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Ravioli filled w/ fish & served w/ cherry tomatoes & prawns

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#FRTakeover with @meilin21. Spotted on the streets of Hanoi: Buddha's hand, a Citrus, named for it's shape and close resemblance to finger like sections on a hand. #FRTakeover #buddhashand #citrus #hanoi @foodrepublic
Hey Guys! 👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽 @meilin21 here! I’ll be doing a  #FRtakeover while I’m here in Hanoi, Vietnam! check out my Adventures on @foodrepublic instagram! :)))) #búnriêu #hanoi #herbs #tomatocrabbroth
Our friends at @wasteddoc just released their film, WASTED! The Story of Food Waste, featuring @anthonybourdain, @mariobatali @massimobottura, @chefdanbarber, @dannybowienchinesefood and many more. In theaters and On Demand today! Tickets and info at #WASTEDDoc #RethinkFood #FRavorites
Prepare your eyeballs 👀. Learn how to make @king.newyork’s signature #dessert, #chocolate tart, with chef Jess Shadbolt. Swipe thru to watch. #newyork #FRavorites
We wined, we wandered, we stomped, we conquered. Thanks @foodrepublic for letting us share our España extravaganza with all of you ✌️ Loved watching our takeover? Want to chat and get recommendations for a trip you’re taking to Spain? Follow us on Instagram, and visit for more. —
#FRTakeover by @barcelonawinebar #barcelonawinebar #bwbspaintrip
After a dinner at ReComiendo, a tasting tour at Toro Albala, a tapas tour in Granada, and a visit to Alhamabra, for our final day, we were excited to indulge in a beachside grill at Hermanos Muñoz just outside of Málaga, Spain. This local eatery is known for its “Espetos”–wood grilled sardines on a stake. We also enjoyed other fire-charred local seafood 🐟 including whole grilled squid. Málaga wow’ed us with not only its authentic seaside cuisine, but its charming streets, murals, and architecture. —
#FRTakeover by @barcelonawinebar #barcelonawinebar #bwbspaintrip
Our Wine & Spirits Director, @gretchenlenae, knows A LOT about wine and also happens to be barrels of fun. When we visited Bodegas y Viñedos Ponce to visit our dear friend, Juan Antonio Ponce, he surprised the team with the opportunity to stomp grapes. He not only makes fantastic wines, he knows and cares about his relationship with #barcelonawinebar. He expresses true gratitude and hospitality whenever we visit. His wines are pleasant, easy drinking, yet soulful–a great representation of the winemaker himself. After we *crushed* 🍇 our tour, we headed outdoors to fire-up an authentic asado. Over coals from the grape vines on the property, we cooked up Baby Lamb Chops along with Potatoes cooked in Olive Oil and Eggs

#FRTakeover by @barcelonawinebar #barcelonawinebar #bwbspaintrip
It wouldn’t be a trip to Valencia, Spain without a feast at the notorious Casa Montaña. Swipe 👉 to join our feast. 🍽 : Spice-cured Tuna, Jamón Iberico from Huelva

#FRTakeover by @barcelonawinebar #barcelonawinebar #bwbspaintrip
After a walking tapas feast through the gothic quarter of Barcelona, a tasting at Cavas Masachs, a tour of La Boella, and a visit to Celler Joan d'Anguera, we made it to one of our favorite hidden gem eateries in L’Ampolla, Spain–Lo Goleró. Swipe 👉 to check out what we’re noshing on. 🍽 : Almejas 'Lo Goleró' (a recurring favorite dish from years of Spain trips–Mediterranean clams, steamed in white wine and the broth gets thickened with a paste of almonds, bread, garlic and pimentón), Oysters, Mussels, Fideos (toasted pasta and local shellfish)

#FRTakeover by @barcelonawinebar #barcelonawinebar #bwbspaintrip
Touchdown to tapas! After a 10-hour travel day, we’re ready to feast. First stop: Granja Elena [@borjasigranjaelena]. Swipe 👉 to check out our first bites in Barcelona, Spain. 🍽 : Dry-Aged Galician Beef cured in-house with Miso, Galet de Atun (braised tuna with a flavor/texture btw beef short ribs & Japanese Eel), Suckling Pig, Risotta of Foie and Black Truffle —
#FRTakeover by @barcelonawinebar #barcelonawinebar #bwbspaintrip
Pack your bags, fasten your seat belts, and get your appetites ready @foodrepublic friends–the #barcelonawinebar team is taking you on an epic journey the next couple of days. Follow along as we take an in-depth look at the team's recent tour of 🇪🇸 Spain #bwbspaintrip

🤔: You might be wondering — who are we and why do we take our chefs and managers to Spain multiple times a year? 👋: We’re a chef-driven Spanish tapas restaurant and wine bar–our passion for hospitality is fueled by our desire to build authentic relationships with not just our guests, but our Spanish vintners and vendors. We venture to Spain several times a year with select #facesofbwb because we believe that living, eating, and breathing the Spanish lifestyle is far more valuable to our team than any other training we can provide. We immerse ourselves in the culture because we believe in experiencing first-hand the inspiration behind our concept so we can re-create it for our guests.
👥: @gretchenlenae, @adamhalberg, @chefjosephl, @raasikhinc, david bromberg, don hart, marcellus coleman, john scott

In the meantime, we’d love to hear your favorite sites in Spain–comment and tag us below ✈️🍽 #FRTakeover by @barcelonawinebar
Arrived at Bodega Casado Alvides, in Ribera del Duero, just in time for harvest. We spent the day getting our hands dirty & testing #tempranillo grapes in the vineyard. Closing out our visit with a #wine tasting in their 17th century underground cellar! #FRTakeover @riberaruedawine 📸: José Berdon #Himmelhitstheroad @Grill23andBar