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Is there a verb for getting snowed in, drinking hot chocolate and playing board games all day?
On this day we all spent 30 minutes looking for my bag in a Christmas tree farm but it was in the car the whole time 🙈
6 weeks, 8 countries and we kept saying "we really need to set the tripod up and get some photos of us!" But yet, never did until the very last day in Iceland when the sun was setting and everything around us was so golden and beautiful, Logan pulled the car over, jumped out of the car into the CRAZY wind, didn't even set up the tripod we brought.. just set his camera on the car, set the timer up, grabbed my hand and started running. This series of photos of us are now one of my favorites and I love the story behind it. I also love running around Iceland with you 😘 @lms_photo
The first time we had met David and Kymmi was directly after he proposed to her. The following day we explored Iceland together and at the end of the day we sat around a table and enjoyed some lamb stew, beers and each other's company like we had known each other for years.
This is why I love my job so much, to meet beautiful people and hear stories like theirs. I am so grateful.
Congrats to these two!!! How the heck do you plan a trip to Iceland AND buy a ring AND sneak it in your suitcase AND hire photographers while keeping it from your girlfriend? Ask David.
User Image bonitagabrielle Posted: Nov 26, 2017 11:25 PM (UTC)
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I haven't been posting photos because it's too much work and I don't want to come up with captions. #vacations #castleonahill #ireland #holyshit
We made it to MOROCCO 🇲🇦 and although we are still learning the ins and outs of not getting scammed and harassed by the locals 😏 we are thoroughly enjoying the tea, riads, warm sun, hammams, delicious cuisine and all of the markets! Next on our to-do list is to buy a rug as a forever-keepsake 😁Love this place! #shotoniphone #architecture #symmetry
Feeling refreshed, inspired, humbled, grateful and full-hearted in my personal life AND my work. Thank you for your life @wolvesworkshop, this past week was exactly what I needed.
Saving the mushy gooshy birthday post this year and instead telling you 10 things about Logan that you should definitely know. 1. He claims to speak fluent German.. but ask him how to actually speak to you and he can't. 2. Pre-teen Logan won a local yo-yo championship, apparently he can walk the dog PRETTY well. 3. He was one of Macklemore's very first photographers AND 4. He claims that he had the Macklemore haircut before Macklemore 😏. 5. His love languages are quality time and gift giving (if he loves you a gives you a presents allll the time, it's the best ever). 6 He cries during every episode of This Is Us. 7 ESFP and Scorpio. 8. He has a really difficult time passing the Nike Outlet store without stopping in 9. He's an Eagle Scout (or was... not sure how it works) so he nails all of the outdoorsy stuff 10. Squash, Chicken Pot Pie, Tomatoes.. no no never ever.
11. TODAY IS HIS BIRTHDAY!! So go wish him a happy one because he totally deserves it ❤️❤️❤️ @lms_photo
Last week I was here, with these two. Now I'm in the hot sun laying by the pool on the coast of Morocco about to head over to summer camp for wedding photographers and learn from some of my favorites. Woa. 😏
Off to the Canary Islands for the next 10 days ✈️
BLACK SAND IS SOOOO COOl! Also this particular moment I was trying really hard to stand straight without getting knocked over by the wind, it was truly that windy you guys. Have I mentioned I love Iceland?