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User Image farrah__abraham Posted: Oct 9, 2017 1:09 AM (UTC)
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About last night ...
  • @katmattp that's where you're wrong...she has a penchant for pills,and ...lest we forget, those pesky DUIs,treatment and probation?Hhmmm

  • @kim0721 end goal...🤣🤣🤣🤣sorry,the just so much

  • @mhopps008 those queens work hard to be so gorgeous...farrah just bends over and let's the doc put it any ol'

  • She looks just like a drag queen too! Just like the ones she's posing next to. 😂

  • ej138 5M ago

    @danielle07lauren I thought the same thing...didn't even realize it was her at first

  • Omg...she was pretty as a're she looks like an old drag queen

  • The person on far right has me dying! 😂 So FIERCE

  • Damn.. you guys are brutal with comments. Why follow someone you don't like??

  • 🙆🙆🙆🙆🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • There she is pretending to be relevant again!

  • Ewwww

  • Love u @farrah__abraham GORGEOUSSSSSSSS

  • You look great Farrah!


  • Oh ... my ... word 😱☠️👎🏼🤡 she has ruined herself .. yikes!😵😵

  • Que fea te pusiste abusaste de botox

  • Farrah looks great in her gold and black dress but the pearl necklace is a bit of a cliche for her

  • Follow me please❤

  • I can't tell which are the trannys I can't tell 🤔😂

  • Which one isn’t the drag queen???? No one could really tell

  • I knew you were a dude...

  • Looking good. Looks like you had lots of fun.

  • @nattles5 haha thats what i was thinking i had to look twice 😂😂

  • Walking dead is almost comming out is that why they made u look like zombies😂😂

  • Loking like A trans 😂😂😂🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Not nice

  • Great view

  • Which one are you? I see 3 drag queens and a dude?

  • One day she'll get on the right track and look back and be so ashamed and embarrassed.

  • Iell she looks like a tranny

  • Ewwww

  • She’s a dude

  • @katmattp she takes Xanax like there skittles and drinks all day long

  • You look beautiful!

  • That moment when u take a pic with drag queens and they look more beautiful and womanly than u....priceless

  • 🔥

  • I gurss your daughter took the pic! wrong

  • Looking like a dude tho... 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • She fits right in she looks like a dude

  • Is that farrah on the end... looks better than last pic

  • She looks like a drag queen on crack!

  • 👎🏻

  • Her nose is a foot long.

  • Why would Farrah cut her hair that short....??😱😱 lmao kinda makes her look less like a horse I guess lol

  • Farah that gold shawl looks beaut on you !

  • Omg. Your face looks weirdddd

  • The chick on the right put her eyelashes on upside down hahaha

  • @tattoo_addiction96 maybe she was part of the drag show 😂😂

  • @candelaria_____ like the people you aftee they did your makeup...Yea I would have too... Wtf #zombiemakeup

  • Just a bunch of dudes.

  • Drag queen

  • You've had so much plastic surgery on your face you look like a man

  • Wonderfull wonderfull wonderfull girl you are super beautifull girl i love you Forever kiss kiss by Alex 💔💖💞💓💝💟💝💞💓💗💝💞💓💓💓💞💓

  • She looks like a drag queen anyway

  • @katness0926 idk but she looks like a foot

  • Ummm happy halloween??!

  • Rocky horror tribute?

  • IT the clown. 🤡

  • Farrah looks fantastic!

  • Gutter rat...... 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Look at all those Z-listers. 😂😂😂😂😂

  • A bunch of dudes on a night out

  • @shakyrrairish to see what car crash is happening today. She's a joke. That's why

  • One of the guys😅

  • Why wear any thing if you aren’t going to cover what most people call their private parts.

  • She looks like a drag queen! I wonder if that's what she was going for

  • Looks like Frankenstein

  • Something's seriously wrong with this girl.

  • The one on the end has killed the shot lol

  • As much as I dont like her, the red hair is probably the best I've seen on her

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  • Ewwwwww 🤢

  • Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!

  • @marisolg679 her hair is mostly extensions anyway

  • I can't get over how Farrah just shows up at all these events like she's famous or something.

  • @koalamer131 ugh cannot ✋🏻

  • @nicolestell 😂😂😂 I was so confussed when I first seen this and didnt even realize who it was. I thought it was a bunch of drag queens haha

  • Stupid girl 😔 she WAS beautiful in 16 and pregnant....but wtf did she do to herself

  • You look like Raquel reed

  • Damn, she looks good!

  • Crazy what some idiot would do for fame and it speaks in volumes.....smh sadly she isn't better than that!😪

  • The drag queen looks better than her.

  • Scary!! What is she doing to herself. I would truly believe she was a drag queen if I didnt know her from mtv.

