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Well I wasn’t first to the party this morning. But close. Go watch @kblock43 slay #pikespeak in @thehoonigans latest video #ClimbkhanaPikesPeak.
Well done guys. Worth the wait! #hoonigan #hoonicornV2 #toyotires @brianscotto
Ta-Da! 🎉 I have been picking away at this as stress relief for a little while. Not an exact replica, but I think it's bitchin' 🤘🏻 Introducing my @jchase7452 #tri5byfire @hotwheelsofficial #custom. Customized by myself. (Swipe 👉🏻) What do you think? Should Jon put a blower on the real thing? Let @thehoonigans know #inthecomments.
@hotwheelsdreamteam #hotwheelsdreamteam #hoonigan #hooniganDOTcom #customhotwheels #hotwheelscustom #laldcustoms #diecast #superflymagazine @superfly_magazine
A thing happened the other day...
Welcome The Fabulous Hudson to our family.
Starting to work on a custom @hotwheelsofficial Chevy Gasser. So far there is some grey primer over red on the front so I can try and match some patina. And blacked out the interior. Dark grey back half coming soon. I think it might be quite helpful if @jchase7452 sent me some good side shots of his baby 😉
Saved this Dodge Demon @hotwheelsofficial from the scrap yard. Found on the side of the road. Broken axels and wheels. Yellowed windshield. Interior full of sand and the paint was totally jacked up. Tried to create a Sanded/Cell Shaded look. Just need to finish the custom axels for the new wheel and tire combo and she will be ready to roll. #laldcustoms @live_and_let_diecast #customhotwheels #hotwheelscustoms #diecast #dodgedemon #hotwheels
@magnuswalker @hotwheelsofficial sitting on the peg. I already have mine. Left these for another #carculture fan! 👌🏻🍻