate you bec i know you will be one of the winners. Your passion will make you win this contest.

  • Hi @Airasia. I humbly believe that me, @flyingvoter and @davis.chong should be one of the 10 winners because we are passionate dreamers. We are all very passionate and are currently working on something that we believe can change this world. And I believe you need to inspire people who aspire to do that. What if one of us is the next Tony Fernandes? Wouldn’t it be great to hear that an AirAsia contest was part of the journey?#FlyingHighWithTony @imbossbee @jayleyritana @flyingvoter @minaleyrits @alwayskubetaph

  • First of all, I am thankful to Mr. Tony Fernandes for the gift of AirAsia, the best low-cost carrier which has helped me cross boundaries just to meet my family on holidays like Christmas or during summertime. Living far from home just to finish my college degree, I am juggling my studies and part-time job just to save up for my plane tickets and I am so grateful for AirAsia for providing affordable fares for a student like me and helping me see my family once in a while. I want to personally thank Mr. Tony Fernandes for this, because this may seem simple to others but means a lot to me who values family and relationships just Like Mr. Tony. #FlyingHighWithTony @vhonkarlo18 @_adenine @justflorimel @anonaroza @zeekathee

  • Second, as an Aviation Tourism student I always dream big and wanted to fly high. The skies are my favorite view, which is why I dream of becoming a cabin crew someday. Every time I travel or go to somewhere new, I write about my journey and share my stories to people esp to those who have the same dreams as mine. I am happy that I am able to inspire other people with my story of both struggle and success in my adventure. If ever I win and get a copy of Mr. Tony Fernandes’ book, I would be very honored and thrilled to be able to read an exceptional story of inspiration from someone I look up to. Young as I am, I know I still have so much to learn and prepare for what life has to throw at me, and reading his story will remind me to work hard and keep going even if the odds seem too big to handle. #FlyingHighWithTony @lloydieetan @shimlinelle @marielaquinooo @itaoleila @rapunzelnabua

  • Lastly, if ever I win this giveaway and get a copy of “Flying High” book, I promise to share this blessing with others and relay to them this story of success and inspiration by writing a blog or a book review. Nowadays, I have seen and read about people suffering from stress and depression, be it from work, at home, in school, failure in love life, or crushed dreams. We all get to this point, and sometimes it may knock us down and lose our fire. I am one of them too, which is why in my own little way, I wish to help and let them draw inspiration and hope from the life of Mr. Fernandes’ which will remind each of us that struggles are inevitable, but if we continue to push harder, sooner or later we will achieve better. ☺️ Congratulations to Mr. @tonyfernandes for your new book! Keep inspiring people especially the youth! 👍 #FlyingHighWithTony @dquinidel @karlalakaye @ellacruz @awrabriguela @marievennro

  • I deserved to win because this is a golden opportunity and honor for me to meet with the person that has inspired me to have the courage to explore the world and motivates me, that if you Believe the unbelievable and Dream the impossible, the adventure and journey is limitless. Congratulation @tonyfernandes #FlyingHighWithTony @liajohari @saifulkhairullah @khairigery @oyaisa @safwanahhamzah

  • @mrimranidris u shud win this!! Thanks for tagging me.. 👌🏼

  • I believe everyone in Malaysia are agree that we are going through a tough transformation now for our social economy competitiveness in Asia Pacific, especially with the extensive growth on Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar and our neighbouring countries. We need more leaders like @tonyfernandes to involve in leadership program engagement like this lunch to inspire people to change Malaysia current status quo, we certainly have potential to develop ourselves into a developed country in 5-10 years. I hope to win this lunch opportunity so I can replicate and inspire more people especially our employees to transform our country in the social and economical context. We have a lot of young and energetic employees that are also inspired by @airasia and @tonyfernandes. #FlyingHighWithTony #trulyinspiring #Airasia #Asialeaders @jjiachan @reik6149 @qiuxi_ @shineeteoh @tarzentan