  • This girl needs Jesus and prayers because she is nothing but an angry, confused hot mess

  • She looks more like a drag queen than the one beside her. What happened to all the pastic to make you look "prettier". I agree with #emm1975 confused hot mess

  • It's like.. "where are we"?!?!

  • I think the guy on the end looks like Herman monster with lipstick 😂😂

  • She's a drag?

  • No class. Look like a clown. Put Sophia in school

  • Drag..... 😄 hahaaaa

  • She’s just nast looking

  • Oh look you fit right in.

  • I always wondered what the real story is with her.

  • Drag queen

  • (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵) so fierce get it @farrah__abraham and I’m going to be so attacked! Because people I don’t know or even knew existed start attacking because I’m not #bullying! I have a thick skin! The haters will hang themselves soon enough lmao ƪ(˘⌣˘)ʃ 🔥🔥🔥🔥🙏🌟💯😊💸

  • @shabertolli im reporting you

  • @shabertolli and get off social media go to facebook instead how bout dat

  • @cassie.trulyy Wait what happened? Did I say or do something to you? I’m way confused. Get off social media? Report me? I really have no idea what this is about. I don’t do Facebook. Just IG

  • @shabertolli my problem is you said that people will hang them selves, thats not nice to say to anyone

  • @cassie.trulyy Haters not you. I don’t know you. Until now and what you wrote me wasn’t nice if anything it’s personal like you personally chose to attack me. ? Saying the mean things you wrote to me. I just returned from rehab so I don’t Hate. I’m not a hater so that wouldn’t bother me. You’re attack is bothersome. My cousin who was 24 yrs old hung himself this past August 21, 2017. Because of haters on the street and cyber haters and bullies! Only reason I commented on her page because she fights and reinvents herself. The way you handled what you thought was towards you or something you feel that strongly about is a word my dear a word and to Haters. Which I’m not. It says haters. What you did was exactly what I said a hater will do? Glass houses & stones. TBH The words you chose to me is not even Hate it’s evil. I’d never in a million years I lift up I don’t care about what people say it just makes me do more for me.

  • @shabertolli alright im sorry for your cousin i mean i lost people in the past and till now this day its hard. Cyberbullies are more out there now than ever, thanks to the interner and society. But what the "haters" are saying are what they feel. Farrah isnt a good role model for sophia and you and i and everyone else should agree on that, its not a hate crime its just an individual opinion. There are people we dislike and we have some stuff we say about them but i wouldnt say anything that would make a person do stuff to themselves. And another thing i am not attacking you its just the fact that you said about people hanging themselves isnt called for. Let people hate, dont worry about them just them be. I dont hate you or anything and if i said something to you that wasnt nice, well im sorry, but i dont think i said anything to offend you son idk what your talking about me not saying nice stuff to you. You saying that what i said is what a hater will do, hah idk what your talking about. I dont want to be mean to you or anything, i shouldnt because i dont know you, but when it comes to people killing themselves we dont mess around. So i am not trying to make you the bad person or me im not just we dont mess with suicide

  • @cassie.trulyy Okay.. I’m praying for a little boy who is 16 fighting his last fight! I will not agree with you regarding hating on @farrah__abraham that’s a mother daughter bond. GFB something happened she’s her mother and Sophia is her daughter! This is too much emphasis on the negative and bully crap! I have 3 daughters and they were bullied. If you owed me money I came to collect it. You didn’t have it to pay me back. I say I’ll let it go...! Then you go and try to collect from someone that owes you. They don’t have the money are you going to cut them a break or cut them up and down and collect knowing you got a break? That’s what this is. No big deal though I’ve made mistakes. I’ve learned the lesson. It’s not right and wrong as much as is it you right you want you like so we all should? No, that’s crazy. Just think about what you are fighting for is suicide and bullying yet messaged me and I’m repeating it again because you did exactly what I said a hater would do? So, how is it you’re hating telling me you will report me and then a second message to get off social media and go back to Facebook I don’t have Facebook. It’s the past. Only you know you. I don’t see a hater but I see something and it’s not quite adding up. Just becareful because what you wrote me about bullies and cyber bullies I know that therefore I know I’m not a hater. Pray for Ben #hope #faith #love Amen 🙏💯❤️😇

  • @cassie.trulyy just got DM’d and i dont know MAYBE YOURE THE PRAYER ONE I NEEDED. Ben wished to be going home to and with hospice until he’s called upon by God! That was his ultimate wish and the doctors all agreed he will get what he’s wished for. Home. Just know we’re all different and I’m not going to agree with or go along with anything I don’t see or care about to the point of an argument. This whole day was pretty intense waiting to hear if Ben a 16 yr old boy would get his wish. After your last message I checked my DM and confirmed! He will get to go home. Thank you. 🙏💯❤️😇 you should pray because it looks to me that’s where I saw not a hater but something. A woman of the Lord is the best woman/women ! GOD IS GOOD! #love thank you dolly👍

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