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  Posted: Apr 3, 2012 4:04 AM FEED
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Yesterday I got to spend some quality time with Knox...because he wouldn’t nap and his brother slept for forever haha 🤦🏻‍♀️ #twinlife #2monthold #babyboy #KnoxDaryl
These boys turned TWO months on October 2nd! Time is flying but at the same time it feels like they’ve been in our lives forever. It has been so much fun getting to know these little stinkers :) As of now they both act pretty similar...they’re hungry all the time, smile a lot and cry a lot. They fight nap time but sleep well when they do go down...and even though Vitek and I are more tired than we thought possible...we wouldn’t trade this life for anything! Knox and Kruz have our hearts 💙🖤💙
1. Knox left Kruz right
2&3. Kruz
4&5. Knox
6. Knox left Kruz right
7. Kruz
8. Knox
9. Kruz
10. Knox 😍😍 #knoxandkruz #knoxdaryl #kruzduane #identicaltwinboys #identicaltwins #twinsofinstagram #2monthsold #sweetbabies #twinbabyboys #twins
Posted: Sep 27, 2017 12:45 PM
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Watch his wrists! Both Kruz and Knox do this when they're waking up or done eating. It's the cutest thing and they do it identically. So crazy that two different little humans...even tho they're twins...have so many of the exact same mannerisms. I love and miss these boys so much! #KruzDuane
I'm only a little obsessed 😉😍
1. Knox 2. Kruz 3. Knox left Kruz right
#twins #twinsofinstagram #identicaltwinboys #obsessed #knoxandkruz
Pics 1-3 are Kruz
4-6 are Knox
7 Knox on left Kruz on right
8-10 Kruz on left Knox on right
These two are a month old (+ 2 days) 😭😭 where has the time gone?! They are the sweetest babies...but don't do too much other than eat sleep and 💩lol
They are growing more aware of their surroundings everyday and every now and then we get a cute smile outta them 😊
@vitek89 and I are more tired than we've ever been but we wouldn't trade this past month for the world! These boys have changed our lives in every way and we are so blessed that they are ours 😍😍 Can't wait for the rest of their lives!! #twins #1monthold #knoxandkruz #identicaltwinboys #twinparents #babyboys
Baby boys just had their first REAL baths yesterday! I think we can all see who hated the experience 😂 #Knoxhatesbaths #knoxandkruz #firstbath #4weeksold #twins #cleanbabies

1. Knox 2. Kruz 3. Knox 4. Kruz
Posted: Aug 24, 2017 5:50 PM
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38 weeks 1 day with twins vs. 3 weeks postpartum! I haven't exercised at all...I only have breastfeeding to thank 😉 #feelingood #3weekspostpartum
Knox is on the left and Kruz on the right 👍🏻they're looking more and more alike everyday! We've gotta start painting a toenail or something 😳 #knoxandkruz #identicaltwins #identicaltwinboys #3weeksold
Twins much? 😂😂
They're just the sweetest sleeping babies I ever did see 😴🤗😍
#identicaltwins #identicaltwinboys #knoxandkruz #sleepingbabies
These cuties have my heart!!! 😍😍
1st pic is Kruz and 2nd is Knox.
Knox is now 6lb 12oz and Kruz is 6lb 7.5oz. They're 2 week appointment went better than we could have hoped for...we have two very healthy and happy boys! I feel so blessed to be their mama ❤️❤️ #identicaltwins #identicaltwinboys #17daysold @wubbanub @twiniversity #knoxandkruz
Posted: Aug 16, 2017 5:14 PM
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Happy babies 😍 Knox is in the first video and Kruz in the second. They love their swings!