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Thanks for the heads up🎦 @snaketales 👍🏻 Couple of urgent backups for @lfioravanti’s caddy, @stephenisbelly 🏃🏼🚼

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User Image cbradleysurf Posted: Jan 23, 2018 11:32 AM (UTC)
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These things are ok if your tools are sharp⚔️ 7’0”x 21 x 2 3/4 for Marco.
The brief was for a board that goes in big and small waves. It’s a #singlefin for bigger waves and #twinfin for the small stuff. The tail is wider than a standard single to accommodate looseness when surfing it as a twin, put the single box way back so it’s good for hold when solid. Hmm..🤔could be good, but anyway it looks good😍 @euroglass
@carlosbeckerpt got a stock #Gladiator off the shelf at @boardriderstorquay. Suits him perfect he said👍🏻 If you’re looking for a Bradley in #Torquay, drop into @boardriderstorquay and see @harry_mann. You’ll like Harry😉
Rough weather in SW France today so Leo and I checked out his latest 5’11 1/2” shortboards we’ve worked on. Changing volumes in the tail area and moving wide points around. Some standard, some maybe new directions. Always entertaining.
We see a lot of photos of @lfioravanti, I prefer ones of his dog Jack. He’s a funny little fella. #Roman #CB1 #LF17 #18 @kingjack1 @euroglass
Before everybody gets really upset and too many people start thinking I’ve totally lost it🤦🏻‍♂️
⚠️IT’S A FIN DISPLAY⚠️ for @quiksilver fin designs and @boardriders_campus_162 Ahhh.. 😂
I shaped it from a reject cut off the machine that was no good for anything and the boys @euroglass finished it off. Tag a mate who talks too much about #fins..
A 9’0 at work. Grey fade, black rails and a pin line @jeremie_oo7 @euroglass ☑️
User Image cbradleysurf Posted: Jan 16, 2018 2:01 PM (UTC)
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Thinking of re-releasing the #Flare 🔥 but with a round tail. As you can see, it had quite a bit of #concave. Just getting @lfioravanti a test model in his size to give his version of feedback. He’s good for that😜our boy. @euroglass #2018
User Image cbradleysurf Posted: Jan 15, 2018 10:27 AM (UTC)
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I love when ‘know-it-all’s’ tell you about surfboard design.. Well, I AM a Know-it-all, and I know NOTHING. 5’11 1/2 x 18 3/4 x 2 5/16 something model for someone 🤔🧀
User Image cbradleysurf Posted: Jan 8, 2018 8:31 PM (UTC)
6 Clarendon
The most westerly point of continental Europe, #CaboDaRoca #Portugal 🇵🇹 I took this pic on a rough winter day over Christmas with not much to do but look around and no one around. I love raw landscapes and this place carried a presence. Sailing, discovery, a world before what it is now. I really like Portugal.
@ed.woolner purchased his #NewBarcelona through @boardshopuk 👍🏻. Designed to do exactly this, extract every little bit of whatever is on offer in poor conditions to maximize fun. Thanks for the pics Ed. 📷 @siemmettphotography
New Barcelona*️⃣⬇️
5'2 19 1/8 23/8 28.1
5'4 20 2 3/8 29.5
5'6 20 1/2 2 1/2 32.8
5'8 20 3/4 2 9/16 35.2
5'10 21 2 5/8 37.7
6'0 21 1/4 2 3/4 41.2
from @euroglass and @boardshopuk 🇬🇧
More of a #stunned walk today than a #stunning walk on the beach. #Plastic has the chance to #kill everyone on this #planet 🌍 This is just one part of a beach in #Southwest #France. Imagine if it was suddenly dumped on the streets of a city🤔 #lollipop sticks!!! Far out #chuppachups get real!! #plastictoys #bottletops Follow @theplasticproject @theplasticproject @theplasticproject if you want to be aware😳
Probably the best place for waves in Europe at the moment.. #Rome. With the best surfer in Europe, @lfioravanti tearing his true home break, Banzai😜🇮🇹 The Roman on a Roman tearing Rome🍕🍝5’11”x 18 3/4 x 2 5/16 @euroglass 📷 @pierocapannini
#Portugal is unreal. It’s raw and it’s cool. This is #Nazare, one of surfings big wave mega spots. Tomorrow will be massive and many a tow crew from around the world will be having a crack. These pics are all taken from the lighthouse that overlooks the break and the town. I forgot to ‘feel up’ that huge green @schaperhawaii gun of @mcnamara_s !!
User Image cbradleysurf Posted: Dec 22, 2017 8:44 PM (UTC)
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Some might say, absolutely ridiculous! But to @noa_dupouy these boards are serious equipment.
6’6”x 16 7/8 x 2 1/8, 6’0”x 16 7/16 x 2 1/16 CB1-HI, 5’9”x 16 3/8 x 2 CB1, 5’4”x 16 3/8 x 2 CB1-R.
For Hawaii man🍍🏝🌺 @euroglass
Gliding through the lip with speed and control is one of surfings pleasures if you do it right. This is @stanleynormansurfer 😎 doing just that. 5’1” x 16 3/4 x 2 #Roman 📷 @jasondreyerimages
Othmane’s... @othochouf @euroglass 🌊🐪🐫🐪🐫🐪🐪
Had a lot of fun working with @lfioravanti this year. He’s an absolute champ and I love him. A lot of things didn’t go his way 1st year on tour but he had some moments of brilliance and his surfing is definitely world class. We will change our attack slightly for 2018 but for sure Leo being Leo will keep it fun for him and his huge amount of fans that follow him. Thanks for 2017 Leo. @euroglass 2018 we’ve already started and the #46 will be tearing into it☀️ #theRoman
User Image cbradleysurf Posted: Dec 18, 2017 1:20 PM (UTC)

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@bradleynorris on a tow board we’ve worked on. Yes, the consequences of design are high. Injuries, career, someone’s life.. 📷 @kimfeast_
Always have a good time with the crew at Cobra working on some tech stuff. Thanks Kym, Riccardo, Bruce, Nan and the rest for making it happen👍🏻🙏🏻
I don’t care how anybody goes at #Pipeline except @lfioravanti, hope you smash it Leo!🇮🇹🌴🎄🍍🍾🏆 And I’m sick of seeing that shark 🦈 bump that guys head. 📷 @cidoubleyou