  • It would be a great honour to meet an exemplary leader like yourself Tan Sri @tonyfernandes ~ You're the Zero-To-Hero entrepreneur we read in academic and business case studies. You have shown persistence in making business ventures work, created job employment for many, made destinations accessible, and most importantly, you created options for air travellers since 2001! I admire the work culture and equal opportunities you have created in @airasia ~ Your staff diversity is absolutely amazing and your business model should be made as a benchmark for any organizations worldwide, maybe even countries! Join me when I win #FlyingHighWithTony bah 😎 @izzysaidin @ruby.subramaniam @akmaladanan @terrancetangit @wolfisin

  • @tonyfernandes I won't start off by bulls*hitting about how many times I've taken Air Asia or how loyal I've been to the brand. I opt for the cheapest flights all the time! But what I do want to say is you have left a legacy in the world beyond what you could have ever imagined. Youths wake up every single day thinking they want to be just like you. Some of us at Global Shapers Kuala Lumpur ( believe in Air Asia's story and the journey you have taken and we want to share that story with hundred thousands of youths worldwide (this is actually possible because we consist of more than 380 hubs worldwide) so that they too can be inspired and learn to 'fly' like you or even higher. We want an opportunity to make a difference with you as our honorary 'pilot' should you choose to accept this mission #flyinghighwithtony #inspiredbytony @muizmuze @amynariff @liewmeiling @renakio

  • Mr. Tony is my mentor who inspire me not only in my career but also in my life. Being the second generation in my family business, I always believe 'Dare to Dream, Dare to Execute', don't take things for granted nor stay in your comfort zone. Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you will get; but before that go out and reach for it and you will have no regret. I respect all great leaders who share their experience and motivation specially to young generations who might still doubtful in their paths. I myself hope that I'll be the one in future to share it to my kids. In fact, I always share it among my staffs, friends and family. I deserve to win because I can't wait to share #FlyingHighWithTony with everyone! @woony_lim @sy_siyi @sy_siyi @v_vern_t @shim_d._zhen

  • I've never been to Malaysia and I want my first KL experience to be the most memorable one. I deserve to win #FlyingHighWithTony simply because I love to meet passionate, hard-working & inspiring people like Mr. @tonyfernandes. Hearing & sharing wonderful words and having lunch with him would be a great honor. Can't wait to have his book & gain wonderful friends along 'coz my version of travel is all about meeting people! ❤️❤️❤️ @airasia @airasiafilipino #FlyingHighWithTony ❤️❤️❤️ Tagging friends @larkskye @angeliqueaspi @aspiangel @notkristinea @mau.aspi ✈️

  • I humbly believe that I deserve to win because apart from wanting this much more than the others (hello, multiple entries) is because I know this experience will go a long way- whether for myself, to the community I belong to and even to AirAsia. If I win, I will definitely be more inspired to pursue my dream of becoming an entrepreneur and to continue to help other people. I am currently employed but eager to jump into entrepreneuship because I know I can make more impact to my community through that. For now since I haven’t gone that route, I just volunteer regularly for an NGO for kids. I know that I can make a bigger impact eventually and I hope you can help me get started. I will make sure this opportunity will lead to something big for myself and for the community I belong to- similar to what Mr. Tony Fernandes did with AirAsia. If I win, you also have a lifetime customer already plus free social media mileage. I do not kid you when I say I will let all of my friends know about this 😝#FlyingHighWithTony @imbossbee @jayleyritana @flyingvoter @minaleyrits @alwayskubetaph

  • @marqjeev I would definitely agree to this one. If we win, I would want to join you to talk about the education sector as well. 🙂

  • @marqjeev ohhhh and good luck to you too, Sir. 🙂

  • I've been waiting for such opportunity to meet Tan Sri Anthony Francis. Please give me this opportunity I am willing to pay for my own travel just to have lunch with him!

