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Never thought I'd be so happy to see Ontario after 2 days of driving through the prairies. 🏕
Day 2 of jasper and really did not want to start our trek across the prairies.... 🌲🏔
Next stop on the trip... Columbia Ice fields 🏔🌲
I definitely think I'm 100% original with this photo... 🏔🇨🇦 #therewereacoupletouristshere
Our first stop on the ride home is my new favourite place. Good coffee, tacos, mountain biking and snowboarding, what more could you ask for? 🌲🏔🏕
The ending of a great day doing absolutely nothing ✌🏻🌲🍄
Easily the best camping spot I've ever been to 🏕🏔✌🏻🇨🇦
Oh hello Mr. Grizzly Bear 🌲🇨🇦
West Vancouver why you gotta be so expensive. 😭
Rainy weekends in the city ☔️🌲🇨🇦