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User Image vanessacarltonactual Posted: Oct 10, 2017 4:05 AM (UTC)

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According to a "sponsored" post that popped up in my "feed", posts like this is what makes one "good" at Instagram. The only thing missing here is a huge story below the picture that has nothing to with the picture in order to reduce the narcissism. Wait.......shit.
Come on that was good.
  • 🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯🎯😄🙌🏻💥

  • Follback

  • 😂😂😂😂😂 Call em out!!!! Haha

  • Dang. That was good.

  • Te amo ❤

  • I do like The Hat

  • Ahhhhhhh you are so great lmao

  • That mirror ❤️

  • Te quiero!

  • LOL

  • Still a badass chick!! Much love n respect ur a icon!!

  • Seems like it should work. Fairly narcissistic, yet there's a tone of organic revitalism (I made that word up).

  • 😂😂😂

  • @mrheide i did laugh thank you for that

  • You forgot the huge amount of inane hashtags.

  • You look very beautiful Vanessa 😊💙🌹💑

  • I triple tapped

  • Lol 😂

  • ❤️

  • I see a ghost back there!

  • I'm always like why can't I be cool and post a pic of myself and then say something completely random about life 🤔're sooo right -narcissism.

  • Ok well done

  • Always chic...

  • Those are THE CUTEST jeans evee😩😩😩❤️❤️

  • Nailed it.

  • where'd you get your hat? I love it

  • Queen of Instagram satire, social commentary, and making her way downtown.

  • @beginagain.mp3 *thank you and have a nice day.

  • Hey would you check out my ebook

  • What up

  • Hey

  • Im still one of your biggest fans ever,CW introduced me to you back in 2002 with the song "Whos to Say",that premiere during a episode of One Tree Hill,When you and Avril Lavigne and Michelle Branch was part of the "New Age Lady Artists"from mtv.since that day I've never heard such wonderful,unique music from anyone else like your yours,and your piano skills are legendary!.Harmonium was the first album I heard from you.White Houses was the 2nd song i heard and i was so addicted!Idk why the world didnt like that album,I thought it was a great mix of toons and so many hits was on it!also can i say i loved"Private Radio" like so much,I wish you still did a little something like that on each record.Like most your first album was magical,but the second record you experimented more and I thought it was unbelieveable.Heroes and Thieves,Rabbits on the Run,and Liberman,all epic albums period too..Nolita Fairytale,Hands on Me,My Best,Come Undone,This Time,Fools Like Me,Home,More Than This,Heroes and Thieves,Carousel,Rabbits on the run,Tall Tales for spring,Fairweather Friends,Hear the Bells,The Marching Line,Dear California,Take it Easy,Willows,,House of Seven sword,Blue Pool, Unlock the Lock.From Be Not Nobody and Harmonium,Ordinary Day,Unsung,A Thousand Miles,Pretty Baby,Rinse,Sway,Paradise,Painted Black,Wanted,Twlight,and the remixes,White Houses,Who's to Say,Annie,San Francisco,Afterglow,Private Radio,Half A Week Before Winter,C'est La Vie,Papa,She Floats,Where The Streets Have No Name,all my favs,god I'm such a fan,Your probably my most favorite alternative classical rock artist of a time ! ^_^definately one of most favorite as a 11 year old, with the other 2 @vaneesacartlonactual

  • .But man I feel like youre heaven sent,your style is way too perfect still to be real,youre a gifted incredible woman Vanessa,and I'll be a fan til I die!,Maybe I'll one day see you perform in New Orleans,La,missed ya in 2013 i believe,did not know1,friend of mine"Steve Vu" posted some pics of the show and meeting you.Was super jealous and sad heh.Always Continue to make more music,hope you see your lovely,face,piano skills,voice,and band,orchestra perform 1 day !! ,keep rockin babe<3 <3.Thought about Covering most of your catalog,blue pool,willows,unlock the lock, and all the old stuff,white houses,thousand miles,private radio,unsung,ordnary day,papa,wanted,etc, etc,carousel,omg all my favs !! ,i just wanna cover them all ha,youd probably like my voice on em xd,but yeah,your the queen on your genre Vanessa,@vanessacarltonactual

  • noone can compare to you in your genre,you run it,15 years later still listen to it all!!!best pianist,singer,band and orchestra i ever heard still! @vanessacarltonactual

  • By the way,Im sure you love how Thousand Miles never stops getting played on the Radio or references in something all the time xd,or Probably White Horses or Whos to say either ! ha ^_^ @vanessacarlton

  • I just started my morning with listening to and watching 1,000 miles and honestly everyone should have

  • I love the caption😂 I really hope you'll do a Europe tour again somewhere in the near future, I miss u hereee

  • Nice mirror.

  • Greatness

  • Love ur hat and purse and whole outfit

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I’ve been single-momming while my husband is on tour but this guest room about to get FILLED 🙌🏽Grandma and Papa Carlton🙌🏽
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We dressed to hop on a horse at all times over here.
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In honor of my ladies everywhere. I like to call this the Clock Crank. Appearing in your local club shortly. #timesup #metoo
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Read it, and read it again. Particularly the way women feel about this.
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I gave birth to a small police officer who wears tractor pajamas and plays the recorder. 📷 @johnjmccauley
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A legal fund being gathered to help women fight back in these horribly imbalanced, abusive and unethical situations. I have donated and am reposting. Please do the same if you feel compelled. @timesupnow and visit their website as it is a guide and resource for women in need. Happy new year!
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I think they’re feeling good about the year so far.
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Happy New Year dahlinks! Can’t be any worse than last year. He sits here judging....waiting for us get our shit together. #victor
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A lot of you have been asking me how I look so youthful for my age (37). Im going to share my routine with you all so you can have a glowing skin just like me:) Drink lots of water, sleep 6 hours a night with a 3 hour nap, laser hair removal (as you can see I was in between treatments here), I don’t use any cleanser in the morning just cold water. Use a great facial oil plus eye cream twice a day. Retinol every night. Sleep with a humidifier in the winter. Lots of salt baths (not the drug). I do a peel twice a week. Use a jade roller three days a week (keep it in the fridge)). Try and eat lots of fruits and a vegetables. Drink just enough alcohol to make you happy and then stop. That’s about it!!! Also, thanks to my husband for taking my selfie. We have a great relationship and you always bring out my true essence. Stay cute out there! Happy new year! X
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Happy holidays from our tortured animal to yours x
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This song and video is amazing. And sums up every holiday I had as a single woman lol. Happy holidays loves! FYI: The Waitresses/ Christmas Wrapping 😘
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I want to be with the swans tewwwwwwwww.
User Image vanessacarltonactual Posted: Dec 18, 2017 8:42 PM (UTC)

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Always prep your work space before embarking on an intense project. -Sid.
User Image vanessacarltonactual Posted: Dec 13, 2017 9:07 PM (UTC)

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User Image vanessacarltonactual Posted: Dec 13, 2017 3:59 AM (UTC)

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Nashville! If you need good music, terrific vibes and wanna sweat.....check out @danceast. Lindsay’s class rules, @lindsayfinesmith Tuesday nights at 8pm. All levels. Check schedule for when they resume in January. My baby Sid also attends! She started at 2 and a half! 💔🔥
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Sid watching Dada on tv for the first time. @deertickmusic you guys are basically the ultimate rock and roll band. And how does one sound so good in the morning? Thanks @cbsthismorning