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User Image ericcolsen Posted: Sep 1, 2017 8:53 PM (UTC)

77 Clarendon
Just watched this amazing @netflix doc over lunch. Tears. Full tears. @resurfacemovie is such a beautiful film about our warriors coming back from the theaters of war and now wresting the unimaginable terrors of PTSD. It's the journey of these incredible men and women into the water (and themselves) in search of moments of peace, hope, and a new story to connect with. "I could feel the oceans heart beat like it was this living breathing thing, it wasn't death and destruction, trauma and hell. I closed my eyes to go to sleep and the only thing I could dream about was catching my next wave" Finding balance and solace in healing power of nature. With all the chaos of the world it's so life affirming to share such a story of humanity. @operationsurf u are beautiful. @whiteheart you are too. And Veterans, your sacrifices are what has made this country great for 250 years!
  • I want to see it😍😍 @ericcolsen

  • 💖

  • 😚💗

  • I will

  • ❤❤

  • 😍😍😁 will definetly watch it! @ericcolsen you shoulf come visit Namibia👏

  • Watched it otoday and I got too emotional! @ericcolsen

  • My birthday is 24 September, and would freakk if you wished me and my sister @ncis_4_densi happy birthday😥 @ericcolsen

  • Will watch it ♥

  • Thanks for sharing..gonna have to watch this movie this weekend. Have a great weekend!!

  • Thanks @ericcolsen for sharing this 🙏😘

  • This is on my watch list now! 💕

  • @ericcolsen I watched It with my dad last week!!! 😝😂♥️It was an emotional trek😢

  • Sounds like I have something to watch tomorrow!

  • will watch it for sure

  • I saw this film yesterday and got pretty emotional.@ericcolsen

  • Lol you comment that on every post @ncis_2densi

  • I saw this film! It's very emotional and very inpressive! @ericcolsen ❤️ thank you for sharing this! by you I am going to look at this!

  • I will definitely watch this!💙

  • I want to see it @ericcolsen !!!! I love watching you on NCISLA!!! You are such a great actor and a great inspiration! Can you please check out my page??? PLEASE! I know you probably won't do it but it's always nice to try... I also know that if you FOLLOWED this page I would be the happiest person in the world! Anyway, I love your work, @ericcolsen !!! If you want to make my second dream come true follow this page! ( My first dream is to meet all the cast of ncisla) 😍😘❤💕 plz plz

  • Beautiful words @ericcolsen now I know what to watch this weekend

  • @ericcolsen Just saw it. That moment they realize they want to live another day to get out and surf again. Just hit me. May they all find the balance and healing they need to catch another wave 🙏🏻

  • Wooooooo😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • @lara2405_sunriser_ muss ich auch gucken ❤️😍😂

  • Beautiful words as usual @ericcolsen 🙏

  • I'll watch this. Sounds like a really emotional movie 🙏💞😢 sending much love from Germany

  • @ericcolsen thank you for letting us know,we will see it for sure.It looks very interesting!!❤

  • I will see it because i respect all the veterans who fight to make us save

  • Thank you for sharing this movie. I'll watch it this weekend.

  • Sounds good,I'll watch it!❤

  • Will definitely watch it!❤

  • If you like to read more about trauma and ptsd, I strongly recommend you the book "Body Keeps the Score" Bessel van der Kolk 👍 @ericcolsen

  • Definitely going to watch it😯

  • Amen

  • Mahalo nui 🤙❤️🌊🏄🏄‍♀️

  • Will definitely watch it!

  • I haven't seen this movie yet but I will I promise. But this poster looks like my life at the moment... this picture is full of hope..... @ericcolsen #muchlove❤️ thank you so much xoxo

  • Thank you for your support.

  • pattysilvestri thanks for the share. PTSD is finally receiving the attention it deserves. many blessings. #@ericcolsen

  • 素敵!

  • Anything that helps these brave souls to get solace and peace. Thanks to each and everyone of them. Lost my nephew in 2009 in Afghanistan at 18 years old and some of his existing comrades suffer with the terrible affliction of PTSD.

  • Just watched this Eric. Very powerful.

  • Very cool

  • Hi @ericcolsen I was wondering if you can send a happy birthday shoutout to this sweetheart @swiss_chrisodonnell_ncisla_fan today is here bday i know it would make her day that much more special 🎉🎈😃🎂😘✨💕🌸🌺😉🎂🎈🎉

  • Local Boys 🙌🏼🎬🎥

  • Really wonderful concept ❤️

  • thank you for resurface!! so touching & beautiful

  • I want to see it. Thx for the tip 😘

  • Such stirring words Eric on this awful issue of PTSD and returning vets. It's not enough that these brave men and women have seen and endured such horrors in countries like Afghanistan, they then have to deal with PTSD when they return. My heart breaks for every one of them and I am so glad that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for some with this programme. In Australia there is a similar programme run by Surfing Australia called Soldier On which has also proved very successful with vets and PTSD. Just sitting on a surfboard in the ocean is sometimes all these vets need when they are having a bad, day, it's amazing the therapeutic affect it has. I recently watched a 1 hour long programme on local TV which interviewed returning vets, some homeless, most unable to find work, broken marriages all from the affects of PTSD, I cried for a solid hour, it was a problem that I just didn't realise was so serious here in Australia, I was so wrong. I salute all these brave vets and the volunteers who run programmes such as Soldier On and Operation Surf in the US and I thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and I really hope that Netflix Australia have this doco, I so want to watch it. 👍❤️

  • @beachbumlezlee I want to watch this, all the tears 🙈

  • I had not heard of it, but thank you. I will see her. in this crazy world that we walk we need moments to reflect. I think it will be a good movie 👍❤😊@ericcolsen

  • Nice😍😍

  • @kellytink17 I said to Marc last night ! Came up on Netflix, defo 💙😍🌊

  • Just watched this, very moving. It would be great to help veterans in England to surf as well, don't know if that is a possibility.

  • Literally just finished watching! Wish it was a whole series. Very special

  • Same here! Just finished. Amazing work for men and women who deserve our help! 💙

  • Sorry habe mein Übersetzer nicht an mein Englisch schon aus der Übung

  • Okay definitely watching that today

  • Thank u @ericcolsen !! I'll watch it. I am sure its a good movie. Have a amazing day. LOVE U 💜💜💜

  • I just watched it and it brought tears to my eyes as well. The fact these guys were going to kill themselves right after surfing but then rode a wave and that changed their life, it's incredibly powerful. Thank you for posting about this because I had no idea the power of surfing or ocean therapy, and you just opened my eyes to it. So thank you ❤️

  • Sounds like an incredible story. Their suffering is tragic.

  • Thank you @ericcolsen for sharing and the positive feedback on our program. If you have the time come up to our next Operation Surf event this October 6-12 In Avila Beach Ca in San Luis Obispo county. If you don't surf there are many ways to help. Come up it's better in person.

  • Know what I will be watching this weekend! Thank you!

  • @ericcolsen thank you so much for recommending this. It is an amazing film. Watched it on a plane and quite difficult not to cry in front of strangers. I failed.

  • @ericcolsen thank you 🙏🏼❤️

  • Just watched this it is amazing 😉 so much courage

  • Thank you for watching!

  • Thank you for sharing this ♡

  • Great movie

  • Wow! Thank you @ericcolsen for posting about our @resurface documentary. Your support means so much! If you ever want to surf. I would love to have you out. Mahalo! 🤙 🏄 #operationsurf#resurface

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User Image ericcolsen Posted: Jan 8, 2018 10:50 PM (UTC)
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My FAVORITE scene partner is back and he brought kisses. #monty #heknowsallhislines
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