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User Image axandapple Posted: Oct 12, 2017 7:31 PM (UTC)
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"There is a tendency to doubt your growth in the midst of a big leap forward; hold steady and allow yourself to bloom"- @yung_pueblo (📷: @mustbetheholyghost )

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User Image axandapple Posted: Mar 16, 2018 7:57 PM (UTC)

35 Gingham
A note on inspiration, where it comes from, and things I’ve learned about dealing with blockage 💌 I wish I could sit here and say “every time I need to feel inspired I *blah*”. That it’s in books, or traveling, or the desert. Something romantic, super “on brand”, and steadfast. But I can’t, and to be frank I think most people who say they can are trying to put too pretty a bow on the whole thing. Unfortunately sometimes looking for inspiration can be exasperating and fruitless. But what I can say from my personal experience with it all is this: with patience, THE WORK will almost always inspire the work. The materials. The process. The act of DOING the damn thing. I get that showing up day after day making things you yourself feel uninspired by can feel like flailing, but remember it’s ALL part of it. Being disciplined and having a willingness to wade through all sorts of things that don’t work until you find a thing that does, is sometimes the only path to uncovering the spark. It’s hard work but hey it is WORK we are talking about. And if you made it this far you should 100% listen to the @onbeing podcast episode featuring writer (and my personal guru) @elizabeth_gilbert_writer . Just google it. She has a such poignant and relatable perspective on all this stuff that has gotten me through many a “less than” day. I hope it helps if any of you are in it. Holler if you feel me 😘
User Image axandapple Posted: Mar 13, 2018 6:22 PM (UTC)

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48 hour auction alert!! ✨🚨🌙🚨✨
These antique moon lockets are basically impossible to meet the demand for, so I’ve decided to run a little IG auction on this one (see product details below!). Bidding opens at just $100. Comment to bid. It’s that easy! Feel free to message me with any questions and don’t forget to keep tabs on your status. Shipping will be added (open to international bidders). Payment due within 2 hours of closing. Bidding will close Thursday at 12pm PST SHARP (that’s 3pm east coast lovers). Happy bidding!

Product details: I found this gold-filled Victorian era locket pretty beat up with missing stones and dark discoloration on both faces (my first restoration project!). Swipe for some before/after + process action. I cleaned her up and added genuine turquoise and opal cabs to create a one of a kind “Blue Moon” locket 😌. Measures 1 1/8” round without the loop for the bale. Hung on a simple gold-filled chain.
User Image axandapple Posted: Mar 4, 2018 8:18 PM (UTC)
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Day Off 💚 +Shout out to The Big Greenhouse in Greensboro, NC for helping me miss my LA nurseries a little bit less 😌🌿🌵🍃🌱 if you’re in the area it’s a must visit!
User Image axandapple Posted: Mar 4, 2018 1:34 AM (UTC)

26 Gingham
If anyone needs me I’ll be here, lighting all my candles, drinking all my wine and quietly meditating on how darn lucky I am to be so supported by ya’ll in my efforts. I know a lot of you have been with me for a very long time and it literally brings me to tears sometimes how ridiculously cool that is (I’m such a cry baby it’s true! 😭). Thanks again for all your support yesterday in the release, whether it was a purchase or just a gander. My heart is full + I am forever grateful 🖤😽🔥
User Image axandapple Posted: Mar 2, 2018 8:00 PM (UTC)

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32 fresh One of a Kind + Vintage pieces are now live!! Swipe for some close ups of a few of my faves (there’s too many to post really). Thanks for looking and for all your support 😽🌟 ya’ll
User Image axandapple Posted: Mar 2, 2018 12:47 AM (UTC)

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I’ve gotten so many messages about these Victorian era moon lockets and I’m tryna keep them coming until every one of you who wants one gets one. There will be three in tomorrow’s update. Show of hands who’s interested?? 🤚🏻🤚🏼🤚🏽🤚🏾🤚🏿
User Image axandapple Posted: Mar 1, 2018 7:31 PM (UTC)

