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  Posted: Mar 31, 2012 3:48 AM FEED
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Any faster, and I can't see the road in the shitty ass #weather! Blasting #circasurvive!! #g8 #g8gt #driving #rain

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We had so much fun last weekend!
Why does summer have to end?! #ropeswing #lucesbayou #familytripod
Chicken Enchilada soup and grilled provolone cheese for the mf win! #thankswifey
It was a grind this morning, about 20 sand trout, few drum and 3 black tips! ✔️ that off the fishing bucket list!
Another first... poor Maddox got seasick! So much barf (lol) but he was such a trooper!
Overall pretty good trip!
Took the new bae out for a swim this evening!
Only had a few hiccups but we're looking forward to making this thing new again!
Posted: Oct 11, 2017 4:16 AM
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The Brignacs are taking this #LakeLife to the next level!
Thanks @dufrene_91!
Gave the SJC's an overhaul tonight... polished all the hardware, cut a port in the reso head, but my favorite part... stained the inside of the shells a chocolate brown!
Thanks to the beat #drummerwife ever for the help and ideas!! #youdabess
I'll post a full pic tomorrow at it's first gig!
Brought Maddox's best friend on a boat and on a tube for his first time, of course they had a blast!
I like the neighbor's DRZ so much I might need one for myself!
This car has seen it all.
It was the last car my mom bought when she was alive.
She let Emily drive it back in high school.
My sister drove it in college, moved to California and to Austin in it until she eventually replaced it. Then Emily and I finished it off.
It's been to Big Bend, numerous Louisiana trips, brought and picked up Maddox from school, been slept in, road tripped but now it's time has come. Engine has a hellacious knock, not sure what we are going to do with it now, but it's road days are done. #ripMazda #Tribute
It's after midnight and I'm just getting into bed on a Monday night. I'm tired, stressed, but most of all, excited!
Maddox had a great day at school, I had a great jam session with the "new" band.
Aaaaaaand I picked up the new weekend warrior kit!
I don't think I was this excited when I got my DW's, the SJC company has come a long way in the industry, it's cool to have a piece of it!
They need a deep cleansing and revamping but I can't wait to slap them around!
Huge thanks to @emnicnac!!! 😘
#tur #harveyrescue #sjc #jonstork #bendrums
Light came in, installed it, and it's too damn bright. 😂
The sunset on the lake tonight was 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻
Look how freaking talented my wife is!! She captured our #buggin so perfectly!
Y'all check out her work!