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User Image dela1030 Posted: Feb 10, 2018 1:38 PM (UTC)
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Just in case you missed it on my Facebook! This is Iris Grace Jarrell, the newest member of our family! #hedgehog #hedgehogsofinstagram #hedgehogofinstagram #iris
We finally went to the doctor today, it seems that Harrison has a double ear infection on top of this virus that he has caught. I’m so thankful that it wasn’t the flu. He hasn’t wanted to do much today except for sleep, I just hope it helps him to get better.
Harrison had his 15 month check-up this morning! He is exceeding expectations in the vocabulary department, is 23 lbs. 14 oz., 30 3/4 inches tall, and has an 18 inch head. The doctor wasn’t concerned that he isn’t interested in walking too much yet, so that makes me feel better. He said that he obviously can walk, he just isn’t ready to yet. But everything else is good and he got a 💯 clean bill of health!
Kaleidoscope Adventure OTB, but the light wasn’t great in the photo, so black and white it is!
User Image dela1030 Posted: Jan 12, 2018 12:25 AM (UTC)
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I can’t believe that our handsome boy is 15 months old! He had a big month! He traveled to Virginia to visit his Grandmomma, celebrated Christmas for the second time, took his first independent steps (wasn’t a fan), experienced snow in South Carolina and finished off the month by getting his seventh tooth. Addison and I are having a blast watching him grow and learn, we can’t wait to see what new things he picks up this month!
User Image dela1030 Posted: Jan 4, 2018 2:48 AM (UTC)
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Toddler of few words. Things we learned today...socks don’t keep your hands warm for very long.
User Image dela1030 Posted: Jan 4, 2018 2:45 AM (UTC)
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A view of the house I never through I would see...I just can’t believe how much snow has fallen today.
Here’s our #2017bestnine! This year has had a lot of ups, and a few downs. Looking back at #2016bestnine I get teary eyed thinking about how much Harrison had grown and changed since this time last year. It truly is bitter sweet, nothing is better than being in the front row as your child grows and learns...but it happens so quickly you find yourself wondering where the time went. I’m so thankful for him, my husband (@the_manblog) and our sweet dog, Wallace. I’m excited to work together to make sure that 2018 is even better than 2017! Happy New Year, everyone! Cheers to 2018!
User Image dela1030 Posted: Dec 27, 2017 5:56 AM (UTC)
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I know it’s a little late, but we hope everyone had a great Christmas holiday! Harrison had a great time opening presents and then playing with the paper and the boxes that the toys came in.
User Image dela1030 Posted: Dec 3, 2017 4:03 PM (UTC)

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Harrison really loved the Christmas tree lighting. I’m so excited to see how he reacts to all of the fun holiday activities we have planned!
User Image dela1030 Posted: Dec 3, 2017 4:01 PM (UTC)
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Father and son moment at the Christmas tree lighting in Downtown Beaufort.
User Image dela1030 Posted: Dec 3, 2017 4:00 PM (UTC)
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Harrison wasn’t too excited about seeing Santa this year...
Harrison had his 12 month check-up today! He is 22 lbs., 11 oz., 30 inches tall and has an 18 inch head. He is just a happy, healthy one year old. He even took all of his shots like a champ!
I can't believe it has been a whole year since we had #JacobHarrison. He has filled our lives with a lot of late night parties (not the fun kind), a TON of laundry, and is the reason why I can't seem to get the song, 'Wheels on the Bus,' out of my head...but he is also responsible for filling our lives with more joy than we ever thought possible. I can't believe how quickly the first year has flown by, and while I know the next year will be filled with so many more firsts and fun that we are so excited for, always be our baby boy. Happy birthday, sweet boy. We love you.
#Repost @smartbottoms
I don't know about your babies, but Harrison is obsessed with any toy that has wheels. Give him a car and he is entertained for hours! - @photomomlife #takeovertuesday
So apparently Harrison will now cheese at the camera on command. He really loves spending time with his Columbia cousins. Photo credit to @alexisnjarrell 😘.
We spent the day in Charleston taking #JacobHarrison to the ophthalmologist and the geneticist, and are happy to say that we won't need to go back! His right eye has been turning inward since he was born, but thankfully it's just pseudostrabismus and not true strabismus...which means no eye patch, glasses or surgery. So that is great news! We followed that with a trip to the geneticist, and thankfully he is now mostly convinced that Harrison is just a carrier for VLCAD Deficiency. He says Harrison is a happy and healthy almost one-year-old and that we only need to come back if he starts having issues! Needless to say it was a tiring day, but we are so grateful that we no longer need to worry about these things.
User Image dela1030 Posted: Sep 9, 2017 1:42 AM (UTC)
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Touchdown! This beauty will be releasing on Sept. 25! Finally a diaper that my husband is 100% behind!!! Sorry there are no OTB shots yet! I had big plans to shoot this one this weekend, but #HurricaneIrma had other plans. My photoshoot will have to wait since my model has evacuated with my in-laws.
Hope everyone is having a nice, relaxing #SmartBottomsSunday!
What could be better than breakfast in bed???? Check out Sunnyside, the new regular line up print from Smart Bottoms! It releases on September 8! Who plans on picking up a diaper in this print?