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Another preview from the THIRTY TWO pieces going live tomorrow at 12pm PST/ 3pm EST with prices ranging from $35-$200. Rings, bracelets, knives, lockets... our biggest update yet! Set your alarms you know these can go fast. See you there ⚡️🖤⚡️
User Image axandapple Posted: Feb 28, 2018 8:52 PM (UTC)

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Lil’ sneak peek at a few of the 25+ new pieces that will be listed this Friday at 12pm PST in the One of a Kind section of the shop. More deets to come! ⚡️
User Image axandapple Posted: Feb 15, 2018 10:46 PM (UTC)

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King of the castle 😼
User Image axandapple Posted: Feb 15, 2018 7:42 PM (UTC)

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Thank you for supporting my love of wearing all the beautiful gold things at once, even if only for a short while ✨👸🏻✨ While most everything in this photo sold there are still some really special pieces left!! Stay tuned in my story for closer looks 🕵🏻‍♀️✨
User Image axandapple Posted: Feb 14, 2018 8:02 PM (UTC)

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And we’re live!! 28 new pieces newly listed in the shop and they’re already going fast ⚡️ My obsession with timeless vintage is what started this whole journey for me and I love that after all this time you guys are still as into it as I am 😭❤️Thanks for looking!! And happy #selfloveday !! 🌹
User Image axandapple Posted: Feb 13, 2018 8:29 PM (UTC)

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Sneek peak at some of the silvers posting in tomorrow’s update. Check my story for a full preview! ✨ launching tomorrow at 12pm PST // 3pm EST. 💋
User Image axandapple Posted: Feb 12, 2018 9:20 PM (UTC)

8 Valencia
25 new pieces hitting the One of a Kind section THIS Wednesday at 12pm PST / 3pm EST (Happy Valentine’s Day!) 🖤 Expect lots of lockets, plenty of silver, knife necklaces and even a couple rings 😱 Some of the most beautiful vintage pieces we’ve had to date... I really outdid myself this time! 🙇🏻‍♀️ Set your alarms I’m sure a lot of these will go fast. I’ll post more previews tomorrow... This overcast sky is fighting me but I will not be beat 💪🏽🌟
User Image axandapple Posted: Feb 4, 2018 6:05 PM (UTC)

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V important reminder from @landandshestudio 🖤 This has been ringing through my head constantly these days. Actually... for years. Especially in this culture of rapid sharing it can be hard not to accidentally veer, so don’t forget to check in with yourself regularly and TUNE OUT from time to time! It’s the voice and vision INSIDE YOU that matters most. The rest is just noise 🌫👁🌫
User Image axandapple Posted: Feb 3, 2018 11:54 PM (UTC)

13 Reyes
Creature of habit 📿🕯🖤
User Image axandapple Posted: Feb 2, 2018 9:56 PM (UTC)

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You can expect much more regular updates in the One of a Kind section while I am working on my ceramic sea legs. Like these romantic beauts ✨ Fresh up. Link in bio 💖 *and I know I’m on a crazy gold kick but I swear some silver is coming soon!*
User Image axandapple Posted: Feb 1, 2018 8:47 PM (UTC)

13 Ludwig
My kind of roses 💓💓 Rose Gold Nyx is now listed in the shop and Rose Quartz pieces are back in stock! Free shipping with coupon code “FREESHIP18” at checkout 🌬
User Image axandapple Posted: Jan 31, 2018 9:24 PM (UTC)

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A note to all the copy cats out there replicating bits from other artists as you try to find your own unique voice: “everything has been done” is not an excuse for acting on *that* impulse (you know the one). If you need to ask yourself if it’s stealing, it DEFINITELY is. And finally... thank you. Thank you for always pushing me to go bigger, dig deeper, and be myself even more fiercely. And thus concludes the most angsty post I’ll probably ever write. 😾😽❤️ *it’s all part of it*
User Image axandapple Posted: Jan 24, 2018 10:20 PM (UTC)

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A couple new vintage bbs in the One of a Kind section ✨ Direct link in bio
Shelves full of friends 🖤 *my favorite way to decorate*