  • I've been waiting for such opportunity to meet Tan Sri Anthony Francis. Please give me this opportunity I'm willing to pay for my own travel just to have a lunch with him! @davidng87 @willanchew @option7 @oceanboy87 @hilarykuek

  • I've been waiting for such opportunity to meet Tan Sri Anthony Francis. Please give me this opportunity. I'm willing to pay for my own travel just to have lunch with him! @chiakhai @billysts @s8ms0n @andrew_chinky @cedric_phoo

  • I've been waiting for such opportunity! Give me a chance I'll pay my own travel. Hahaha @robert86lwt @robinleeshiuanung87 @skiaz @weesertan @lucastws1987

  • I'll pay my own travel la just give me the slot to have lunch wit Tony! @amos_choonpoh @choonyee87 @bunsbychong @kellylim89

  • The perseverance count! The trait that we co-owning, as an entrepreneur. The way @tonyfernandes handles industry crisis is what I always respect. Now, as one of the key management in the team, I have been spending much of time to learn about crisis management and how to upbring the company's spirit and drive everyone in the ship towards the same, ultimate goal. It's hard. But it's achievable. Just like this competition, it's hard given that @tonyfernandes as people's leader and mentor, but it's achievable. God always challenges the caliber ones with tonnes of hardships, and sending entries daily consistently to win this competition is part of the challenges to get to taste the fruit. I believe that you see my seriousness, perseverance, consistent and sincerity in wishing to meet you in person! #FlyingHighWithTony #trulyinspiring #airasia #asialeader @jjiachan @qiuxi_ @shineeteoh @reik6149 @tarzentan

  • @r1caley i hope you win rica! @airasia make her one of the winners. She wont stop until she wins. I know her, she will do everything when she wants something. And she does admire Tony Fernandes.

  • @r1caley passion personified!

  • @r1caley good luck rica!

  • @r1caley good luck!

  • @r1caley good luck!

  • @r1caley hi @airasia hope you choose her to be one of the winners! she deserves it!

  • @r1caley she may laugh but she is determined to get this. thats the type of people that should have lunch with Mr. Tony Fernandes to make it worth his time. But then again Mr. Tony Fernandes may need a break. Rica can definitely be both. I have been with her for years, so believe me when i say that she deserves this and it will definitely be worth Mr. Tony Fernandes' time. pick her @airasia @airasiafilipino ! #FlyingHighWithTony

  • Tan Sri Anthony Francis is my idol... I believe this golden opportunity to have lunch with Tan Sri definitely gonna inspire me to excel. Please give me this opportunity. @darauplhs @daphnesiaw @info.arshad @amos_choonpoh @lineyap

  • Congratulation @tonyfernandes on your up coming autobiography. 6 years ago, I wrote about you as my entrepreneur assignment. I worship on your internal branding, but at the same time, I feel it doesn't seem apply in many Malaysia firms. I believe my assignment is never done with long journey that you have made. It would be a great honor to meet you in person. @joeong88 @lanceycc @hammersx @dannyteo @nurenyb #FlyingHighWithTony

  • @imbossbee naman! full support! tagging worked 😂

  • @r1caley you won na?

  • I believe I deserve to win #FlyingHighWithTony because I already exhausted all the english words I have in my body and traded sleep just to have a creative and grammatically (hopefully) correct entries. I practically gave a part of my life because I really want this. Kidding aside, winners should also have a sense of humor with them. After all, it is lunch and not a business meeting nor a mentorship program. Everyone in that lunch meet and greet should have fun. After all, it is also a celebration of his book, his success throughout the years. That being said, I am not saying I’m funny but I can definitely enjoy a good laugh :) @imbossbee @jayleyritana @flyingvoter @minaleyrits @alwayskubetaph

  • @tonyfernandes dear Tony, my friend @zlhooi88 is your diehard fans. What he said is real, I hope he could have to a chance to learn more with you and about you ! Please tony.... :)

  • Here i am wishing on my lucky stars again.When you were in Wea,i was with Salem Cool Planet.When you joined Air Asia,i worked in KLIA airport for 2 years plus.But the irony of it is we never met face to face,and i really wonder how could this be.Anyway,it's never too late to meet up and have lunch with my idol & the 'coolest' guy.Lets make things magical in time.Cheers Tony . @alaysiabai @oheyitsabhi @pritikabhonsle @bhonsle14 @sukhanyabhonsle #FlyingHighWithTony

