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  Posted: Oct 2, 2017 6:09 PM FEED
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We can pray but we should probably do some other things too.
  • Honestly I always say this...I get that some some people need faith. But faith is not helping NOW at THIS MOMENT. #gunreform

  • Yes! Yes! Yes!

  • AGREED! 🙏❤️

  • As a woman who owns a gun, I would gladly give up my weapon if it meant having a safer America.

  • It is my 2nd amendment right.

  • Amen!

  • You actually have a point. Yes they say God protects us and gives us faith but even so we need to use our brains, hands and power to stop all this actions..... I mean... is God our housekeeper?

  • I realize we have a gun problem. But I'm also a believer. Believers should pray, but they should also act. I feel like this is just an attack on believers, I hope I'm wrong. No one complains when people say "my thoughts are with...." but complain over prayers. God hears our prayers but it's absolutely necessary we also take action.

  • Agree. Prayers are good but we need to take action. Praying is not enough.

  • Prayers aren’t doing SHIT.

  • @suzwils hello! I notice you bake! So as a home baker do you find comfort in knowing you can purchase an automatic weapon? Is that what right to bear arms mean to you? I'm curious how people stand behind the 2nd amendment right argument on a weapon of this magnitude.

  • Have not heard any confirmation that he had automatic weapons. I would be very surprised if he did, the hoops you have to go through to get them makes them virtually unobtainable.

  • Could not agree more! Thank you for this, Vanessa!

  • @suzwils Your second amendment right doesn't actually specify what type of arms you can bear. It was written in the end of the 1700s. The authors of this amendment had no idea the caliber of weapons we'd be facing in the 21st century. It is time to take a look at what we really want that right to mean for the safety of everyone.

  • @av8rmark Before you dig your heels in, go on YouTube. Watch the videos and listen. I mean it's horrible but listen. And also why not do some research here. They'll confirm it by the end of the day.

  • @suzwils what about my right to life and liberty mentioned in the Declaration of Independence? Does your 2nd amendment right to own a fire arm (which an automatic assault rifle should really be classified as a weapon of war) trump my right to not be shot at during peace time at a music concert?

  • @vanessacarltonactual No heel digging here, just hadn't heard a confirmation. Not watching those videos, I dont want that burned into my brain.

  • @av8rmark The New York Times article I read quoted his brother as being surprised that he had automatic weapons, though the police report seems to just site them as rifles.

  • @av8rmark who cares what kind of guns they were. That man used a gun (or guns) to shoot into a crowd of innocent people. We as a society have proven time and time again that we cannot safely have guns. It doesn’t work.

  • but now like 80% of those "thoughts and prayers" for vegas will now be canceled so Tom Petty can have some

  • Let me first say that this event and events that have preceded this, are tragic and my heart goes out to all involved. I will keep these innocent victims and their families in my prayers. It is not something I wish on anyone. With that being said I, as you do, have my own beliefs and am using my first amendment rights.

  • @suzwils you're not using them very well. You haven't answered any of the questions put up you.

  • @suzwils you are why the rest of us think Americans are stupid. Sorry to the rest of you that get tarred with the same brush

  • There is absolutely no reason for us to have a gun!

  • Well said! Prayers don't take guns out of people's hands!!!!!!

  • Over a year ago a lady in vegas ran over ppl. Her weapon was a car. The guns ppl are getting are from underground. NV has tough gun laws. This post is assuming ppl dont write letters and call.

  • @av8rmark automatic weapons actually aren't all that difficult to get. You can totally build them for cheap-ish. Neat hobby, for sure!

  • @jayaregee sure but the process for getting the tax stamp is pretty lengthy. Still no confirmations

  • Guns are like drugs...people will always get them. Doesn’t matter what’s legal or not.

  • People say they need access to assault rifles to protect themselves. I'd love to see the statistics on how many people were protected vs. how many were killed by them.

  • Yes.. No gun. Yes it's an issue for eveyone. Guns really bring harm. America you can start it. I can imagine how this beginning can change the world.

  • I hope you've got an XL glass of 🍷 @vanessacarltonactualbut but just know if you get tired of schooling these dinguses commenting on your total apparent presence of both logic and ethics.... I'll tap in for ya 🙄💜....let me at 'em!

  • Can we just leave politics out for a day so those souls can heal

  • Seriously you are the best. Thank you for being direct in your beliefs and using your status to take a stand. Other artists could learn a lot from you... Other female artists... blonde ones that are very quiet. 😣

  • Civilians should always be allowed access to anything their government has access to, in the interest of protecting themselves against their government.

