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Thank you big sister this was a great Friday the 13th 🖤💀🖤
I’m grateful I’ve had my baby for a little over a year it allows me to be able to take my Mommy sister daddy and niece to places and I get to be “driving miss daisy❤️” love you little family
Singing in the bathroom as a joke then shit gets serious and the singing gets louder lol cuts off cause @freddie_gein called me on my cell! busted!!! lol 😂
When my coworker asks me to buy her something from Daiso Japan here you go Trickkkk 💋🤣 #daiso#swerve
I like this part another great show B.V.R. Playing 👍🏻🎶🎵
Last night's show ZEH playing 👍🏻🎶🎵
Jesus looks like a soaring eagle 🦅
❤️🐢❤️ the look my Shelly Belly gives me 😂
I miss work bathroom selfies haha one more week and get to go back to my babies🖤teacher Gloria shall return 🖤
It's getting so cold I'm rocking the old school long sleeves and the warm thick lion blanket
I'll try to carry on, as best I can...
The simple things in life ...
My mommy bought me these cool slippers for my bday I know a few ppl who would want them lol @creepcake_photos @veronicaibarra1974 :)
gore_ria 129w ago
Cat trying to car jack me😺