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Kids were happy I made onion straws tonight..bragging but I think mine are just as good as #Shylers and they are so easy to make!

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20 minutes on manual (low on its own for 12 after as it released steam and I biked) .
Then immersion blender some cinnamon and 1/4 cup white down now. #applebutter #fall #instantpot
First attempt at apple butter and figured why not try it in the Instant Pot instead of all day crockpot? Fingers crossed! #instantpot #applebutter #fall
Burning the brush pile last accidental camera effect on top.
Found the old Smith Corona in the basement from 1990..the ink in the open pack is still good! #throwback #typewriter
Time to move up my from my little single serve #HamiltonBeach flexbrew to this guy who I can program a pot of coffee..yay! #coffee
I don't know that I have seen an all black woolly worm before and he is huge!
The pantry project has officially begun. I think I underestimated the number of totes I would need. Four totes so far and haven't done the canned veggies/fruit and baking goods.
January 2016-Today finally hit 40 lbs lost. I have not been under 150 since around 2011! #progress #weightlossjourney
Changes are coming! Best of luck to the current owners in what they do next and to the new owners as well. Great place and hope it is here for many years! #newburghindiana #therefinery #nationalcoffeeday @lucidcoffeebar @therefinerynewburgh
Box the new pillows came in (great deal at Kohls) is working well as a cat trap! #cats
Love the cooler temps and breeze today! Going to open all the winds and give the A/C a break! #exercise
Got our weekly walk together..warm but not as brutally hot as last week. So ready for the Fall temps! P.S. There are lots of painted rocks out along the trail. #exercise
My current favorite night time snack..serving of chocolate Cheerios (or generic in this case) and a serving of mini marshmallows. Ends up being between 180-200 calories depending on marshmallows. #snacks
Okay now I'm just giving it away! Hint 2 #movies What movie is this?