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Mini’s aren’t ONLY for you and your significant other. They can be photos of just YOU, you can use them for fun, for your business portfolio, your dating website, for social media or to just document YOU in this chapter of your life.
You can bring your pets, your family members, your siblings, your kids, nieces/nephews, you can fit as many variations of people as you would like in the 15-20 minutes of shooting!
Message me to book, you won’t regret it! #portraitpage #vw #thatpnwlife #selfie
We chose to do them in Olympia, WA on February 10th and 14th. (Yes, the bus is included as a prop!) Find my email in my bio if you have any questions at all and make sure and email as soon as possible to reserve your spot! @lms_photo and I are SO excited for these, we have some really amazing things planned! 😁
I posted something about “for better or for worse” a few weeks ago when I shared a photo of this couple. Let me explain. I’ve gotten to know this couple the past few years, I was there to photograph Garrett when he played a song for Danette on his guitar and got down on one knee and asked her to be his wife, I was there when they exchanged vows, I remember how nervous Garrett was and how beautiful Danette looked. I’ve followed their story through the birth of their three beautiful children including the loss of their youngest; Sawyer. The amount of grief, of hospital trips and struggles they have endured just doesn’t seem fair. I think about them a lot, all five of them.
I love these people, I don’t think they realize how much they have taught me and probably others. They radiate love, commitment, devotedness, transparency, honesty and family.
During this moment we were photographing them on their 4th wedding anniversary and almost a year since they lost baby Sawyer, the sky opened up and shone down from the heavens. It passed quickly, maybe 20-30 seconds but it was truly breathtaking. I would like to think that it was Sawyer saying “Hi, mom and dad! Happy Anniversary, I love you and I miss you.”
Danette and Garrett, know that you are so loved, Willow, Archer and Sawyer, too. ❤️
I went to the store and purchased a whole bunch of things so I could attempt to organize my apartment today, then I came home and now I’m sitting on my couch watching Netflix not organizing my apartment.
Here’s a photo of me by Skogafoss.
User Image bonitagabrielle Posted: Jan 11, 2018 7:06 PM (UTC)

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@chris.j.parkinson took this of me and Logan in Scotland and it’s one of my favorites of us so I HAD to share it with you guys! You should all go check out his work and if you ever visit the UK you should hire him! Sososo talented.
My camera is my tool, I use it to show my couples how special and unique their love is in the form of photographs. When two individuals in love feel comfortable enough to open up to me, to show me their love, THATS when I know I’ve done my job and that’s when the photo taking part becomes a breeze 🙌🏼
I get REALLY into New Years Resolutions, I love change and self improvement. One (out of my fifty) this year is trying to find more balance in my life; last year I felt like I was working and traveling a little bit too much, I’m ready to cut down a little bit on that and focus on personal self care and embracing “Home”. What were some of your New Years Ressys?
PS this is not a photo of my home. Random beautiful cabin in Iceland ❤️
Lars woke Kaylee up at 5 AM and took her up to the top of her roof where they had a doughnut breakfast, watched the sunrise and he asked her to marry him.
Months later here we are taking engagement photos! 🍩 💍 🌅
In 2017 I (we) traveled, a LOT. I photographed about 40 Weddings, spent wayyyy to much time in the car, met and worked with some AMAZING couples, spent lots and lots of quality time with my sweet love/coworker/travel companion @lms_photo and my pup Jenny. It was a year full of love, improvements, lessons and blessings and I can only hope that this year will be just as wonderful.
Happy New Year everyone!
LONG DISTANCE FOR 3 1/2 YEARS?! Living on different sides of the world didn’t stop these two from getting engaged a couple weeks ago! Getting to photograph their special love today was so amazing and easy, just look at themmm 😍😍😍
Here is a photo of one of the most beautiful couples I know with one of the prettiest bouquets I have ever seen. @fleuraefloral all day long ❤️❤️
@danette_grace and Garrett thinking of you guys 🎄 💕
For better or for worse; these two have been through SO much in their four years of marriage and it was an honor to photograph them today. I couldn't have asked for a better day spent with more beautiful people. @danette_grace and Garrett thank you for blessing us with your presence today, Happy 4 year Anniversary. ❤️❤️
Sometimes (and by sometimes I mean all the time) it feels like we live out of our cars and it's because we know that we won't always have the flexibility to take last minute trips to the coast like this. We live in SUCH a beautiful place and it never ever gets old.
That being said, it may LOOK like we are on vacation all the time but we definitely work hard, too. Off to our last wedding of the year today!! 😁❤️