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  Posted: Mar 31, 2012 2:52 AM FEED
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No more sleeps. The #instameet is about to begin. #sydneyigerswalk :)
  • Beautiful light! So good, Iwona! I wanted to let you know quite a while ago that it was pretty cool the way you did a whole bunch of dedicated pics. Very cool!

  • So real!!! Have a blast :)

  • @tylerhauser I agree with you and thought and felt the same thing... It was really very touching. Have a great time today Iwona!

  • Super sleek gorgeousness!

  • Great!

  • Very very cool!

  • Is that the MCA?

  • I love this!!! Super perspective......

  • At this point, I'm guessing it's over. Hope you guys had a great time. Looking forward to some outstanding pics!!! I love my Sydney IGers!!!

  • Gorgeous contrast between sky and grey slate

  • @elcheko Thanks Daniel. We certainly did!

  • @jenae28 @tylerhauser Oh Tyler and Jen thank you so much. I was away from IG for some time and away from home. Both made me think about the friends that I have on IG, so as I walked the street back to my hotel, I took pics and posted as they came to mind.

  • @pardalote This place was a little like the NGV, where ever you looked there were picture perfect snaps! hahaha Thank you lady P.

  • @sannalinn Thank you so very much!

  • Heaven. Love the colour blocking here in your crop.

  • @archmama Vic, your compliment and opinion is a warm and welcomed sight. Thank you precious! xx

  • @pardalote Hahaha A fashion and archi combo, uncharted territory here...thank you Miss Splendid Eye.

  • @iconicmemory Thank you George, your love means the world!

  • Hahaaa! Can't help myself!

  • @bobondi Indeed it is. Despite its abstraction - you managed to pick it spot on. Superbly done!

  • @flybutterfly Thank you Shell, for your constant kindness and encouragement. May it always return to you a thousand fold. xxx

  • @614scottsmith We most definitely had a thoroughly enjoyable insatmeet Scott. Lots of newbies too which was fantastic! I plan to attend another is Sydney again soon. It's ahrd to stay away from that beautiful city.

  • @valdivia2010 Thank you so much lovely Naomi. The harsh noonday sun illuminated it just nicely ;)

  • I get to walk past it every day to work. I snapped a shot of it last week when they finally took all the scaffolding down.

  • Gooood

  • Magnifique ! Love this grey !

  • Just saw you "like" a few images ;) Thought I'd drop by and say hi! Hope you are well, lady. Be safe, and enjoy Xmas and New Year celebrations 😘

  • @poeticwordvomit Hello Sweets 😘😘😘 Just taking a few minutes rest from the cooking, & before the family arrives for Christmas Eve. I celebrate Chrstmas on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas Day, so tonight's it 😉. I'm well my dear Samah. Hope to return to IG more often in the coming year... If I don't see you before you come to Melbs ( and hopefully do that road trip with @pardalote @snappyluke & I😃) I'll be in Syd mid June. Hope to see you then??? Love and happiness to you and yours Samah, always. xxx xxx xxx

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No more sleeps. The #instameet is about to begin. #sydneyigerswalk :)
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