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  Posted: Mar 31, 2012 6:02 AM FEED
2 Valencia
Exactly what I needed after not winning $650mill. 😒 #SupremeFries

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Cheers to cheap beer, rad views and good friends.
Bernard the kitten isn't much of a kitten anymore. 🐱
Wednesday afternoon computer work with my new friend Oklahoma the dog.
These guys are 87% of the reason why I come home.
"I like that boulder, that is a nice boulder!"
I want to thank my valentine for flying 1,000 miles to have a bromantic Valentine's Day with me. 💕💕
I spent 4 hours in a latte art workshop so I decided to drive out to a waterfall.
Stumptown holiday party 2017. Pretty good night.
30°• 12 inches of snow• 0 will power to get out of bed. This'll help.
We end our day up on the roof, there's nothing like this type of view.
First snow in the city! Saw a couple jabronis fall over who weren't used to it. ☃
"Seattle would be the greatest city in the world if it weren't for the space needle and the Dave Matthews Band." -Anthony Bourdain
*Looking at this view while listening to "A Charlie Brown Christmas" soundtrack🎄*