  • I'm not giving up till you give me the chance to have lunch with Tony... hehe.@bunsbychong @billysts @yungxuen @chanwengseong @cinyi83

  • hfdz.d 2M ago

    I really Deserve to win this Contest Because, I just want to hangout with Mr Tony Fernandes. Having lunch with him and get a free copy with his signature on it , it's a bonus. But meet with him is what makes it so special to me. if you give me the opportunity, it will be my greatest Moment and the best day of my life. Meet with an icon of success, it will be the greatest Dream Come True. That's what make allstar unique 👍.@ilahdaros @ann_dr @piikaboooo @hidayahkulah @m_fakhrii #FlyingHighWithTony

  • Congratulations sir @tonyfernandes on your new book. And I want to meet you because I want to thank you PERSONALLY because you made one of my lifelong dreams come true. Thank you! I will tell and share to you my story and what those dreams are over our lunch. Keep it up and continue inspiring others sir Tony! #FlyingHighWithTony @rosamel_w @rache_diano @anele693 @pegboardnerds371 @clydejohncalabio

  • Final boost before I go to bed and catch AA flight tomorrow 6am to KL. Tony make frequent travel possible. Awesome entrepreneur I wonder how Malaysia gonna be if he became one of our minister or PM. Cheers and I really hope to meet you in person.

  • It'll be once in a lifetime to be able to join the launching of Tony book. I can imagine the lunch session gonna be inspiring. @deepakshr27 @tanzk @don_na89 @desmond_hii_pc @elaineliew88

  • Why I am deserving to win? To real life with man extraordinaire who has painted the sky red n white n bringing Asia and the world a little closer. To celebrate his high achievement and a plenty accolades a malaysian has won through vision and wisdom of what a man can do if he wants too. To honor him as an individual who change n high fly the map of travelling into another horizon on a single touch bringing togetherness by breaking the barrier of flying with having everyone a seat to fly affordably. A Man extraordinaire bread for all malaysian to be proud of. It is an opportunity not to be missed. For sure it is a lifetime experience that will be remember forever and even for generation. I want to be there and I want to witness this historic event, please count me in. #FlyingHighWithTony

  • I have failed my expectations to post 10% of the comment which based on my initial forecast it should be around 50 but now it looks like I need to post 65 comments to have that ratio. But I always set a high bar on doing something so even we hit lower it is not too far away. I have never used Instagram until the day I need to compete for this lunch opportunity, so I start to learn how to use it and I even know some friends during this few days. Though work always keeping me busy all day long but once a while I will remember this task and then take out my phone to do it. Not an usual me to be so serious to meet someone over a lunch, but this opportunity is too good to be missed. Meeting a leader with such calibre is not something I expected at my level now, I believe this lunch appointment could potentially change my entreprenuership path, in a better way. It is not important I deserved it or not, it is not important that I have tried my best to let @airasia team know that I need to meet Tan Sri and I do think by looking at the perseverance we have showed @tonyfernandes will want to meet us too. @r1caley #FlyingHighWithTony #trulyinspiring #Airaisa #Asialeaders @jjiachan @reik6149 @qiuxi_ @shineeteoh @tarzentan

  • @davis.chong thanks for the tag! @airasia cmon this guy deserves to be one of the winners. I can sense his determination in every post. And fyi, we are not friends. I just see his comments on this post and admire him for his determination. Davis, see you soon! :)

  • @davis.chong on the contrary, we are now friends bec of this hehe @airasia

  • @r1caley I have never written so many “comments” in my life so far... hope to see ya! well, just in case if @tonyfernandes doesn’t buy you a lunch, I buy you one when I am in KL. Lol.

  • @davis.chong same here! ive ran out of english words! :p nahhhh think positive! we will win! we’ve given our best and that is all that matters :)

  • @r1caley me too, I probably post the last one before 23:59.

