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User Image andersoncooper Posted: Sep 10, 2017 3:26 AM (UTC)

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Waiting for the storm. Ft Myers. Photo snapped by the very talented photojournalist @jaymcmichaelcnn while also working behind his videocamera to keep us on the air.
  • @mbaydoun10 guess who's seeing him in person on Monday 🤗

  • You could sit down sweetie ☺️😂😂😂

  • Handsome

  • Klasse ☺🙂

  • Your interview with HC was so good. I could see such mutual respect between you two. Loved it. ❤️😭🤧

  • 8

  • @andersoncooper I'm available to be your New Year's Eve co-host if your looking! 😊

  • WTF! Has Anderson cooper always been that buff?!

  • A framable moment--fer sure@andersoncooper

  • Dayum........ lookin' good AC !

  • He almost looks like a real man

  • Thank you for speaking at @adcraftdetroit today! I'm a new fan. 👏🏼

  • Fantastic pic👍💕

  • japuls 5M ago

    Great photo and great coverage of Irma in Florida. We will always be grateful for your coverage of Katrina in Louisiana and Mississippi. You are the best!!!

  • Your absolutely gorgeeeeeeous 😘😍😍😍😍😍💪🏼😘😍❤️

  • You look so angry in this shot. But your body looks rockin.

  • Been working out. Looking good. Best person CNN has got. Love you all.

  • Good lawd!!!! You so fine you're foine

  • WERK. IT.

  • "The best way to predict the future is to create it" -Abraham Lincoln-

  • It was a pleasure meeting you earlier @andersoncooper.

  • You are so fine

  • Please put information out about Dominica , they were brutally effected by the hurricane . Do not forget about us .. prayfordominica🇩🇲

  • @andersoncooper would you please bring some light into the 7.1 earthquake in mexico city, I know you probably haven’t heard but they really need help.. Thank you!

  • Wow, 👍pic!!!

  • @andersoncooper your mom's instagram account is awesome 😉 Thank you for acting as her advisor even in the midst of a hurricane! 🌊

  • That black t-shirt 🖤

  • The infamous black t-shirt!

  • piajgc 5M ago

    Thanks for coming❤️!

  • Loved you on Seth

  • So handsome!

  • jkj369 5M ago

    @andersoncooper after listening to your podcast 369 today, I'm wondering...why are you convinced trumps lawyers had their discussion at BLT by accident? Maybe they wanted people to hear?

  • Thanks for the super storm coverage!!

  • @andersoncooper can you tell me more about the Vanderbilt slave ownership and just how much of that money made its way into your inheritance? Can you do that for me Mr. Vanderbilt?

  • I heard you were perfect now. No one can ever make a mistake without you pointing it out.

  • Aesthetic

  • What a tool.

  • DADDY 😻💖

  • On behalf of Dominica 🇩🇲thank you ❤️🙏🏽

  • Trump finally addressing real threats & putting aside for good the naive politically correct dialogue that has only gotten this country & the world chaos.....keep on Mr President & keep addressing the threats globally & domestically by their name & with stark realism

  • Thank you. ❤️

  • 😻

  • @andersoncooper do cartoon repeats still draw more viewers?

  • Keep it up!

  • Can you provide any information of how I can reach my parents in Puerto Rico? The numbers that have been provided do not even ring. I am desperate.

  • @andersoncooper will you be visiting and covering the destruction in Puerto Rico? I'm disappointed at the lack of coverage 😞

  • Así o más sabroso

  • You're ancestors owned hundreds of slaves🤔 Mr. Vanderbilt, how much money went into YOUR inheritance? Hypocrisy...

  • Rrrrrggggg ggguuuaauuff ladré

  • Andy Superman.. coo

  • Pretty sure that’s Tampa.

  • 👌

  • @carltonward I live in Ft. Myers. Pretty sure that’s Centennial Park in my city. ✌🏼

  • So cute.

  • Good job, as always you are more concerned than most.

  • Here's how to keep your body healthy and energized visit

  • Real journalism #sturdy ✊🏾

  • He is fine AF. He should have stood by Kathy Griffin.

  • Hey Anderson, what do you think of Plastic Pollution ?!

  • @jeanyvi he is there now

  • Roar Anderson

  • Keep up the good work! the world needs you more than ever, especially Puerto Rico

  • ❤️ to Puerto Rico

  • Que tiozão gostoso da porra

  • Yo vivo cheque por cheque de dinero lo que yo podía ser no entiendo esta gente que tienen tanto poder tanto dinero los artistas por favor de Dios Buy más nos aumente el dinero ustedes tienen el poder tienen privado aviones tienen el poder otra vez te dije yo vivo cheque por cheque Di lo que podía Si tuviera el poder de ir a ese país no hago pero no los tengo pero los artistas todo eso país necesitan ayuda no solamente Puerto Rico México todo corre bien se necesita ayuda hasta Cuba que un país comunista y sigue ser comunista esa pobre gente están viviendo una miseria con un país un presidente que es Comunista

  • @andersoncooper you are the best journalist a true professional love you!

  • 😍

  • @andersoncooper I just wanted to say THANK YOU.. from PR God Bless You

  • To assist the devastated communities in Puerto Rico, we are engaging in social corporate responsibility and foregoing our profits. We are providing our shipping services, at cost, for shipping relief items to Puerto Rico. We ask your assurance in making this information known to the public so families and friends can get emergency items to their loved ones in 🇵🇷 FAST! We provide services via air cargo, bypassing the backlogged sea port. wholesale rates for those in need

  • hott

  • Lindo

  • So buff Must be all the partner yoga with @kellyripa

  • Handsome

  • Amazing picture

  • Armed and dangerous!! 💪🏻💪🏻

  • Ready to report fallacies! Lmao

  • It's a Twister!

