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  Posted: Apr 4, 2012 8:50 PM FEED
0 X-Pro II

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On our bonus ride just into the farmland above Cusco, Peru with @xavierccoa in his home town. We were tired but we couldn’t resist one last ride! Thanks again for an incredible and unforgettable experience! I hope to be back as I need a rebate on Macchu Picchu! @bigmtnglobal #ridebig #peru #bikeco
Just another exposed Peruvian corner. Overlooking the sacred valley is incredible and really makes me feel lucky in this world to be here! Let alone on my bike for gods sake! This place is stunning! @bigmtnglobal #peru #ridebig
Tim trying to figure out his next @finniles street moves in the urban streets of Cusco, Peru. On another note I’m feeling lucky to have my ankles, the dogs are fast out here and the stairs are steep! Send it! Left! @bigmountainadventures #peru #outofourelement #dogs #ridebig #bikeeatingdogs
It’s ma birthday! Thanks everyone! I’m rockin’ this sweet crown on the Inca trails of Peru! Loving life and very lucky to be here! @bigmtnglobal @thebikeco #peru @giantwhistlerstore @giantbicyclecanada
We stepped back in time and rode some historic Inca trails... it was my birthday ride so I had a special bonus crown... I thought this would show you more of how awesome it was to finally get our legs moving! Happy to be pedalling! YEEOW!! @bigmtnglobal #ridebig #peru
Banger day on the staffer! #bikeco 2017! Boss man reeling from an epic...
"For some reason food just tastes so much better when you are riding your bike!" Charlie from Denver Colorado getting a sweet taste of the remote BC wilderness of the Chilcotins. @bigmtnglobal and @tyaxadventures providing such excellent services! #ridebig #bikeco @thebikeco
LOTS of alpine time at the local spa. Colorado crew made the early push to beat the heat, crowds (🤔) no one up there.... and ride some of the best top to bottom single track in our neighbourhood @bigmtnglobal delivering the goods! #ridebig #thisismypool #alpinespalife
Getting the wheels rolling with @bigmtnglobal and the Colorado crew! Stoked to be welcomed back for another Sea to Sky adventure! #ridebig #squamish #explorebc