  • [PART 1]: Dear @airasia, I am just a girl who has been looking up to Mr. Tony Fernandes (@tonyfernandes) as a role model ever since I was growing up. When I was younger up to the point where I was growing up, not only that I have looked up to him as a businessman and an entrepreneur, I have also looked up to him as an inspiring leader and his vision for the people who are working for him. He treats his AllStars like a family. He believes in second or more chances and never gives up on his people when they are about to give up on their greatest dreams. Once or many times have I thought about giving up on fulfilling some of my greatest dreams, but if a contest is what it takes to make my dreams come true, I would fight for it and never give up until the very end. If ever I was destined to win this contest, it would be an honor to meet him in person and a memorable experience that I would cherish for the rest of my life. #FlyingHighWithTony @augustinwebber @rachelzahn @brendonism @ihsaannp @jac_png

  • [PART 2]: Now that @airasia is organizing a contest which could help me fulfill one of my greatest dreams, I humbly believe that I deserve to win this contest because I want to know how it feels like meeting my role model in person and I want to be able to make this a memorable experience. I want to be able to shake his hands, rub shoulders with him, share the same interest and views as him, have a friendly interview or conversational chats with him, express my capabilities and talents to him with confidence and without feeling restrained, gain some life advices and words of wisdoms from present leaders like him to be passed on to future leaders like me which I would definitely hold on to it, cherish it and pass it on throughout my journey of becoming a successful leader in the future, try to achieve the few phases of my ambition or greatest dreams through his life advices and wisdoms and someday, uphold one of AirAsia’s famous tagline “AirAsia, where dreams take flight”. Alongside the opportunity of meeting him in person, it would truly mean a lot to me to be able; to attend the book launch as it would be an honor to be apart of his celebration in his journey to success and obtain a copy of his autobiography with his autograph as a remembrance gift that would remind me of the challenges I have faced in fulfilling one of my greatest dreams. #FlyingHighWithTony @augustinwebber @rachelzahn @brendonism @ihsaannp @jac_png

  • [PART 3]: As for @airasia, my sincere apologies for the amount of times I have to delete and re-submit my entry because I have always had so many things to say but I tend to forget or can’t seem to find the right words to say. I promise you that this will be the last time you will have to read my lengthy entry on the comments section below this post. #FlyingHighWithTony @augustinwebber @rachelzahn @brendonism @ihsaannp @jac_png

  • One man, one principle, and one action creates the airline legend"Everyone can fly". Low cost airline, high class enjoyment only @airasia - The People's Airline. A lot of admiration to the man that's remarking Airasia. His belief is the value that never fade. My desire to win the opportunity stems from my wish to learn more about this Malaysian airline tycoon and share with the younger generation. I believe that my wish deserve the prize.#FlyingHighWithTony @s_h_u_l_3_n_g @winnieblueice @cherrielee8585 @waiyan_hin @stephyhou

  • We all probably know Tony Fernandes more or less. Who is he? What does he do? And why did he become famous? To myself, he is a hero. Tony is a role model for the younger generation of Vietnamese to study and follow. Not only in the field of business, civil aviation or sports, but also in the philosophy of life and work style, is also very admirable. With his tireless efforts at work. Tony has made the dream of millions of people come true, "Now everyone can fly". Take Airasia from the heavily indebted airline to the leading low cost airline in southeast asia, asia and in the world. Tony's upcoming book is really worth the wait. Because there we can understand more about Tony's thoughts in life, in work. Especially his precious experience in facing, overcoming the pressures, difficult challenges encountered. It was really helpful to us in developing our career, startup projects. So I can't wait longer to get Tony's book in hand. Certainly my Vietnamese friends will be same... @lanathuy3108 @minhtrang290892 @mymeo145 @n.mai91 @miingyi #FlyingHighWithTony

  • @airasia #FlyingHighWithTony I deserve to win this because I love AirAsia, I always use AirAsia to travel back home during breaks in my studies as well as for traveling around the world in Asia. Other than that, I have visited the AirAsia RedQ Headquarter with FutureLab and other awesome lucky draw winners from the HRM Campus Career Fair in Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre. It was really awesome experience having Allan Phang bring us tour around the RedQ Headquarter. Learning the different departments AirAsia has and seeing/feeling the environment in AirAsia HeadQuarter was really an experience that I will never forget. With this experience, I really would love to work with AirAsia and have internship experience with AirAsia if I had the opportunity cause I really had a amazing experience with Allan Phang and FutureLab Touring Experience at AirAsia RedQ Headquarter. @malmallu @hamna1797 @msmercedes18 @imrankhani @nanami_12310a

