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It felt so good to be back in Texas (home❤️) for the weekend. Celebrated my grandparent's 50 years of marriage!
Get your flu shot everyone ! 😊(my boss is awesome)
This summer flew by soooo fast. 😩it's been real. Packing for college is going to be fun this week !
Nana ❤️Don't get to see you that often but when I do, it means so much to me.
Me when I get my Starbucks 😄🤗
My favorite 😍!! Last year at cedar point I rode this similar ride five times in a row when I had the fast pass. This time I waited an hour and a half to ride this. So worth it. (In 99 degree heat) this one actually goes higher than the one in @cedarpoint because it went so high we went upside down & my butt came off the seat😄
it's a different type of excitement riding this than riding a roller coaster.
My new home starting in the fall! Very blessed to have been accepted for this wonderful opportunity! Excited for what God has planned for me here at CUAA❤️