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piaa742 289w ago
Have a great week IG!
  • nikon2859 289w ago

    You too! Have a super fantastic magnificent fun week.

  • nikon2859 289w ago

    Forgot to ask.. What's for dinner?

  • piaa742 289w ago

    @nikon2859 hehe! Leftovers: 😁 KFriedChicken, Mac n cheese, potato wedges, corn n biscuits. N u? :)

  • nikon2859 289w ago

    Oh yumm! I haven't had Mac n cheese in over a year. Can you believe that? I had grilled reuben sandwich and a tangerine. Just so you know.. I like the California tangerines better than the Florida ones. So yayy for Cali!

  • piaa742 289w ago

    @nikon2859 I'm gonna have to try the Reuben sandwich someday and our tangerines are sweet! I like your meal good for the body!👍

  • nikon2859 288w ago

    Just a friendly reminder: No uploads since two days? Why?

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🎉Happy birthday to my sister @ilovelyk who has 4 daughters that live with, me! Lol. Ever since I met you, all I've ever known you to be was kind, loving, very generous, caring, and sweet. I always tell people how lucky I am to have such an amazing sister-in-law! I hope today brings you nothing but happiness and lots of love... you deserve that today and everyday! 💗I love you and your 4 girls here, love you oh so much too!😁 Thank you for being you and for being in our lives! Happy Birthday Sis!❤️❤️❤️
My baby's first days of college...
And my other baby's days of preschool😁😢 #CharlizeSoleil #AverieSkye #alwaysmybaby
piaa742 21w ago
Seventeen years and four daughters later... 💑👭👭. Happy anniversary Rodell🍷🌹... ❤️U
piaa742 22w ago
My purpose in life... is to be their mom. Thank you for the honor, Charlize, Tiana, Madison, Averie.
piaa742 23w ago
My baby's senior prom... you look beautiful @charlizesa💖!
piaa742 24w ago
Loved this morning...Had thee best brunch, in a greenhouse, listening to the best music by @djseano, accompanied by these beautiful ladies @tinasantos733 @chanduh @evonum @m17731 @mstorresm, sadly missing some.
piaa742 27w ago
💞Happy birthday to my little sister @kay645 who takes care of me like I'm the younger one☺️. I remember our Lakewood house.. when we'd carefully place a box of Kleenex on top of the door ajar so when either one of us would walk into each other's rm, the box would fall on our heads, and then we'd laugh so hard! Or when we'd go out n get on another level, we couldn't be in the same rm cuz our stomachs hurtin and almost dying from laughing so hard!😂 oh the simple days😌. Thank you for always being there- watching the girls, covering me, taking us in, planning our nights out, driving and deciding on what I should drink, lol! You are one of a kind! I am blessed to have YOU as my sister. I love you❤
piaa742 31w ago
Enjoying my cancelled-from-work day with my baby girl. #jussittinaround #raretimes #AverieSkye
piaa742 32w ago
Better late than never.. happy birthday babe! We love you Tiana! @tianaagabon
piaa742 38w ago
Happy birthday to this awesome 16 year old! We love you and your fun loving spirit, my sweet Tiana Milan!💖
piaa742 39w ago
Wish I had more off days to spend with this funny girl. (Vid credit: Charlize, thnx for capturing this, babe!💖)
piaa742 41w ago
Happy birthday, Mr. I-don't-make-silly-faces guy! Lol. Hope your day was happy! @rolo74