  • And faith with out work is dead. A.k.a., "God helps those who help themselves." I agree with that. Be the change you want to see.

  • @ryllewellyn I think that’s the right stance to have! It’s the doing nothing and wringing of hands and just praying that many are against. We can take action. Blessings to you.

  • @will.perrin and a little bit of pain

  • @suzwils So it was Stephen Paddocks 2nd amendment right to sneak 23 firearms into his hotel room and kill 59 people and wound 527 people? Yes or no, please.

  • @suzwils god bless America?? We just suffered one of the most horrible mass shootings.... at least 59 dead and over 500 are injuried. It's clear your words and prayers are empty. I hope you can see that just blindly following something will lead you to more darkness.

  • The problem are not the guns, after all, guns are just objects, the real problem is the ideas inside the mind of the killer. And I'm sorry, but the Government is not god, usually, the solutions given by the government are worse than the problem. Don't block me, it just an opinion.

  • Automatic weapons have been illegal since 1986. The problem with gun laws though is that no matter how harsh you make them, it will keep guns out of the hands of law abiding citizens. Criminals do not care if they possess illegal firearms, they are criminals. I am not saying that the common person should be able to get an assault weapon. I am saying that we should rely less on government doing things for us. Faith first in yourself.

  • Thank you for continuously using you platform for good. Not only are you a favorite artist of mine but thankfully a really great person.

  • @chadtheawesome_007_ this is the same argument we hear time and time again yet countries with strict gun laws are not seeing the volume of gun related crimes as America does. It is sad.

  • @kmrwriting other countries do not have our second smendment. If you wish to be like other countries I would suggest moving there. The founding fathers created this amendment because they didn't trust government and wanted the people to keep the government in check. Guns are a tool, people are weapons. Even if you took away guns, killers would find a way to kill. They always do.

  • @chadtheawesome_007_ Hello! That is the cliche argument. We've all heard it before. People are not the weapons. And weapons have different intensities and capacities. And the easier the access to guns the more violence. That has been proven in the U.K. and Australia, among others. Did you know policemen in the U.K. don't carry? Those are facts. We are all on the same side in this in that we do not want to see anymore public massacres. Let's explore different ways of looking how to prevent it rather than everyone hiding behind age old lines that we've all heard before. Allow me to share a cliche that is true, together we are stronger.

  • @vanessacarltonactual I have great respect for you and your music, however I would disagree with you. The definition of weapon us not only for guns. It is something that can cause harm. In early human development we used our hands to kill for food. We also used them to build. People are what they choose to be. This man in particular used his choice to modify a gun into an assault weapon and use on others. Killers find a way to kill is the point I'm making. What happened was truly terrible. However should we tell law abiding citizens to turn their property in to be scraped and let the government care for us? Or should we help others defend themselves against such attacks through teaching them not to fear and how to properly use not only guns much every self defense tool available?

  • @chadtheawesome_007_ Hello. The govt has a nuclear bomb. Why don't we have the right to have individual nuclear bombs? The line is drawn but drawn too high. Teaching people not to fear? The only way to reduce fear is to implement safer gun policy and eliminate access to gratuitous weapons that have no place in society. Allow me to present another example: Can you go to Walmart and buy morphine? No. Again, The government already has a lot of restrictions in place that is affecting your life. They aren't moving on this because of ideology and money. I appreciate your opinion and hope that we can start supporting each other rather than the right to acquire more violent weapons. Signing off.

  • @vanessacarltonactual I too have enjoyed this discussion and your opinions. I also hope we can find common ground to support one another as well as hopefully enjoying future discussions with each other. Signing off.

  • Well said

  • There is no real solution to this. We just have to accept this is what our country is now. You can completely ban guns and it will still happen. In other words, make sure to pack some heat and hope this doesn't happen to you or anyone you know. That's all you can do

  • @chimpo29 there are solutions! Or at least partial ones. The world will never be perfect but does that mean it can not be improved? It's not about whether or not these things will happen. It's more about the frequency they are happening at. If we can prevent these things...decrease the chances of lives being taken then why wouldn't we. Numbers don't lie and if we compare gun laws here vs. countries where this type of thing is far less common then we can see that policy change IS a solution.

  • Vanessa, do you realize that fully automatic guns have been banned in the USA since 1986? And that it's illegal to even buy replacement parts for them? So, given the fact that Paddock used a weapon or weapons that are already banned, how do you propose that we make them "further banned"?

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We can pray but we should probably do some other things too.
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