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  Posted: Apr 4, 2012 10:57 PM FEED
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Posted: Oct 6, 2017 11:09 PM
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#CreativesAreDangerous is the coolest conference theme in the history of conference themes. Free screen print from @mamassauce! @cworks_conf #dangerousdesign
What a cool place. A powerful place, especially right now. So many messages of unity and love here. #MLK #civilrightsmuseum
Here’s to anniversary drinks in places that don’t require heels. #thegreatbaldwinadventures
It's not often my name has 'awardee' underneath. A humbled thank you to Eric Winter for honoring me for my work with him over the last few years as he elevates the Avila design program. Maybe someday I'll get to return the favor. #hifivesonly
My super fun hand painted table toppers from @trozzolo rooftop plaza art fair party last night. I did the invite and signage too! It was a blast, I'm paying for it today. 😬 #LookArtBelow
When a bunch of balloons show up at work on your birthday, you assume they are yours right?
For the last two months I've played with the BEST kickball team in KC! We didn't win the most but we had the most fun. Not one person carried our team. Thanks to my @trozzolo fam for having my back when I sucked, cheered me on when I made a play, and put up with 'ultra competitive Marie.' If you ever need a pitcher I'm there. 💕 your faces! #youcantkickwithus #yeahbitchkickball