  • I recently (and by recent I mean a couple minutes ago) watched your video about Donald Trump calling himself a very, very smart man. I noticed that your team took the precious time to go through his thousands (if not millions) of tweets just to point out a few typos in his posts. I'm just here today asking if you have never ever made a typo in your life on a post? And here I see that you misspelt "video camera" unless "videocamera" is how it was spelt when you were in grade school. So, thanks for demeaning our President to everyone else and thinking you're above misspelling. I surely misspell all the time. The amount our President tweets, heck, of course there's going to be errors. He has better things to do with his time (like idk North Korea, helping communities affected by multiple hurricanes, dealing with the NFL, etc) than to check his spelling of which Apple phones misspell all the time with autocorrect. (In case you don't know...there is a website dedicated to the failure of's pretty funny and you should look at it when you have the time away from demeaning others to the general public.)

  • I love Anderson Cooper!

  • Airline pilot here. Wanna grab a drink next time I'm in the area?

  • @courtneynicolles hahahahahahahahahaha noooo

  • Today is October 23, 2017. I seriously think you should try to focus more on other news besides Trump. I just open cnn and I see you talking about Trump not calling family of fallen soldiers. Thanks to the amount of coverage you and other reporters are giving him, I can almost bet with you that he will be re-elected.

  • Got to hand it to you!!! Thanks for the video at Grand Central station. I OFTEN frequent the Cambell Apartment

  • 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • @alyssaundramermaid should the president really be worried about the NFL in the first place? I mean that's not really important but I agree with the miss spelling part tho lol

  • U do coke too? We see Andy high almost every night on his show. There have been ppl talking about that for years. But do you too?

  • 🗣💩

  • @steevethebee 100% he's got my vote #makeamericagreatagain 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Donald Trump for President 2020

  • Why don't you start reporting the truth for once and stop reporting fake bull crap @andersoncooper 💩💩💩💩 that's what you report



  • Great pic Coop!

  • Oh my God! Hi @andersoncooper, I'm a Brazilian fan, okay? How about you come to know Brazil? Kisses. I hope someday I'll meet you in person.

  • @gracestanton101 do you know him

  • HAHAHHAHA ILY and yes i do he's my uncle @_coleanderson2_

  • 👁🔥👁

  • Good day, I have a question for you, what does freedom of speech mean for you and freedom of choice?

  • The body? Yes. But the face kind of looks like a slightly younger Christopher Plummer. But it's only in this picture. His face looks really nice in most of the other pictures and especially the videos

  • vv_ds 3M ago

    Watched your interview with Ed Henry. Ugh so sorry that you have to talk to the dumbest republicans.

  • Lindooo 😍😍😍

  • @vtcarol happy Monday from Dad and I

  • 😊

  • Your the bomb

  • Only News I watch

  • 😍❤️

  • Woww

  • You should wait for the storm of your life

  • kttrnk 2M ago

    Mega cool pic

  • 🖤🔥

  • Come to Trancoso 💛💚💙 it's hot🌞

  • @andersoncooper tienes millones de Fan en 🇻🇪 todo salud💋👏🙏

  • ❤️👌🏼

  • 🇭🇹❣️

  • 😍😍😍😍

  • God Bless you!!!!

  • Your an amazing man! I had to find your page and let you know that! Thank you for standing up for humanity! Thank you for not forcing division amongst us! At the end of the day we are all people that should love one another ❤️🙌🏿🙏🏿

  • THANK YOU ❤️

  • I know It took a lot for you to speak, and say what you said in reference to Trump’s ignorant comments. I mean I know you do this for a living, but to speak up, and say what you mean, and in such a professional manner is definitely admirable. Thank you for being a voice, our voice. You are truly an inspiration. You are appreciated beyond what my words can express. I continue to wish you a career and life full of longevity, prosperity, and happiness. ✨ From the bottom of my heart thank you Mr. Cooper. ❤️ God bless you.

  • I’m a Puerto Rican raised in Florida but thank you so much for being one of the good people on this earth who speaks for others less fortunate or who have no voice. Using your platform for good, justice and kindness is the most beautiful thing... I cried watching what you said about the Haitians and other countries and I truly, even if I don’t know you, am very proud of you and admire your courage. God bless you now and always. I wish I could give you a big hug!!

  • P.s. you’re SO handsome and you look GREAT in this picture

  • U are so hotttttttttttttt

  • Ur so dope man!!!! I’d love to sit and chat with you about your experiences. Such a well put together dude. Kudos to you man! Continue to motivate inspire and enlighten! We need you at this moment in time. ⭐️

  • 💘💘💘💘💘😍😍😍😍😍

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AC2 in #HOUSTON tonight! SmartFinancialCentre, #sugarlandtx. #NYC Jan 26/27. Also #BOSTON Feb 10, #TORONTO March 24, #CHICAGO April 14. Get Tickets and info at
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I can’t begin to explain how @theaidsmemorial has changed my life and my perspective. It is the best site I follow on instagram. Every day @theaidsmemorial allows me to see the faces and read the stories of men and women who were just like you and me, men and women who had their lives cruelly cut short. Maybe more people don’t follow it because they think it will be depressing. I certainly have cried reading it, but I have also been inspired and changed by the people whose names I’ve come to know. Ron Werner wrote of his first boyfriend, Wayne Emerson Black, “Gone. Dead. Forgotten in the invisible war, HIV/AIDS, that so many Americans at the time refused to see or acknowledge. He was here. He was important. He was incredible.” Wayne Was Here. They All Were Here. Help Remember Them. Every Day. Always.
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Trompe-l’oeil fresco inside the Villa d’Este. #Italy
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