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Every Tuesday at midnight in October @whitehorseatx. And that means tonight!
Me and the boys back at it again @whitehorseatx tonight at midnight. We ain't here for a long time we're here for a good time. Thanks @gbabyforeal for the pic
Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday, had a blast playing with my Dad
Playing this show manana with my parents band Texas Fever @oskarbluesatx. It's a family tradition
Playing tonight at 11 at the Hole in the Wall with @loteriatx at 10. It's a real good option
@strmiskam is a winner, and you can be too! by coming to @whitehorseatx tonight at midnight. I trust you'll make the right decision
Tomorrow night @hotelhotburrito with a couple of my partners @thebadlovers and @croyandtheboys. Why the hell not?
Join us tonight at midnight @whitehorseatx for Texas two step tuesday
TONIGHT! AT MIDNIGHT, how bout that
RSVP and come out to the Native Hostel Austin, we play from 8 to 9
Playing tonight @whitehorseatx at 10, and then our buddies @mayeux_broussard at midnight. Gonna be one hell of a night
Happy 30th wedding anniversary mom and dad
Gotta stop skating drunk in boots