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Sunrise laps out in Bishop. Grandpa and Grandma Peabody Boulders. Photo: @ken_etzel.
Lord of the Rings Traverse, Eastern Sierra. "An early start to winter meant postponing this beauty of a link-up this weekend... but when the conditions don't align, you have to trust the mountains will always be there; it's your job to make sure you will be too. See ya next season, High Sierra." Words and photo by @matthew_tufts.
The spoils of the backcountry. Kings Canyon National Park. Photo: @elizabethshrier.
"Life would be so flat without sharing experience." - @vivianbruchez. Vivian and his climbing partner along the Cosmiques Ridge en route to the summit of Aiguille du Midi, Chamonix. Photo: @alexbuisse.
Fall foliage dots the headwaters of the Chitina River, Wrangell - St. Elias National Park. Photo: @freddiewilkinson.
Crossing the world's largest glaciers to raise awareness of declining glacial health. Empowering young women across the globe to to break down barriers and climb both physical and invisible mountains. Spending weeks in the African wilderness working to protect and preserve its last pristine wetland. These are just a few of the stories of the people behind the #ImpactInitiative. As environmentalists, thought leaders, humanitarians and storytellers, these Ambassadors of Impact are part of a collective mission to inspire us all to support solutions to help protect the outdoor playground we all love. Learn more at
The Impact Initiative. As environmentalists, thought leaders, humanitarians and storytellers, these Ambassadors of Impact are part of a collective mission to inspire us all to support solutions to help protect the outdoor playground we all love. Meet our ambassadors and hear more stories at #ImpactInitiative
Base camp glow. Kangerlussuaq, Greenland. Photo: @lausthmark.
Fall in the Alps. Switzerland's Pizol Alp after a fresh coat. Photo: @swissonfoot.
"Bouldering is hard on the fingers and bod. And at the end of the day I often feel like I haven’t done a ton of actual climbing but there’s something so addictive about it, about focusing so closely on and learning the nuances of a sequence of extremely difficult and uncomfortable moves so that you can put many of them together in succession." - @ethan_pringle at Howl's Moving Castle (V12/V13), Black Mountain, CA. Photo: @kevinmichaelsian.
Chasing the perfect Alaskan moment with @freddiewilkinson (3/3) | "The view from above the clouds as the sun begins to set on the Chitina River Valley, Wrangell - St. Elias National Park. The best mountain conditions come through patience. We woke at 5 a.m. that morning and were airborne an hour later, hoping to catch the morning light among these giant peaks. But a half-hour beyond the last-stop village of McCarthy, it was obvious the weather wasn’t cooperating. Torn between returning to McCarthy to refuel and pressing on, we set down at @ultimathule ’s backcountry lodge to turn off our machine and consider our options. The lodge's amiable proprietors offered us breakfast. We waited. A bank of clouds pulsed down the valley. Soon, lunch was being served. We waited some more. By 4 p.m., bright holes of blue sky speckled the hills around us, and we were airborne again. Near the toe of the glacier the clouds began to recede, like a giant blanket pulled back to reveal a spectacular mountain wilderness." Words and photos by @freddiewilkinson on a @sanctityofspace aerial shoot.
Chasing the perfect Alaskan moment (2/3) | Deep in the Alaskan bush, @ultimathule's squadron of cubs take a breather after a busy summer ferrying guests around the Wrangell Mountains. Photo: @freddiewilkinson.
Chasing the perfect Alaskan moment with @freddiewilkinson (1/3) | Somewhere between Tonsina and Thompson Pass, the road disappears and the Chugach Mountains take over. Photo: @freddiewilkinson.
Splitter season in Tuolumne Meadows. What routes have you checked off the list this year? Photo: @ken_etzel.
From @andy_mann while on expedition with @mikelibecki and @ethan_pringle: "One of our world's great artists, Aurora Borealis, paints on the night sky over Southeast Greenland. // I spent this night bivied on the roof of our small boat as the 7 of our crew along with 38 overpacked expedition bags fought for space on the cramped 20 foot Viknes which was giving us a lift back to the airfield at Kulusuk. I definitely made the correct decision, despite almost being rocked off into the Arctic icy waters a few times in my sleep."
"Mt. Humphreys. Took on a classic Sierra peak with @ostrow12 today. We attempted the East Arete but came up a little short. Nonetheless it's not all about the summit. Pictured is Dan making his way down from 13,000ft. We took off yesterday evening and drove 6 hours to the trailhead to wake up early this morning to climb and drive back. For the love of adventure." Words and photo by @claytonherrmann.
The striking landscape of Upper Mustang, Nepal. For nearly four decades, the American Himalayan Foundation (@himfdn) has been dedicated to the cultural and environmental preservation of the Himalaya and to bringing education, healthcare, and opportunity to the people that inhabit this special corner of the world. Follow the link in our bio to learn more about the AHF and their efforts to restore Upper Mustang's natural and cultural artifacts on our blog. Photo: @luigifieni.
Morning routine in Le Mondarrain, France. Photo: @truxpic.