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Making memories and we don’t even live here yet...cannot wait to move into my latest custom #designbuild which will be my family the #5ersons special place for a long time!
Explored a cave today with the #5ersons and friends. It was cold and dark and pretty cool as it opened up into other lava tubes underground and above.
730 days. That’s when I lost you dad. It honestly seems like just a few weeks. We had so many things we were supposed to do together. So many more ideas to complete. So many hikes to go on. So many things you had planned for my kids. I wanna say “it’s not fair” every day. I don’t wanna get out of bed still some mornings. I know you’re watching though from up there. Probably on a big mountain in heaven. A couple nights ago Taylor said I bet he’s hunting a “big old buck” up there huh dad? I said ya, I’m sure he is. I know you wouldn’t want me or my family to hurt from this. To just keep going. You loved us so much. I can still feel that. My kids can feel that. I love you dad. I’m down here still trying to give every day everything I’ve got. Helping mom with whatever she needs. Teaching my kids just a slice of the wisdom you taught me. Trusting in God. I miss you like crazy. Thanks for every moment and memory you gave me. It’s cherished forever.
Quick photoshoot with my daughter @kayla_iverson05 - she’s growing up so quickly into a beautifully amazing, creative girl!
Swipe through for a couple more iPhone snapshots from the brand new @missmeersshoeboutique that I just finished at @oakwaycenter - so fun!
My Miss Meers Boutique #designbuild had a photo shoot last night for the brand new store, & I can’t wait to share the images soon on @jordaniversonsignaturehomes - if you just can’t wait and need to go shoe shopping, you can see it in person over at @oakwaycenter in the new @hyatt_eugene 👍🏼