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  Posted: Mar 30, 2012 11:41 PM FEED
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Such an incredible night of fabulous women. Thanks to everyone who came, and I can’t wait for the next installment! I think we’re onto something 😉🍷🍝 Thanks to the @leftbanknyc team for the fantastic meal and family environment in your beautiful cellar❤️ #ladiessupperclub #whataroom #goodfoodnewfriends #womenwhoroar
Running around yesterday doing errands to prep for the week ahead. Feeling super excited and creative. Also, that was only HALF of the eucalyptus we got at the market! 🌿#nosundayscaries #hustlehustlehustle
I was so busy spending last weekend celebrating my mom’s birthday with her in person (!) that I didn’t get to post. So I’m using #fbf to post this adorable picture that is also very seasonally relevant. Such a babe, right? Happy end to your “birthday week” @mintunz, I love you! 😘 #mymomisababe #iwantthatsweater
Such a great weekend. Saw the fam, made a pit stop in a new adventure zone on the way home, and learned Pickles can brave both a hotel room alone and staying in the car by herself (after a good 5 minutes of howling) and no one freaked out or tried to free her. Super successful trip all around! #hounddogproblems #fivestatesinaday #smoreaddict
Recently I found a book on an incredible designer I had never heard of. I recognized her work but realized I knew nothing about Marguerita Mergentime. There are so many incredible talents missing from our history books when it comes to design and I want to find more of them. If you have favorites, send them my way or tag me. I'd love to get the conversation going and learn more about these talented women. #designedbyawoman

Marguerita Mergentime
Marguerita Mergentime was an American textile designer known for her bold colors and prints in the decorative arts movement of the 1930's in New York. She became most known for her table and household linens she designed when unable to find the styles she sought out for her own home. This included brightly color-blocked table linens and graphic tea towels with prints designed to be appreciated both on the table as well as when folded for storage.
Mergentime also did commercial work including the Lilies in the Air floor-to-ceiling curtains as well as the carpet design by the Grand Lounge for Radio City Music Hall. Her tea towel Jolly Geraniums was widely recognized in households around the country.
She once asked, “Are you allergic to meaningless uninspired patterns in printed cloths?”
Swipe through for images of her work, and further reading on this incredible designer in the book Marguerita Mergentime - American Textiles, Modern Ideas
It always amazes me how fast flowers start to drop their color onto the fabric with bundle dyeing. Such a fun process. More process on my stories. #naturaldye #colornerd
Thanks for all of the birthday love yesterday everyone. Another year in the books!
Grateful every day, but especially today to call this incredible city home, and it's incredible people neighbors. I ❤️NY
Happy Birthday to my person. Across miles and years and everything else that happens, we always seem to not skip a beat when we get back together (or are sending ridiculous messages from afar). Love you Barnesy 😘 #happybirthdaybarnesy 🎉#missyou😭 @mo_fizzle
It may have been smokey, and we may have doubted getting in because of the wind, but damn that was a good river day... #hometown #southernoregon #riverrats #imatully