  • 👤 I deserve to win because Tan Sri Tony Fernandes is my idol. I love his style and personality, and also his history with Air Asia and aviation industry.👍 As a travel blogger, I believed the opportunity to have a lunch with him will be part of my next journey. #FlyingHighWithTony @nhasrah @zaudan25 @fad_bulous @mikamie08 @ainilomus87

  • @mrimranidris gudluck broo..👍

  • qiuxi_ 2M ago

    Hi @tonyfernandes, if you are kind enough to spare someone your precious time to exchange ideas over lunch, @davis.chong deserves that chance because he truly demonstrates to us how he walks the talk for himself and his team. He has always told us to read, meet, and seize opportunities to learn from the best if we could, and here he is, grabbing the golden opportunity to spend time learning from a mogul like you. Davis guides us towards betterment everyday, he makes us think of new ways to solve problems arising every now and then. He's always keen to share his insights with us, motivating us to exceed expectations. I know for sure, if you spend an afternoon with him, he'll make this session a fruitful one and for that, Tony I want to thank you and Davis for showing us how successful entrepreneurs get things done. Do show us all that perseverance pays off <3 <3

  • @liajohari thanks mommy

  • @davis.chong @r1caley hello po sir at ma’am, may gusto ko po sabihin at sana wala ng magalit. No offense lang pero you shouldn’t say that “you are taking this contest more serious than others” kasi they are actually taking it as equally serious as you too. You may not see them posting endless entries, some may prefer to submit all in one entry because of their quality over quantity beliefs. Also, in the other comments where mentioned “this lunch is not about mentorship and etc, this lunch is is just about us having fun and stuff”, there are other who really wrote their entry with sincerity and from the bottom of their heart yun background story nila, yun comment mo medyo offensive to the contestants who submitted their entry as well. At alam ko at naniwala ko, Filipinos are very friendly. Sana maintain mo ang friendly qualities as a Filipino especially in a contest like this. Just saying lang, huwag magalit, pointing out lang. :)

  • @davis.chong @r1caley lastly, yun entries mo may konting plagiarism kasi I read through the earlier comments at may isang babae nagsulat ang entry niya earlier than you. She deleted her earlier entries kasi nalaman niya may tao nag plagiarise sa kanya. We Filipinos are very creative people, sana may originality at sincerity po kayo. Sorry lang ha, like I said, pointing out ano ang tama at mali. Salamat. :)

  • @zlhooi88 @tonyfernandes I always tried to convince him to try on other airlines, but he always insisted to only fly with AirAsia. This guy definitely deserve this.

  • @pallacio09 Hi maam. I dont want to reply to this as firstly, I feel that i am replying to a real account. But, I just had to bec I feel the need to correct you. Secondly, when did we become offensive? By highlighting our perseverance? Because we posted multiple entries? If you bothered to read the rules, multiple entries are allowed. The point of this contest is to be as creative as you can get with your answers. And we chose to highlight this common trait of ours. We never singled out anyone which you did (thats us). As for plagiarism, I think most of the entries will be similar at some point... that we deserve to win because we want to. And fyi, I never wrote anything that is not true. So why single us out? And did you even bother to read all of my entries? Majority of them were heartfelt. My last entry was a shot at being creative (the funny entry). If it offended the others and it should have also offended me bec I also shared my experience/ sincerity to win. Lastly, @davis.chong and I do not know each other but we became friends here. He is malaysian btw. I admire him for his perseverance thats why I made a comment on his post and hoped that he also wins and thats when the mutual support started. Am I not the friendly one here? Maam, please note this is all just a contest. You shouldnt be too emotional. And, think before you click :)

  • @pallacio09 also, let the organizers judge if we plagiarized and are offensive :)

  • @r1caley take it easy, I am always glad to meet people who see things as beautiful as I do. :)

  • @davis.chong I am really baffled where it is coming from esp the plagiarism part that it is word by word 🤔 Anyway, as I have said I have no regrets. I gave my best and always in consideration of others.

