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  Posted: Apr 4, 2012 5:08 PM FEED
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Just your typical bouldering bitches
Is a PhD really official before all of your supervisors watch you stick a pin in a map over your field site? Probably not. ❤️️🌍❤️️ so grateful for all these humans!!
All the important things (mainly @dcdistillers) have made it to Oxford!
Well... it's official! This city gets to be home for the next few years, and I'm pumped!!!
Thanks to my funky family for making my last night in the US of A memorable ❤️😘 @ess87 @aflickers @k_oatis @djmelly_mel
Posted: Aug 30, 2017 8:16 PM
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I definitely had more errands I should have finished today, but I gave up and decided to come home to get birthday cuddles from this blue-eyed beauty instead
Seeing you made my day so much more magical. Thank you for making my birthday so wonderful!!
Posted: Aug 24, 2017 2:06 AM
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Look at who found my stash of critters I left to decompose in a cage out at my parents this summer! That blue 😍😍 they had obviously been quite enjoying the little mousies trying to steal my bones!
All of those people, stacked up on top of each other
Posted: Aug 6, 2017 12:22 AM
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I'm such an introvert that I hardly ever actually get lonely. But after almost 9 weeks on a solo road trip, (by no means have I been alone for all of it) and after realizing that it had been 4 days since I had an in-person conversation, I do kind of wish there was someone to enjoy the random food finds, funny billboards, and awesome rain storms with. Though I have really enjoyed the quiet and the freedom, and I know I'll miss this alone time when it's gone.
Sunsets and sampling beers-- a good last night in Austin
Austin as been providing a pretty solid balance of wonderful views and kickass food 👌🏽
Austin, you won my heart the minute you put kimchi on French fries 💕
Well... it's here... it probably should have been about a month ago from all of the days I skipped but, oh well. I was too busy living in the moment to post everyday and there's nothing wrong with that. These last few months have been fantastic. I'm winding down my cross country road-trip where I was able to visit friends, old and new. I saw beautiful things and had beautiful experiences. Not every place I stayed got it's fair share of insta-attention, but that's life. There were plenty of days I was way too wrapped up in my real life adventures to even think about a "#adventure". But I'm still glad I did this. To see where I was when I started and where I am now is kind of incredible. It wasn't that long of a period of time and still, so much has changed. So here's to my last day of feeling an obligation to a hashtag. I spent it wandering through the halls of my old university and being filled with nostalgia. But no more looking back! Cheers to the never-ending adventure we can life! #80daysofadventure 80/80
Wandered my old journalism stomping grounds today. Man, I missed this place more than I realized #80daysofadventure 79/80
Posted: Jul 28, 2017 1:57 PM
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Quick! Run! An instagram rant is coming! • so last night I was laying in bed flicking through IG looking at people in cool places, having cool things, and generally looking perfect at all times and I kept thinking: man, I want to be in cool places, have cool things, and look like that. And then I felt like an absolute idiot because I am always in cool places, I have cool things and I definitely don't need more stuff in my life, and dammit, I'm generally pretty happy with the way I look. So I unfollowed almost 400 people. I took the lifestyle bloggers, the beautiful people who've obviously never carried a backpack full of things if that's how many outfits they bring traveling, the photoshopped people on IG who I'll always end up comparing myself to, and the people whose lives look #instagramperfect off of my feed. Will this completely evaporate any insecurities I have about myself? Nope. But at least I won't have to stare them down whenever I open my phone. I mostly use this platform as a place for me to post things so I can look back at them. Have I gotten caught up in trading validation for likes? Yeah. But I'm going to try to stop that, or at least realize the more likes I get isn't going to make me a better human.
Taking full advantage of the street lined with magnolia trees and bath houses in Hot Springs, Arkansas today #80daysofadventure 78/80
Thanks @chaderson12 for a day full of science and ramen. I am leaving Chicago one happy girl! #80daysofadventure 77/80