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I'm feeling summery.😊
  • anyarud 289w ago

    Cute ❤

  • heilaw_ 288w ago

    I have the mint green pair from Zara too and I want, NEED the floral one.😍 are they from Zara also?

  • @fujeelime I love these mint green pants!😊 And yes the floral ones are from Zara, too.

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"Excellence Under Uncertainty" — Great talk by Paul Rosania, Head of Core Product at @slackhq hosted by @productscount at @yelp. Paul gave an overview of the many risks and uncertainties that software teams face. When building exceptional products, focus, agility and ambition are 🔑
Focus. Decide what actually matters.
Agility. React quickly to new information.
Ambition. Chase big opportunities.

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