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Lin-Manuel got us acting like school children & I'm not mad.
Shoutout to @pavemint for letting the Squad Goals go HAM. Special thanks to @roarkeanderson for letting us ruin his house.
Pulitzer Prize winner @utnicky (his photo "Nepalm Girl" changed the direction of the Vietnam War) came by @phantomfirm today & snapped a photo of the squad going maroon on maroon on maroon.
A bat just broke into my house... See my story for a saga that even Christopher Nolan would deem epic.
Too lit, ain't nobody fucking with my clique.
Watching Okja has made me & @sarahzurell question eating meat in a way that only Beefsteak can undue. @ericwareheim you're our only hope.
Take a look at my story in case you want to hear about my new friend @jwonggg embarrassing me in front of the greatest video game players on planet earth at @echofoxgg's #Foxcon
Jazz, clase azul reposada, & this group of amazing humans helped me thoroughly enjoy what otherwise would have been the lamest Wednesday in the history of mankind. What kind of goofy holiday makes you go back to work the next day? Grow up, America! PS I'm 34 years old now, so shout out to my parents for not wearing a condom and giving love a chance.
Bowie is heckin tired of all this work. 13/10 would pet overtime.
Most people don't know this about me, but I have not one, but two contingents of my family with roots in Syria. And because they got an opportunity for education one became an engineer for Intel, and the other a Harvard M.D., and now in the wake of the crisis happening in Syria I #CantDoNothing about the thousands of refugee kids who aren't getting that same opportunity for an education, so I donated to the Syria Fund to help. For World Refugee Day, join me: add your photo and invite friends to do the same. Make a donation if you can (or share this if you can't), as 100% of donations are being matched dollar for dollar.
We are all refugees until none of us are. Last night the brilliant @ellabellsmith posed one of Shakespeare's most important questions: Whither would you go?

Shakespeare writes: “You’ll put down strangers,/ Kill them, cut their throats, possess their houses,/ And lead the majesty of law in lyam/ To slip him like a hound. Alas, alas! Say now the King/ As he is clement if th’offender mourn,/ Should so much come too short of your great trespass/ As but to banish you: whither would you go?/What country, by the nature of your error,/ Should give you harbour? Go you to France or Flanders,/ To any German province, Spain or Portugal,/ Nay, anywhere that not adheres to England:/ Why, you must needs be strangers.”
Who wore it better- American Idol Edition: Steve Zizzou & @sarahzurell