  • @davis.chong @r1caley Po hindi po ako sasabihin na masama mag-post multiple entries. As quoted from this entry po, it says that “I can see no one else taking this lunch opportunity more seriously than me”. What I meant is that it is not right to compare yourself to the rest, doesn’t mean they post 1 or 2 entries, they are not taking this contest seriously. Some prefers to keep it simple and straight forward or write it all in 1 entry but that doesn’t mean they’re not taking this contest seriously. That’s what I meant po. Alam ko you want to show your perseverance pero sana huwag na lang mag-compare ang sarili mo to the rest. Everyone is unique in a different way.

  • @davis.chong @r1caley As for the plagiarism, hindi si Davis ang pagusapan natin, yun entries mo medyo plagiarism word by word. Hindi po ako emotional kasi hindi ako participant sa contest na ito. I only read the comments and when I feel something is not right, I only point out. Yun lang. :)

  • Congratulations @sharoffs @malvinder88 @chloemoin @nh0ck0y @davis.chong @msmercedes18! @ayolho @irrestyo @febymari @r1caley! You are the 10 lucky winners!
    See you at Tony's book launch on 29th Oct 2017, 2-4pm at Kinokuniya KLCC. Please DM us your email address so we can send you the details. Thank you!


  • @airasia thank you so much!!! :)

  • @airasia Omg!!!

  • @hudazaidi gigih aku bacaa smpai habis. Superbbbb laaaa hueda.

  • ayolho 2M ago

    @airasia Thank You So Much. I'm Crying 😭😭😭😭

  • @airasia I am elated 💗💗💗 I feel like crying haha 😭 Thank you AirAsia and Mr. Tony Fernandes! You won't regret choosing me I promise! 😍😭💞

  • Hahaha congrats @r1caley! Send my regards to Mr. Fernandes! Hahahah.. And to @davis.chong too. Too bad I won't be there Hahah.. Congrats again to all the winners!

  • @febymari congrats!!! See you!

  • @ayolho Congrats! Looking forward to meet you all :)

  • @chloemoin congrats! lookingn forward to see you all!

  • @airasia thank you so much for making me one step closer to reaching my dreams. You have no idea how much this means a lot to me. 🙂😭

  • @airasia 😂so sad I didn't got tis chance. Congrats to d lucky me say hi to Tony

  • ayolho 2M ago

    @r1caley see you 😍

  • @r1caley see ya!

  • @flyingvoter salamat!!! Hope you can come!

  • @msmercedes18 congrats! :) see you!

  • @r1caley see you there, can't wait to. meet the others too! 😊

  • @airasia done 👍🏼

  • qiuxi_ 2M ago

    @airasia @davis.chong Well done, hard work and sincerity paid off

  • @r1caley hi, may I ask, are you Pinoy? 🙂

  • Hahaha @r1caley I wish too.. @airasia take 2??? Hahahaha.. I'll meet Mr Tony someday.. Mark my words.. Char! Hahaha.. Pasalubong!

  • Thx @flyingvoter ! See yeah @r1caley

  • @r1caley it’s because I’m a Malaysian-Pinoy but based in Malaysia. Nice to meet you. 🙂

  • @msmercedes18 nice to meet you too! looking forward to see you in person :)

  • Thank you very much. I feeling so happy..omg @airasia

  • @naa_mi25 wanna have his autograph as well

  • @airasia you able to make my dream happens. I will always flight with you, Love you... @fai.15.12 @taqwaspace @weeraweera5112 @shinoportogis @darauplhs

  • hd_ea 2M ago

    i just wanna ask 2 question only how to be a milionaire and sustain @tonyfernandes @fafadhfadh @nanish.kamal @suhaida_sue90 @nrulsykh

  • ⤴⤴⤴⤴⤴

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