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  Posted: Sep 3, 2017 9:49 PM FEED
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2nd of three projects completed. By the CSIHI Charlie/Frank taua 3. Out in Hi kai 600 sq ft 8x40 porcelain plank tiles
CSIHI papa crew out in Kailua Small kine 300 sq. Ft 8x40 wood grain porcelain
This week ending. 900 sq ft out in There Ewa—Keps /Kawiks -Ft1. Waipahu 300 -Fts/Charles /Da man
Its not so much that the tile was 79 cents per sq ft. It more about how the install is done. Another quality job by the CSIHI crew.
Posted: Sep 15, 2017 10:56 PM
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CSIHI out in Kailua finishing up with da crew Remove /prep /install 900 sq 12x12 ceramic We in da groove
CSIHI out in Hi Kai bout 300 sq ft tile to one deck
A beautiful job by the CSIHI crew. Job 47 completed Approaching 25000 sq ft. Not the same place Every week different job different place Da crew so customer oriented that when completed customers are stoked and appreciative
CSIHI. This one from a yelper We put it down once didnt like any thing about it 90% material defect 10% we should have checked as we were installing She loves and so do we CSIHI took a big loss on this one. But no regrets a happy customer is what the team was after. Mahalos to da crew
CSIHI Just competed 700 sq ft 8x48 plank porcelain tile Backsplash /shower Wailua the Rosca vacation rental.
Posted: Jun 29, 2017 12:58 AM
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Aloha and if you been following us this one just done. The Rosca. (Elaine ) Aka Kamehameha Swim club parent vacation rental out in. Wailua. All pau wow
In comparison to the last shower 3x6 marble took forever. This is 3x6 wall tile with the correct trims. Wall tile like this belongs in a shower. Marble 3x6 belongs on a backsplash weeeeh two days
After that last fiascos in Aiea that estimated install was three took 12. Nice be out on the North Shore installing a shower with actuall tile that belongs on the wallnot the floor CSIHI
CSIHI. As more and more customers are using the larger plank tiles (8x48) porcelain tiles were moving more and more to the lash clip system Tiles are large and floor is irregular along with the difference in caliber and size Whats seems more time consuming and costly in reality keeps our clients very happy with the end result.
Another weekend another shower this one looks like it belongs in a church Told the owner to put a holy water bottle by the entrance to this bathroom. 3x6 marble tiles this takes patience CSIHI
Posted: Jun 2, 2017 12:43 AM
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Chillin with the CSIHI crew. Watchin the NBA playoffs @ BWW